At night, I was walking home from my part-time job with Hinoriwa.

We walked side by side.

While talking about trivial things like what Hinoriwa was doing while she was taking a break from her part-time job.

She sometimes looked like she wanted to say something, and when our eyes met, she would shake her head and change the subject.

I had the impression that Hinoriwa Mio was a shy but calm person, so it was a little strange to see a new side of her all the time today.

Well, maybe I just didn’t realize the many facets of her personality.

As we approached the fork in the road on our way home, I saw Hinoriwa slow down her walking speed, andI decided to walk her home since it was late.

After walking in the direction of Hinoriwa’s house for a while, she asked, [Are you sure?] She looked up at me fearfully and looked at me cutely.

[Isn’t it too late to ask?] I smiled and she smiled too.

When we came near the house, she closed her eyes and then opened them.

“……You know. You and um, Hakari became lovers, right?”

I knew she wanted to talk about this for a long time.


“……And you didn’t change at all.”

“Really? To be honest, I’m still pretty flustered about it.”


Hinoriwa does something like a slow cat punch that’s so fast I can follow it with my eyes.


Actually, I’m wondering what’s going on.

“Ha, but she was beautiful. She was really beautiful.”


I honestly think so.

I agreed with what she said, but Hinoriwa looked miffed and almost cried.

“…You said you liked me.”


The conversation suddenly went off the rails. I must have missed something.

“I heard from Sakagami san just now. About the welcome party.”


I nodded my head in affirmation.

It took me a little while to remember. I did indeed say it.

I’m talking about who is the best type of staff in the workplace.

I think that was Sakagami san’s last attempt to find out who the manager liked.

The manager was called away and went back to the store, so Sakagami san was disappointed.

“You said you liked me.”

Hinoriwa brings her face close to me.

For some reason, it’s like she’s accusing me.

I admit that I said it, but what’s the point?

I’m not guilty.

“Yes, I said that. If I recall correctly, I said, [I like Hinoriwa, because she’s always doing her best, makes me want to support her, and her personality is likable.]”



Hinoriwa turned away from me with clumsy movements like a buggy robot.

“…..Sakagami san’s lying, lying, lying.”

I hear something in a whisper.

Hinoriwa, which has stopped functioning, slowly makes her way toward the entrance of the apartment building.

I thought we were in some kind of half-finished conversation, so I called out to her back.

“Good night, Hinoriwa. You must be tired after working part-time. Take a good night’s rest.”

“…..Good night ! I’m tired ! Thanks for accompanying me !”

I turned to her and her face was a mixture of all kinds of emotions, and it was a little funny.

Still, I thought it was amazing that she was a celebrity because she was cute.


“I’m back.”

It was already late.

My younger sister, Yuki, is dozing on the sofa in the living room, which has been switched to indirect lighting.

Not a single breath can be heard.

Yuki has always slept as if she were dead.

I wonder if it is because she has inherited that person’s life force or not.

I stroked my younger sister’s hair, who was already showing glimpses of a beauty that looked beautiful under the moon, and calmed down the buzzing in my chest.

I gently draped a nearby towel over the top and quietly sat down next to her.

“Welcome back, Onii chan.”

I woke her up.

“You’ll catch a cold.”


Yuki rubbed her head against my body.

She really is like a cat.

Her body is warm. I feel safe.

“Are you feeling okay today?”


It’s a cat.

“Is my internet fame having any effect on you?”

Yuki wakes up like a cat and points both index fingers at me.

I can almost hear the sound.

Even so, it was hard to believe that she was asleep.

“Right ! Hakari chan said she came to see you !?”

“I feel like if I put my thumbs up, it would be a gag.”

Yuki gave a thumbs up.

Hmm, it looks like I’m being targeted with a gun in both hands.

My sister might be a cute assassin.

“So !?”

Hm–. I’m going to say it straight to the point.

“I’m going out with Hakariya Hakari.”


Yuki is frozen.


Her lips started to tremble and she jumped towards me.

“What’s that supposed to mean—!?”

I’m being strangled as she screams.


I’ll die. I quietly closed my eyes.

After all, my sister was a cute little assassin.

“……Ha !? What did I do ! Come backーーーーOnii chanーーーー”

My sister who regained her sanity revived me.

“I thought it wouldn’t be so bad if Yuki killed me.”

“……Don’t say weird things anymore. Please tell me in detail how your day went.”

I thought about this as we talked. A lot happened today.

When I was talking with Kouki in the morning class, I was approached by an upperclassman fan.

Yuki told me about the commotion,

When I left school, I saw Hakariya and Akamori,

When I went to my part-time job, there was Hinoriwa

Hakariya and Akamori came to my part-time job,

Hakriya confessed her feelings to me,

“Then I said okay, let’s go out.”

Yuki is holding her head.

Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

“Yesterday I thought you turned her down, but today you said yes……them, the idol duo just went home like normal?”

“Akamori was extremely upset, but Hakriya left with a light footstep.”

Akamori looked like it was the end of the world.

“I see. Kyoko chan is probably taking care of Hakari chan.”

“Ah, I guess so.”

The call was from Akamori, too.

“I’m sure you’re as confused as I am.”

Yuki looks at me distantly. I felt like she had suddenly become more mature.

“I know about Onii chan and Kyoko chan knows about Hakari chan. I want you to keep in touch with Kyoko chan.”

Should I tell her?

“I know her RINE, though.”

“Tell me later. I think we need to have at least a strategy meeting.”

After nodding her head, she looked straight at me.

Yuki turns around and straightens her posture as if to say that this is the main topic.

“So, you probably don’t like Hakari chan, right?”

“Well yeah. I don’t know her well.”

“Haa. I can imagine, but why did you say yes?”

“……Yesterday, she came to see me today. She has the energy to take action, and I got the feeling from her eyes that she would really do anything. It’s just a feeling, though.”

If it was just me, it would be nothing, but I don’t want to bother Yuki by having her come to my house.

Come to think of it, I wonder if my address has been identified.

“Putting aside Hakari chan. What about your Onii chan’s feelings?”

“She’ll get tired of me soon, anyway. It won’t last. I’m just a high school student.”

“…..I hope you’re right.:

“On the other hand, she’s a national idol. Maybe I’ll fall in love with her too.”

“I don’t know.”

She snickered at me. I’m really thinking about it.

“Oh, yeah. So, what was Hinoriwa san’s reaction?”

“Hm, why? We went home together.”

“Did she say anything?”

“She talked to me normally. Oh, at the end, she said, [You said you liked me.]”

“………….Did you say it?”

The atmosphere changed somehow.

“I didn’t say it to her directly. I said that at the welcoming party.”


I told her exactly what I had told Hinoriwa.

Her big, round, cute eyes slowly narrowed.

Her hands are held in front of my neck.

“Guilty——–! ! !”

Again, the cute assassin.

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