–I, Tale, the magic swordsman of “The Sword of Wheat,” am not very strong.

In a certain mountain, the sound of swords clashing with the claws of demons echoed. Fireballs and pillars of ice flew about, and the demons screamed each time.

I quickly ran through the trees and slashed at a wolf monster – a gray wolf – with my sword, while thinking.

I looked to the side and saw three of my party members: Anri, who had medium-length, light-pigmented golden hair; Ur, who had shoulder-length black hair in side-tails and dog ears waving above her head; and Rietta, who had flaxen, softly coiffed hair. Are fighting. All of them are much more sophisticated than I am, and they are clearing away gray wolves one after another with their swords and magic.

I let out an involuntary sigh as I compared the number of Gray Wolves I had defeated myself with the number of Gray Wolves each of the girls had defeated by eye measurement.

This is how I am. I’ve always been aware of it, but I’m the only one who lacks power.

I fire a nonattribute magic arrow as a check and swing my sword at the dodging gray wolves. The first shot grazed its paw, and when it slowed down, I struck it with a second blow to finish it off. My resolve hardens as I realize that the other three would have killed him with a single blow.

As a magic swordsman, I am in charge of the rangers, and while fighting my way gradually away from everyone else, I caught sight of the cliffs ahead of me.

–I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while. I’m going to pretend to fall off that cliff to fake my death.

I honestly don’t want to do this, because it would be a form of deceiving everyone. But in order to get out of the party, I had no choice.

For a while after I became aware of my lack of ability, I offered to leave the party, thinking that one day I, a hole in the party, would put everyone in danger. However, my childhood friends from the same village would not allow me to leave the party.

I was very happy that they cared about me, but it was a different story when everyone’s life was at stake.

If I continued to stay at the party, the girls, who were about to increase their prestige and take on more difficult missions, would one day find themselves in a situation from which they would never recover. It would be fine if I were the only one to die, but it would not be reasonable to drag everyone else into it.

I have been thinking about this for a while now, and today I finally had a chance to think about it. Therefore, today I am going to die once here.

–Well, I’m just pretending.

I stick out my tongue slightly to moisten my lips. Tension is rising.

As I had planned, I had moved up to the cliff with several Gray Wolves in tow, and I was watching the other members for the right moment to make a move.

The movements of these three girls were incomparable to those of adventurers of the same grade. They were destroying the swarms of demons at a considerable pace, and if they continued at this rate, I would soon be able to follow their lead. But for now, each of them was concentrating on the demons in front of them, and their attention to me should be at a minimum.

I repel the approaching gray wolf with my sword and take a deep breath. I glance down into the valley below the cliff and see that I am just a few steps away from diving into the bottomless abyss. Now is my chance.

I open my eyes with determination. And I catch the Gray Wolf that dives at me with my sword without avoiding it. I dare to step on the cliff, and step by step, I approach the cliff where the ground is cut off.

–And then, I shouted with true emotion.


My foot misses the ground.

I jumped out of the cliff. There was no ground beneath my feet, and the rock face with sparse trees stretched out into the darkness with no bottom in sight.

With a floating sensation that swept over my body, I began to fall down the cliff.


I hear Anri’s voice.

“Did he fall off the cliff, ……?”

“T-That’s !”

Then came Ur and Rietta’s voices. All of them would never think that I fell off the cliff as an act. Although they could not see me as I continued to fall, they would soon come running to the edge of the cliff. So, before they do…

I kicked the Gray Wolf that had fallen with me with my foot, and used the recoil to approach the precipice in mid-air. Then, while activating the body enhancement magic, I thrust my sword as hard as I could.

“Ugh, ugh ……!”

The sword that pierced the cliff left deep cuts on the cliff as I fell. The load on the body strengthened by magic, but the momentum of the fall is surely weakening.

With my own life at stake, I concentrated all my attention and formulated my magical power. Next, I used earth magic to dig a hole in the wall below my body and successfully hid in it. And if I could plug the hole from the inside before Anri and the others looked down the cliff, no one would suspect that I had fallen to the bottom of the valley. The marks left by the sword halfway down the rock face would also give credence to the idea that I had run out of steam and fallen there.

Although I felt a bitterness in my heart, I was sure that the girls would now be free from me and would spread their wings as powerful adventurers.

I ignore the slight bitterness I feel and hold up one hand, which is not holding the sword, to activate the magic. The magic power spread to the magic circle I had constructed before my fall, and magic appeared through the circle. As aimed, a side hole is made in the cliff a little lower down.

–All I have to do now is get in here and close the hole again with magic….

Just as I was about to jump into the hole, I timed my fall to the right moment, falling gently thanks to my sword. Suddenly, I looked up to see a shadow over my head.

Then, my eyes widened.


–There was a Gray Wolf. The beast, almost as big as I am, falls toward me, pulled by gravity.

I was not yet able to get my body into the side hole. And the Gray Wolf’s fall was so fast that the coordinates overlapped before I could get inside.

“–Ugh, ah!”

With a thud, I felt an impact as if a large sack full of sand had hit me. My hand left the hilt of the sword, and the gentle fall quickly picked up speed. The hole where I intended to hide collapsed under the tip of the loaded sword, and I heard the sound of it being reduced to rubble. The small collapsed wall soon passed and went over my head.

I fell in a straight line, face down, toward the bottom of the cliff.

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