“Kingo, I made you some rice balls, do you want some?”

Ari san slowly presented me with a plate that she had brought from the kitchen. On a flat plate covered with plastic wrap were three white rice balls.

“Did you make them, Ari san?”

“Yeah. Ah, you don’t like homemade things, by any chance?”

“No, I like it ! Bon appétit !”

Some people are reluctant to put something into their mouth that someone else has touched with their bare hands. Even I would have some resistance if it was a complete stranger.

But strangely enough, I don’t feel any resistance to Ari san’s onigiri. The kindness she showed me and her innocent eyes had completely relaxed my guard.

So without hesitation, I reached for the rice balls and bit into it.

“I-is it good?”

“Yes, it’s delicious ! It has the perfect amount of salt…….”

“Really !? I’m so glad. I don’t usually make rice balls, so I’m sorry if the shape is weird.”

“It doesn’t matter as long as I eat it. Besides, the fact that you made it for me is enough !”

The rice balls were very tasty, even though they were made with rice from my rice cooker. It’s just like the delicious rice balls you get at udon restaurants.

I was so hungry that I ate all three in no time at all.

“Phew. Thanks for the food.”

(Awawa… favorite, Kingo, is eating my rice balls……. It’s too precious……!)

Ari san seemed uneasy next to me as I sucked on the rice grains on my fingers. Maybe she was worried about whether I would like her home-cooked meals?

There was no need to worry so much. Rice balls are not a difficult dish to make, and as long as you don’t make the mistake of using the wrong amount of sugar and salt, it won’t taste bad.

First of all, the girl had worked hard to make it for him. Any man would be pleased.

“Thank you, Ari san. It was very delicious.”

“I-I’m glad you enjoyed it, too. I-I’m too happy…….”

Ari san murmured in ecstasy with a mellow smile. I wonder if she’s happy that her idol is eating her food so deliciously in front of her and even thanking her. I also have artists that I support, so I kind of understand how she feels.”

“Achoo !”

Ari san is chewing on her happiness. A cute sneeze breaks out from her mouth.

“Ari san, are you okay? If you’re cold, I’ll turn up the heater, okay?”

“Thank you. But what should I do? I think the heating will dry out the room…….”


I got up and took the fleece from the hanger in the closet and offered it to Ari san.

“Please wear this. It’s heat tech, so it’s warm.”

“Can I borrow it?”

“Of course ! I feel bad if you catch a cold while you’re taking care of me, so please use it. Ah, but I haven’t washed this. Please wait. I have a freshly washed hoodie right now.”

“I want this one ! I want the heat tech one !”

Ari san snatched up the hoodie I was trying to pull down. I don’t know what it was, but she was biting it like a lion hunting a rabbit.

“I’m going to make you some hot tea. Please wait a moment.”

“Yes (Ehehe….. Kingo’s clothes……Kingo’s smell……).”

Ari san is muttering something behind me as I step into the kitchen. I wonder if she was relieved to be wearing warm clothes? I understand, because it’s cold.

I wanted to give her a warm drink as soon as possible, so I hurriedly got ready.

I heated the teapot with water from the electric kettle, then dumped the water out. Then, I measured the tea leaves, poured in the necessary amount of hot water, and let it steep. This is a tedious procedure, but it is essential for brewing a delicious cup of tea.

The tea is ready when poured into a teacup heated with hot water.

“Here you go, ginger tea.”

“Ginger tea? Oh, it smells like ginger.”

Ari san smelled the tea and smiled softly.

“Ginger has a warming effect on the body.”

“Wow, thank you ! Kingo, you are so kind. That’s my idol !”

“Please drink it and get some rest and warmth today. Tomorrow is Monday.”

I can’t stand if Ari san’s activities are hindered because of me. The reason I made ginger tea, which is good for colds, is to help prevent fever.

“By the way, how old are you, Ari san? Are you a college student?”

“No, I’m a high school student !”

What the ! Younger than me? I remembered that she introduced herself as a student preparing for an entrance exam last night.

That means she must be living with her parents, right?

“Was it okay for you to stay out overnight? Aren’t your parents worried?”

“It’s fine. Actually, I was supposed to have a sleepover at a friend’s house last night. But since I decided to come here, I decided not to attend and tell my parents that I stay the night as planned.”

“Eh……are you okay with that?”

“Yes, it’s fine. I haven’t heard from my parents, and they don’t know about it.”

I thought she was a good girl, but she was not.

Lie to your parents and let your friends be the ones behind the lie.

I can’t blame her because I was the one who caused it, but as an elder, I had to say what I needed to say.

“Ari san, I’m glad you’re doing this for my sake, but don’t do it again, okay? I’m sure your friends and parents are worried about you.”

“Ehehe, okay. I’ll be home by noon, so I’ll be out of your way by then.”

Ari san replied honestly.

She seems to be smiling a bit, probably feeling guilty for lying.

Yeah, this kid is a good kid after all.

“Haa…it’s delicious.”

Ari san murmured happily as she took a sip of ginger tea.


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7 months ago

She’s rather aggresive. I wonder perhaps it’s her who will be the first to develop yandere tendencies