“Look, young lady! Don’t be selfish, we’re leaving! I bought you a bottle of Maritotso, so please be a good girl!”

“I’m not a child, so there’s no point in trying to lure me with something sweet…just let go of me……… Nooooooo……!”

As expected, there was once again an unbearable young lady at the front door, refusing to come home.

The ones who came to bring the young lady back were Umehara Azuma, the young head, and her sister, Umehara Hotaru.

As Azuma-san watched Hotaru-san dragging the young lady away, Azuma-san was still pale with disbelief at the unbelievable sight.

“I heard from the head…… that the young lady has grown into a horse……, but it’s unimaginable, isn’t it?”

“It’s hard,…….”

“I didn’t know you were so weak ……. Well …… yeah, it’s tough, hang in there.”

Azuma-san, who put his hand on my shoulder and sympathized with me as if he were someone else.

He must have been suspicious of the young lady’s sudden transformation, but he didn’t rush in, probably sensing my concern.

“Wait a minute…come on…Azuma! Order this muscle-bound idiot to release me!”

“I can’t do that, because I’ve been ordered by the boss to bring you back, even if it means roughing you up a little.”

Just before she was about to be taken into the car, the ill-tempered young lady shouted loudly,

“Otherwise, I will reveal to Akane that you have an unusual inferiority complex for Akari san!”

“You’ve already told him, haven’t you!? Hey Hotaru, shut her mouth!”

“You worthless, you have no courage! You have no balls! You virgin! Let go of me ……! Hnnn”

The young lady, her hands and feet bound and a cloth shoved into her mouth, is thrown into the back seat of the car.

As for Akari san, I’m sure her love affair is true since she doesn’t deny it, but I’ve decided not to ask out of concern for her.

Hotaru-san finished her work, wiped off her sweat, and ran over to us.

“Do you like Akari san, onii san? And the young lady …… is bad☆ Hey, Aa-kun, what did you do to the young lady! Did you cross the line! Red rice to celebrate, right!”

“Hotaru, go back to the car and eat some Mari something. Okay?”

“Okay! Well then, see you later, aa-kun!”

Hotaru saluted and got into the passenger seat of the car.

The bustling place becomes quiet as the two stormy figures disappear.

We sit down on a bench in the garden of the house, and I take a bite of the sweets I got as a gift.

“Can I smoke?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Azuma-san takes out a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket, puts one in his mouth, and lights it up.

The smoke spreads around us, and the sweet taste of the cigarette is again transmitted to the mouth.

As if to break the silence, Azuma-san asks me,

“The head of the group told me not to pursue the matter too deeply, that the young lady has grown up, and that I should accept the facts as they are, but what really happened?”

The young lady, who until recently had been ruthless and merciless, had transformed into a personality that launched a savage love attack on her servant. It is natural for anyone to feel this way.

The leopard’s transformation could be the result of a failed remodeling operation that changed her personality, or another person pretending to be the young lady, or something conspiratorial like that.

In reality, the young lady has become a fool from the side, but she is a time leaper who has returned to the past from the future.

When confronted with this fact, can you all accept that the 15-year-old young lady is in fact a person from the future who retains the memories of an adult woman?

Come to think of it, I wonder how old the young lady really is. Since she said it was 10 years from now, is she 25 years old? …Let’s not become that kind of adult.

“Well, it’s natural for adolescents to have secrets they can’t tell adults. You don’t have to tell me.”

He patted me on the head as I kept my mouth shut.

“But,” Azuma-san added.

“If there’s nothing you can do, you can rely on me, the boss, Akari, the other guys, and Hotaru just in case. The worst thing to do is to hold onto it and cause it to explode.”

“Thank you …….”

“You’re too rigid. Make your shoulders more comfortable and say it selfishly like young lady. Well then, I guess I’ll go home.”

With that, Azuma-san put his cigarette in the portable ashtray and stood up.

As I watched him get into the driver’s seat of the car, I suddenly saw the young lady staring at me from the back seat with a horrified look on her face, and I looked away in horror.

As I finished my farewell speech and watched the car disappear from sight, I felt a little better for some reason.

I don’t like sweet tastes.

Writing on my Maritotso that it was a souvenir from the Izumi family, I put it away in the fridge.

Yuzuru-san, the people in my group including Azuma-san, and Akari-san and, in case you were wondering, Hotaru-san. The thought of having allies on my side seems to make me feel more confident that I can overcome this predicament, and I feel better.

─ ─ Yuko is going to return home.


─ I hope you will start working with me today.

After all, nothing is getting easier. ……The situation is not good. ……It’s no use, it’s over. ……

The case of Yuko-sama and Yukina remained for me.

I was not so pessimistic about Yuko-sama’s case, but the important thing was the black-hearted lady.

I have become Yukina’s slave or contracted lover because of my misbehavior.

I received the extremely annoying threat of [It’s just our secret☆] and when this fake relationship became known to everyone around me, she will end my life.

One, I would be falsely accused of being a perverted rapist based on a forged photo of me trying to forcibly indecently assault Yukina.

