After a while, the number of visitors calmed down.
The number of tea drinkers became sparse and there was a short break.
Finally, things had calmed down enough for the staff to take a break.

“Kingo, why don’t you take a longer break? Since Ari san’s here, why don’t you give her a tour of the campus?”

“Is that okay?”

“I’m not that tired, and the number of customers has calmed down, so I can handle this place on my own. Besides, wouldn’t it be a pity if you invited her as a thank you and left her alone?”

Indeed, as Ryoko said, I’ve been busy with work and haven’t been able to meet Ari san.
The person in question is busy talking with Misumi senpai, but since I’m the one who invited her, I should also treat her appropriately.

“Thanks. I’m on my way.”

“Okay. Buy me something next time.”

Gee ! Is that what you want !?
Well, I owe Ryoko recently. One of these days, I’ll pay her back in full.

Well, let’s see. Where’s Ari san?

Ah, there she is. Next to her……not Misumi senpai? Who is it?

“You’re so cute ! Which department are you in?”

“Department? I’m in high school.”

“No way !? You’re so mature, I thought you were a college student !”

“Ahaha…… hanks.”

There is a playboy who annoys Ari san with his obvious flattery. Yamashina.

This guy doesn’t care about who it was and calls out to anyone because he’s getting a lot of skank from the girls in his department. Or rather, don’t mess with my customers.

“Are you a student preparing for an entrance exam  If you want, I can help you study. I’m a part-time teacher at a cram school, so I’m good at teaching.”

“I-I see. Well, if I have time, maybe…..”

“Leave it to me ! I’ll make sure you pass the exam !”

What a happy-go-lucky guy. Ari san is blatantly embarrassed and doesn’t realize that he’s trying to make a social gesture.
I assume that the reason he is no longer taken seriously by the female students in the department is because of his bad habit of having one-sided conversations like this.
Whatever the case may be, I can’t watch Ari san being embarrassed any longer.

“Hey, Yamashina kun.”

“Hmm? Ah, you were next to Ryoko…….”

Yamashina turned around and made a blatantly troublesome face.

“Yamashina kun, as was mentioned earlier, the Boston Tea Party is an event for the community to enjoy tea while getting a feel for the campus. Could you please refrain from hitting on girls? Besides, Ari san is a guest I invited, so don’t embarrass her too much.”

“I don’t think it’s very polite to call me a pick-up artist. I’m a member of this university and I’m just trying to communicate with the visitors ! I’m just trying to help a student with her problems right now. Right?”

“Eh? Well, you could say that…..”

Yamashina dodges my point with an affable smile and a plausible excuse.
And then suddenly the topic was changed, Ari san affirmed with a wry smile mixed in. If it’s annoying, it’s okay to say it’s annoying.

Regardless, what to do about Yamashina comes first.
This event is being held under the auspices of the university’s policy of wanting to promote community interaction.
As a student, I appreciate the opportunity to interact with visitors, but I would appreciate it if you would refrain from excessive annoyance.
However, he is also a visitor. I don’t want to be too harsh with him.

“I mean, what kind of relationship do you have with her? You’re not in a relationship, are you?”

Yamashina’s question was brazen. When we think of men and women, can we not help but associate such topics?

“We are not in a relationship, but……”

“Then that’s good.”

“It’s not. Ari san is an important person to me. I can’t overlook the fact that she is uncomfortable.”

I’m the one who invited Ari san to the tea party today. So I want her to smile from the beginning to the end.

At this time, I was–partly because Ari san is a fan of Lyconess–remembering my passion during my days at Lyconess, which was to have fun with the audience who came to the concert. I’m very happy to be able to share my passion with her.


Perhaps it was because I insisted in a stronger tone than any other time, but Ari sanwas staring at me in amazement. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were sparkling.

“Y-yeah….you said it.”

As expected, Yamashina seemed to feel embarrassed at being told this much, and looked confused.

“What are you doing here?”

And then a cold, strong, pressured voice like a withering wind rang out. The owner of the voice, which reminded me of the wind blowing up from the bottom of the valley, was Misumi senpai. She had been out of her seat, but now she has returned.

“Y-you’re from the other day……!?”

Yamashina’s cheeks twitched as she looked at Senpai, who had brushed him off.

“I’ve been watching from afar, but it seems like you’re quite persistent with Ari chan. Not only students, but also other schools, and even high school students…….”

[ [Eek !] ]

Yamashina and Ari san let out a small scream at the scolding, which could almost be heard as the ground rumbled.
No, why are you scared, Ari san?

“That person is my dear friend ! Please get away from her right now !”

“Y-you don’t have to be so angry……. G-good sir, are you okay with your work?”

Yamashina, there’s no use in blatantly diverting the topic like that here. There’s no reason for you to be worried about me in the first place.

“Don’t worry, I’m on a break right now. Ari sancame all the way to the university, so I thought I’d show her around.”

“Eh, you’re going to show me around !?”

Ari san turned her troubled face around, put on a big smile and stood up, pushing Yamashina out of the way. Yamashina rolled off his chair onto the grassy ground.

“Yes, you’ve come all the way to the campus.”

“yay ! Let’s go, let’s go !”

Ari san shook my hand and pointed toward the school building and was very excited. She’s really cute, like a dog.

“Shino san, let’s go together !”

“M-me too?”

“Yes. It’s even more fun when you’re with us, too !”

Ari san held Senpai’s hand as well.
Senpai widened her eyes and was somewhat surprised. She then turned her gaze toward me and asked implicitly if she could follow me.

Ari san seems to have opened Senpai heart in such a short time, so I would be happy if she could join us. It’s sure to be a memorable experience.
I gave a small nod and asked her to go with me.

“I’ll go with you then.”

“Yay ! I’m going to explore the campus with Kingo and Shino san !”

Ari san held my hand between mine and Senpai’ and pulled us toward the school building with great enthusiasm. It’s like a family of a daughter and parents.

Under a clear autumn sky, I was to take a leisurely stroll around campus with a girl fan and a college senior.

Compared to those days when I devoted myself to the band and worked hard to become a professional, it’s a lot more peaceful and boring, but I’m really enjoying this time now.

It was a Sunday in November.

“Hm, Missy !? Don’t leave me〜”

Yamashina’s pathetic voice rises in the background, but, well, let’s leave it at that.

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