This is a live house in Shimokitazawa. Nobuhiko and Yua were in a rental studio.

After cutting Kingo out of their lives, they quickly put their long-prepared plan to move to Tokyo into action, and had already moved to Tokyo and started living together.

After a few days in Tokyo, they finally decided to start their music career.

The company and the office have agreed to sign a contract for the next spring. Nobuhiko wanted to strengthen the bond with the new guitarist before then.

He had such a deep thought in mind when he came to Tokyo so early.

“Yua, here you are ! I’ve brought our new guitarist !”

Nobuhiko opened the studio door triumphantly. Following him confidently, a young man with a guitar case on his back entered.

“You’re late, Nobuhiko.”

“My bad. I got lost on the way. I’d like to introduce you to a guitarist, Tada kun.”

Nobuhiko was not offended at all and quickly introduced the new member.

“Hi, I’m Tada.”

“Hello, Tada kun ! I’m Yua, the bass vocalist. Let’s work together from now on !”


Tada was greeted amiably by Yua, and he was relieved to see her, and at the same time, he broke into a dejected smile.

“Tada kun, you have a lot of experience in the band, and you will be an immediate asset to the team.”

“Haha, I’ll do my best. And what about the other guitarist?”

With a shy smile on his face, Tada looked around the room. But there was no one else in the room but the three of them.

Nobuhiko answered Tada’s questioning with a quick answer.

“Oh, Kingo? He quit.”


“That’s why you’re replacing Kingo.”

“Eh ! !?”

Tada’s hopeful face turned pale all at once.

“T-that’s not the deal, right? Kingo kun was supposed to be the lead and I was supposed to be the rhythm player, right?”

“That was the plan, but for some reason he left the band. So you’re going to fill Kingo’s shoes.”

This was a complete surprise.

The band was a three piece, and Tada had been asked to join as the fourth member.

The reason Tada was asked to join the band in the first place was to broaden the range of expression of Lyconess.

But when he was asked to play the guitar in a three piece, the story changed drastically. It is not surprising that he was surprised.

The difference between the previous information and the current situation was so great that Tada was confused.

“Does anyone at the office know?”

“I’m going to tell them now, actually.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, I’m serious.”

“…………..This conversation never happened.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait !”

Tada turns on his heel and is about to leave, but forcefully stops.

“It’s too bad I didn’t say it ! But I was too overwhelmed. I’m so nervous because he changed his mind at the last minute. I’d be in trouble if you bail out now.”

“I’m the one in trouble. I was interested in playing guitar with Kingo kun when I heard I could play with him.”

Tada had been in love with Kingo’s guitar skills since the first time he heard one of Lyconess’ songs.

He accepted the offer to be the fourth member of the band, longing to work with someone so skilled.

“I’ve never done a three piece before.”

“Don’t worry about it. We were in three pieces from the beginning and started as amateurs. If Kingo could do it, so can you.”

The look of difficulty on Tada’s face did not disappear. He was confused by the pressure, but more than anything else, he was becoming increasingly distrustful because he was being kept in the dark about important information.

Sensitive to Tada’s expression, Nobuhiko changed his strategy. If he pushes and it doesn’t work, he will try to pull back.

“If you don’t like it that much, I won’t stop you. But is that okay? This is your chance to make your debut.”


“Tada kun, you came to Tokyo from the countryside to pursue your dream, right?”

“Y-yeah. I ran away from my father-in-law and father and mother in spite of their opposition. That was five years ago.”

“I can understand that. I guess you moved to Tokyo because your hometown was cramped and you couldn’t give up on your big dreams?It’s the same for me and Yua. We are similar. I invited you because I couldn’t think of you as a stranger chasing your dream.”

“Nobuhiko kun……”

Tada was almost bonded by Nobuhiko’s words.

But that is just a facade.

Big mouths and talk are Nobuhiko’s forte. When he first asked Tada to join the band, he also used this to get around the scouts at the office. And of course, when he asked Kingo to join his band.

