“Hahaha. ……! Grundy. This day has finally come! The day you will be defeated like a piece of trash. ……!”

Prince Claude smiles broadly.

This is the third training hall.

After school at the academy, the academy students and teachers gathered.

[Grundy! Die!]

[I’m looking forward seing him getting beat up~!]

[Trash, scum!!]

The academy students were cursing me and Alicia.

We are totally away from home. ……

So none of them are cheering for us.

Our opponents are Prince Claude, Chief Magician Feld, and Knight Commander Julius.

Against them, it’s just me and Alicia.

“Grundy. Get down on your knees right here, right now. If you get down on your knees, I’ll forgive you.”

“Sid san, ……”

Alicia looked at me with concern.

I don’t really care if I win or lose.

The only thing I want to do is to live a normal life as a mobster.

But …… for a number of reasons, I couldn’t afford to lose.

That is, of course–

“Grundy! You’re going to lose to His Highness soon, aren’t you? You’re going to lick my feet…!”

Farnese shouts at me.

(I’m not going to let her beat me. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, saying things like [licking] ……?)

How much she wants me to lick her feet.

[Grundy! Lick Farnese sama’s feet properly!]

[That’s right! I want to lick Farnese’s feet too!]

[I’m soooo jealous ……!]

Are the nobles of this academy all perverts? ……

(Haa ……)

I sighed.

“Sid-san! Let’s do our best!”

Alicia squeezed my hand tightly.

She had a nice, bouncy smile on her face.

It was as if she was about to do something fun.

“So begins the duel between …… His Highness Claude, Versus the sub Baron Grundy–“

The faculty member acting as referee raises his right hand.

“Grundy. I’ll go easy on you, …….”

Chief Magician Feld takes out his phoenix staff.

The magic tool to increase the magic power, which is given to the successive chief magicians of the academy.

“Phew! Grandy. I’ll kill you in an instant.”

The Knight Commander Julius pulls out the [Sword of the Champion] from its scabbard.

“Claude. You don’t have to do anything. With me and Julius, we can easily defeat Grundy.”

Feld snickers at me and says

“Feld is right. We don’t need Claude, the royalty, to go out of his way to help us.”

Julius says coolly, raising his glasses.

“Yes, I’ll leave it to the two of you.”

Prince Claude crosses his arms and steps back.

“The duel begins!”

The duel began.

“Fufu …… Grundy. Come on, let’s see what you can do! I’ll let you take the first hit, ……!”

The chief magician Feld mocked me.

Then he thrust his phoenix staff into the ground.

(You’ve got a lot of time to spare, don’t you ……?)

“Okay, ……, let’s use that one.”

“Yes, ……! Sid san!”

Alicia takes out a [holy staff] from the item box.

“Haha ……! What’s that ……? What kind of cheap staff is that? Do you think you can beat me with that?”

Feld looks at the holy staff and smiles broadly.

(I see! Claude and his friends don’t know about the holy staff. ……)

The holy staff is a special weapon for the main character, available at the end of the scenario.

So Claude and his friends don’t even know the holy staff exists.

“Is that ok with you? You don’t have the phoenix wand?”

I ask the chief magician, Feld.

The phoenix wand is the exclusive equipment of the chief magician Feld.

If you equip it, you can strengthen your magic attack power and magic defense power.

Of course, it does not have the magic enhancing effect of the holy staff at all. ……

“Haa? A fish as small as a sub-baron doesn’t need an enhancement!”

Alicia is the main character.

Alicia is called the “official cheat” by players.

This is because Alicia is the only one who can equip the holy staff.

Equipped with the holy staff, Alicia is so strengthened that she can defeat all but the last boss with a single punch.

Moreover, not only Alicia, but all her allies are strengthened at once.

In effect, once you get the holy staff, the game is “over”….

“I see, ……. Are you sure about this?”

Finally, I ask Chief Magician Feld one last time.

“You’re not looking good! Grundy! Get on with it, ……!”

The head of feld snaps.

(If you go too far, it’ll look like I’m picking on you. ……)

I have never tried the power of the sacred staff, so I have to be very careful…

But how do I go easy on him ……?

“……Tch! I can’t wait any longer! Die! Grundy!”

While I was thinking about all of this, the numb and exhausted Chief Magician Feld held up his right hand.

“Burn. Fireball!”

A large fireball shoots out from the right hand of the Feld.

The chief magician Feld has the most magic power next to Alicia in this game.

The power of magic is proportional to the amount of magic power a user has.

In fact, Chief Magician Feld is the “damage source” character against the bosses in the game.

An approaching fireball.

“Body enhancement–[enforcer].”

When Alicia casts body enhancement magic on me, ……


The fireball hits me.

I am engulfed in intense flames.

“Gyahahaha ……! Now I win!”


(!? It’s not hot …… at all!)

I don’t even feel any pain at all, which probably means no damage. Game-like.

As the white smoke slowly dissipates…

“……Wha? U-unharmed ……?”)

The chief magician Feld shouts in surprise.

I was surprised too.

Not only is there no damage, but even the clothes I’m wearing aren’t on fire.

The clothes must also have been affected by the effect of physical reinforcement.

(That’s the official cheat. ……!)

[No way, …… no damage?]

[That’s impossible. ……!]

[Although he is supposed to be the son of a sub-baronet?!]

The nobility in this world is in order of the strength of magic power.

The barons are the lowest barons.

No wonder the spectators at the academy were surprised.

(How much of a cheat is that? The protagonist ……!)

“I’m glad ……! It doesnt seem to be hurting you!”

Alicia rejoiced.

“Thank you. It’s thanks to Alicia.”

In fact, it’s the power of the protagonist cheat.

“I-it’s impossible …… that my magic doesn’t work. ……”

Chief Magician Feld’s face is pale.

“Fufu. Then, Sid-san. Shall we fight back?”

Alicia smiled.

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Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
1 month ago

Time to crush their balls, literally~
That’s how you trauma a male~

For females, just throw them in a goblin nest or something~