If I receive this treatment, I will have no choice but to voluntarily drop out of school or be stigmatized as a pervert by the Izumi family, the Hozuki family, and my neighbors.

The young lady will inevitably find out about this abomination, and eventually she will stab me to death in a fit of rage.

  1. The young lady will see the faked photo.

If this happens, of course, the jealous young lady will split my stomach open with a knife, and death will await me.

In the first route, the photo → expulsion → death,

In the second route, I would end up dying after going through the process of photo, young lady, and death, so my death would be unavoidable anyway.

Furthermore, even if I confess our relationship to the young lady, which is a hidden route, my death awaits me no matter how I try.

In order to escape this death, I have no choice but to end this joke of a relationship in secret, without the young lady’s knowledge.

The little faith I had in the young lady’s ability to kill her, ……, is a ridiculous myth, but my survival instincts are telling me that I have no choice but to play it safe.

The pressure of the young lady, Yukina, and Yuko-sama is making me feel gloomy and depressed.

I decided to go for a walk for a change of pace.

The time is 20:00. The houses are lit up as if to create a family reunion, and the intermittent streetlights make me feel a sense of quietness.

As I stroll through the quiet residential area with no destination in mind, I eventually arrive at a certain place.

I buy a drink from a vending machine and sit down first on a park bench.

No one is around but me, and the sound of a can being opened echoes around me.

The drink I purchased was oshiruko, which symbolizes my ingrained habits.

I regret that I should have checked it carefully, but I feel guilty about throwing it away, so I decide to finish it.

As I finish the can while enduring the sweet sensation, I find that a second bottle of oshiruko is still there.

I don’t know if it was habit or fatigue, but it seemed that I had unconsciously purchased two bottles of oshiruko, and I felt as if the oshiruko was appealing to me to drink it too.

A sigh naturally flooded my mouth, telling me to be patient because I would get to it later.

According to the young lady, there is no witch in first place.

While the situation with the young lady, Yukina, and Yuko-sama was running around, what was important to me right now was my story, even though it was only in another world.

The young lady described her as an innocent, positive, and sunny woman.

What kind of virtue did I have in world line alpha that such a woman and a human trash like me could get together?

The first place was rewritten to Yuzuriha san instead of the witch.

Leaving aside the mysterious intervention of Yuzuriha san, where is Witch san?

If the same being as the young lady was actually witch instead of Yukina and Yuzuriha-san, she must have refused to live in the same history as World Line Alpha.

That’s right, she would avoid witch hunts and civil wars.

Well, I believe that the same existence is only an illusion, and the only supernatural person is the young lady.

That’s it, I from world line α and me from world line β are two different people. I should be satisfied with another story.

It’s foolish to dwell on the unknown person. Shouldn’t I quit wasting my time thinking about it and give priority to planning how to deal with the three of them?

While I was feeling heavy and thinking about future measures, I heard footsteps behind me.


When I turned around at the voice, I saw that it was Fukami Ichika, one of my friends from the same junior high school.


“Ah, it’s Akane-kun after all. It’s been since the four of us had a party to celebrate our junior high school graduation. How have you been?”

Fukami, wearing clothes that I had never seen before, probably casual clothes, put down her shopping bags and sat down next to me.

When she tumbles her hair, a sweet smell fills my nostrils.

“You don’t seem to be doing well. Is it something to do with Izumi san?”

I wonder if I have an easy-to-understand face, as I hit the nail on the head in an instant.

“I’m in. let’s talk”

“No, I don’t want to.”

I appreciate Fukami’s kindness, but I reject her offer.

The three of us have our own problems. There is no need to involve others.

When I turned to look at her, she had an unfaithful expression on her face.

“I see, that Fukami Ichika is unreliable, useless, and good-for-nothing,”

“I didn’t say that. Stop being so paranoid, you’re being unreasonable.”

“Then talk to me. Maybe you’ll feel better.”

According to Fukami’s character, it would be foolish to remain silent, and she would never let me go.

However, I don’t think I can solve all the problems in one day: the transformation of the young lady, Yukina’s fake lover, Yuko-sama’s return to Japan, and consulting with her about everything.

Fukami has guessed that it is the young lady’s involvement, so I should just do the consulting of the young lady. However, even if she is told that the young lady came from the future, she may take it as a joke.

If that is the case, yeah …… that the young lady has been transformed….

“The young lady, um…”


“She’s fallen in love with me.”


A cold, disdainful tone of voice is uttered, and I decide that I’ve misrepresented the message.

It is an egotistical statement, but it is true. But I guess I didn’t say enough with this one.

“The young lady has come to …… be honest and turn …… her favors on me.”

“Wait a minute,…… yeah, wait. Izumi-san, does she still like Akane-kun? Did she confess ………… to you?”

“She begged me to marry her,…….”

“go out with, but marry! Oh, oh, that Izumi-san! ? Oh, uh, on the other hand, what about Akane-kun? ”

“I’ve told her many times that it’s impossible, but she shows no signs of giving up.”

Fukami opened her mouth to reveal a stunned expression.