(He is a guitarist who is not very good at his job. He would probably fall off in no time.)

With such insulting and flimsy words, he made an overture to Kingo.

“Sorry, I can’t do it.”

But Tada was not swayed.

“How can a band survive without a songwriter and composer? You’re a little naive, aren’t you?”


“For the time being, we’ll stick to the songs that’s already released, but after that, what are we going to do? Who’s going to write new songs?”


Suddenly, Nobuhiko was at a loss for words when the crux of the matter was brought home to him.

The songwriter is yet to be decided. He was going to find it in Tokyo. However, even though he has said he will do it, he cannot tell Yua his true intentions.

“The reason Lyconess was approached was because their previous songs were good, right? If there is no one to play those songs, we won’t be able to make it in the future. I’m sorry, but I don’t intend to be on a sinking ship. Take care.”

Tada left the studio with a regretful look on his face.

Nobuhiko and Yua were left with nothing but silence at the unexpected turn of events.

Eventually, with a loud sigh, Yua opened her mouth.

“I can’t believe it. You didn’t tell him that Kingo left? And you didn’t even inform the office?”

The target of her anger was not Tada, but Nobuhiko. She was more upset that Nobuhiko had lied to him than that Tada had changed his mind.

“You even lied about Kingo quitting on his own.”

“What the hell, now it’s my fault alone? You didn’t correct it either.”

Nobuhiko rebelled in a low voice.

Although Yua is a skilled performer, she is not good at thinking about difficult things, so she leaves the running of the band to others. It seems like he doesn’t like it when she criticizes him.

“I was too surprised to say anything. What else are we going to do? We don’t have a guitarist, and we don’t have a songwriter.”

“I told you I’d write the songs, didn’t I?”

Nobuhiko was furious and reminded her. He hasn’t prepared any new songs at all, though.

“Then that’s okay…… But if you’re going to make a song, make sure it sells ! I’ve bragged about it to all my local friends, so it would be embarrassing if it didn’t ring a bell.”

Yua complains and starts to pack her bags.

“Well, I have a part-time job, so I’ll go. I’ll be back around 8 o’clock, so let’s have dinner together.”

“Y-yeah…… Good luck.”

“Nobuhiko too. You have a part-time job today, don’t you?”

After moving to Tokyo and living together, the two began working part-time to earn their daily bread.

The future may be in the blue sky, but to survive in the present, you need something ahead of you.

“Erm…..I said that, but I quit my part-time job.”


Yuai regained her mood, but let out a more serious voice than before.

“Which is it? The beef bowl restaurant? Or the convenience store?”

“……Both of them.”

“Huh !? Why !?”

“What’s the point !? The manager at both of them was a total jerk, and it didn’t work out for me.”

“I can’t believe it ! We have to pay the rent and the electricity bill, what am I going to do !?”

“I’m going to look for another job ! That’s why I’m so overwhelmed.”

“I wish that were the case……. Pull yourself together. I came to Tokyo because I believed in Nobuhiko.”

Yua sighed loudly and walked away quickly, leaving him behind.

The guitarist runs away from him, and his lover hits him too hard, making him miserable.

“Damn it ! They’re all talking to me like they want me to do their bidding. Just shut up and follow my lead !”

Nobuhiko is frustrated by the reality that things are not going his way.

But this is just the beginning.

He will be reminded of the harsh reality in the future as well.

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Ri o
Ri o
7 months ago

The I only read these types of stories to see the douches eat crap. I couldn’t care less about the Mcs and his sidechicks side of the stories in all of these betrayal stories lol.

7 months ago
Reply to  Ri o

Same here, basicly skiping the main story wanting to see the just desert those profiteering traitors will get. I despise NTR and betrayals but I can’t help wanting to see how there ends will be. Not that I will skip the main story forever though, don’t want to waist the translators work and effort.