“Anastasia sama has arrived at school!”

“how beautiful she looks today ……”

“I almost feel fragile just looking at her. ……”

When Charlotte-san came to school at the academy, she still heard such voices from the other students.

…Normally, this can be dismissed as just because Charlotte-san is a pretty person, but ever since yesterday’s exchange party between aristocrats and commoners, Charlotte-san’s demeanor has been somewhat gloomy, giving off a sense of fragility. Maybe I’m not wrong.

As we entered the lecture room, Grendel-san walked up to us quickly and said

“Fe, Feal! Charlotte Anastasia saved your life yesterday!”

“Eh ……?”

“If you had continued the game, word would have spread that you had committed a terrible blunder as the steward of the Anastasia family!”

“H-haa. ……”

I’m not sure, but since I don’t really care about that win or lose, I decided to go along with Grendel-san.

……When I did, Grendel-san looked at Charlotte-san once, and then gave me an earful and said.

“Feal, Charlotte Anastasia seems to be acting strangely, could it be that you have done something to her?”

“I don’t think so ……, but there is something wrong with her.”

When I answered, the corners of Grendel san’s mouth turned up high and he said

“Then, now Charlotte Anastasia is weak…and I, who gallantly comes to help her when she is weak…I’m sorry, Feal, yesterday’s match is invalid, but the winner of yesterday’s match has the privilege. Looks like I’ll be the one to take it.”

With that, Grendel-san turned to Charlotte san and moved a little closer to her and said

“Charlotte Anastasia, what troubles you? If you have a problem, any problem at all, you can talk to me here, and I will solve it quickly and brilliantly ────”

“Can you stay away from me?”

Grendel san’s face twitched for a moment when he was told this, but the corners of his mouth immediately turned up and he said

“It seems that you have a very big problem …… and you haven’t even told your beloved butler, Feal, about it, that is, it’s too important ……to Feal to solve, But rest assured, I am the eldest son of the Marquise, and I can solve any problem ──── .”

“I don’t have the energy to deal with the likes of Grendel right now, so can you please stop talking to me?”

“…..I-I see, I’ll see you later.”

After saying that, Grendel san forced a smile and ──── took me far away from Charlotte san and said with a twitch on his face.

“To me for being a gentleman! Wasn’t that rude!”

“‘Well, …… yes.”

“If Charlotte Anastasia is in that state all the time, it will hinder my future plans! I’m going to leave it to you this time to bring back Charlotte Anastasia’s vitality! So get Charlotte Anastasia back to normal!”

I don’t think my response to Grendel san would be much different if things went back to normal, but I certainly wouldn’t feel very good about Charlotte san looking so gloomy all the time.

“I understand, I will try to help Charlotte-san to the best of my ability.”

“I’m counting on you!”

I returned to Charlotte san, with Grendel-san seeing me off.

…… But having spent more time with Charlotte san than anyone else, I know that it’s probably best not to talk to her right now.

Therefore,──── I went into the Anastasia family mansion after all of today’s lectures were over and the I went into Charlotte-san’s room to talk to Charlotte-san.

“Charlotte-san, you’ve been acting strange since yesterday,…… what’s troubling you?”

“What do you think about cheating,…… Al?”

“I think cheating …… is not a good thing.”

“Then what about …… liking two people at the same time?”

“If we’re talking on the premise that cheating is a bad thing, then I think we’re going to have to narrow it down to one or the other.”

“Yes, right,…… Al, will you sit on the bed?”

“Eh? Charlotte san’s bed?”

“…… yeah.”

I didn’t understand the intention, but I did as I was told anyway and sat on Charlotte-san’s bed.

Then, Charlotte-san came in front of me,────, and Charlotte-san pushed my shoulder a ton, and knocked me down on the bed.

“Charlotte, san?”

“I can’t be sure of my feelings by myself,…… so Al, let me see if these feelings of mine are bad or right,…… with Al.”

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