It was a natural reaction.

The young lady she knew was like an evil demon who treated me like a slave.

The young lady who used to say, “You’re so stupid,” but now, when she opens her mouth, she repeatedly says, “I love you,” must be an unbelievable sight.

“What happened……..?”

I don’t know what happened in her future, but I can only tell you this.

“She has changed and grown up. That’s all.”

“Though the direction of growth seems strange to me. ……”

I am aware that this is a reckless argument.

“So …… Akane-kun, are you going to go out with or marry Izumi-san?”

“I have no intention of doing so.”

“……Hee. Then why? Izumi-san has a beautiful face, seems to be smart, has a great family background, and is an amazing person in many ways, right? ”

The first reason is that she’s become that kind of person, but I have another purpose.

According to Yukina, she called it a wonderful dream.

Actually, since I’m currently in a fake lover contract with Yukina, it would be a death sentence for me if I ever laid eyes on another member of the opposite sex.

“There’s someone I’d like to meet. …… But I don’t know anything about her myself, and I don’t even know what I would want to do if I did meet her.”

If I knew her name, would I be satisfied with meeting her? What would I want beyond that?

“I mean, I have a lover, albeit a contractual one. I’m not in a position to be romantically involved with the person I want to meet.”

“—ha? What did you just say?”

Fukami opened her eyes, brought her face closer to me, and even grabbed my chest and said frightening things.
The power of the argument made me realize that I had made a blunder.

–this is a very bad situation. I must act as a friend in front of others according to the treaty of Yukina. And if this relationship is leaked, I will be put to death.

“I-I’m not in a situation where I can fall in love. ……!”

“Before that!”

“I have a contractual lover. ……!”

“What’s that?!”

“I don’t know either. ……!”

Under the condition that I do not tell a third party, I tell Fukami a part of the story.

It is about Fukami, who attends the Fujihama High School. I don’t think she could make acquaintance with Yukina anyway.

“───I was successfully subdued and became her fake lover. If this matter is leaked to others, I will be sentenced to death.”

“Isn’t that a threat ……? Is that it?”

Is it blackmail after all?

Fukami let out a sigh, looking exhausted and stunned.

Furthermore, I told her that even if this matter was leaked to the young lady, I might die.

“I think you’re …… overthinking it.”

“No, you mustn’t underestimate the young lady now. She is an overwhelming champion with nothing to lose. If she can’t get married, she’s ready to make everyone else go down the drain. If I am not careful, it will be the end of the world.”

“On what basis can you say so ……? It’s not that far-fetched right. ……!”

“Fukami hasn’t seen the young lady in her normal state. Ha, this is why people who are not qualified for the young lady test will be in trouble.”

“I think only Akane-kun holds such a minor qualification. ……”

Putting aside the issue of qualified and unqualified people, I have to tell Fukami the unbearable fact that I have consulted with her.

“Now that you know the truth, Fukami will be my accomplice.”

“Eh, an accomplice ……?”

“If this fact is exposed, Yukina and the young lady will come to finish us off. The point is, it will be our secret.”

“A secret between the two of us. ……”

Fukami puts her hand on her chest and repeats something under her breath.

Now that I think about it, I handed over a can of oshiruko as a thank you.

When I told her that I had purchased it by mistake, she accepted it with a subtle look on her face.

Fukami takes a mouthful of oshiruko and says frankly, “It’s warm”.

It has been a long time since I bought it. I feel a little sorry.

It was getting a little warmer on a spring evening, but I still felt a little chilly, so I got up to go home.

“Thank you for your help. I mean, thanks for your help today.”

“Oh, ……, yes! …… because I’m your accomplice, right?”

I said, “See you later,” as I was leaving, and tried to leave, but..,


I turned my head to look at Fukami when she stopped me unexpectedly.

She rushes over to me, scattering her shopping bags miserably on the ground.

I was a little breathless as she approached me, and I was a little put off by the way she was approaching me.

“Eh, what ……?”

“Umm, ……, this week, yes, this week! Do you have time?!”

On Sunday, I have to accompany Yuko-sama on her return to Japan. Then it is Saturday. If I am not detained by the young lady, I will have time free.

I told that to Fukami,

“Well, then, let’s talk about the fake affair with Izumi-san! You know what they say, Three heads are better than one!”

I didn’t dare to say, “Two people,” I didn’t want to be a wild stab in the dark.

However, I felt sorry for Fukami’s willingness to give up her day off to help me with my personal problem.

Therefore, I politely declined the offer.

“No, it’s not that kind of problem. I feel guilty for taking Fukami’s time…”

“I’m fine. That’s why I’m okay. Understand?”

“Yes. ……”

What is the logic behind this?

I was told that the detailed schedule would be communicated later, and I was defeated miserably and said goodbye to Fukami.

I was reminded again that I have allies: the …… Izumi family (except for the young lady), Akari san, Fukami and my other friends, I have allies.

But still, after the tragic end of the world line alpha, did I ever think of relying on the people I have now?

That is a story that I personally understand the most, but for some reason I couldn’t figure it out.

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