“Die! Seti the God of Death! The secret technique, the Water Butterfly Sword!”

“Impossible. Activate biofunction amplification enhancement!”

“It’s gone—Gyaa!!!”

In the shadows of the night.

With a dagger held in the opposite hand, the man’s limbs are slashed off and he is made into a statue.

The man’s arms in the air and the two swords in his grip, one-handed swords, dance through the air and into the ground.

The man’s name is Yarag.

He is an assassin belonging to an organization, and is one of the most well-known and respected of the executive class for his use of two swords.

Since then, I have been the target of the organization.

In order to keep my friends from getting involved in the killing spree, I have been luring them out alone like this and hunting them down in secret.

Up until now, I’ve only been a small fry with little to no talent, but recently I’ve been mixing it up with some of the top brass.

The reason, it seems, is that my bounty has been raised.

It used to be 2 billion G, but now it has jumped to 6 billion G.

I think to myself, “That’s a lot of people to attack me for having a stupid dream,” and then I wonder how serious the organization is.

I put the blade of my dagger to the neck of Yang, who had turned into a caterpillar lying on his back.

With the matter settled, I canceled the “Enhanced Biofunction Amplification” and reverted to my normal self.

“P-please, don’t kill me!”

“In that state, it’s no use to be alive, is it? Yang. You are an executive, aren’t you? I have a few questions I need you to answer.”


“Where is the boss now? What does he look like?”

“I don’t know!”

“If you lie to me, I’ll kill you.”

“I’m sorry, it’s a lie! He is now an elder named Rumpe, in a dodgy town in a certain country!”

He is an executive, after all.

After all, they are the only ones who can communicate directly with Mors, the boss. Therefore, there was no way that he did not know about it.

“So, a hobo in the red-light district? Beggars? …… I see, it connects with Alta’s words and actions. The “Sacred Sword” is a sword that is used in the battlefield to fight the enemy.”

The “holy sword” was converted into a “magic sword” with the same tracking ability as Mors’s “magic sword, the Ansalar”.

But why is Alta being used instead of being disposed of?

Even twisting the rules of such a strict organization…

No, I know.

Perhaps that’s why he got involved with me.

I was involved in a way that took away Alta’s fiancées and ruined his destiny, even though he deserved it.

I know from the previous incident that Alta had a lot of grudge against me.

He was totally outraged.

But in fact, I am still working with Karina and the others.

I guess it is not surprising that Alta, their ex-fiancée, might think that I am cuckholding him.

“I have one more question. If executives like you are now attacking people, are they also working?”

“W-Who are they?”

“Four of the organization’s top brass, the Four Pillars of Hell.”

“….I-I really don’t know! Like you, they are clouds of a different kind from the rest of our top brass, yes?”

“The fact that the prize money at stake for me has tripled means they might be influencing it, right? If you divide it into four equal parts, it’ll be 1.5 billion G…That’s not a bad thing.”

“With all due respect, I’ve heard that those guys have a pretty nasty relationship,…… and it’s hard to imagine all four of them teaming up at the same time unless there’s a natural disaster, yes?”

Yang is certainly right. I thought so too, so I ignored it.

However, with the movement of Mors… unexpectedly, that natural disaster may be about to happen.

It looks like we’ll never hear from this guy again.

“Thanks for all you’ve taught me, I appreciate it, and I hope you die …….”

“W-wait a minute …… ugh!”

Yang died, thrusting the dagger that had been placed against his throat.

I then wiped away the returned blood and returned to the “lunch wagon” where everyone was waiting for me.

In the simple tent we had set up, Hina and the young dragon, Shabazo, were playing.

“Welcome home, Seti onii chan!”

“I’m home, Hina. Where are the others?”

“Out shopping. I don’t think they are back yet.”

“I see. …… we’re leaving for the Holy Land of Grateka in the morning, so you should get some rest.”

“Yes, I will.”

Hina nodded cheerfully and climbed into the same sleeping bag with Shabazo.

She’s a really honest and nice girl. I love her more

This child is also being targeted. I must protect her.

When Hina went to bed, Karina and the others returned.

“Welcome back, everyone. You are late.”

“Well, Seti-dono ……, a lot has happened.”

“Many things?”

I tilt my head at Karina’s unusually blunt expression.

The other girls also seem to mind.

“That’s right, Seti-kun. After I finished shopping, I used my Thought Magic to communicate with my father in the country of Grateka… but it seems like something serious is going on.”

“Manisa, what’s going on?”

I asked again, but they kept their mouths shut and did not answer.

After a while, Fiala reluctantly opened her lips.

“…It seems that Alta is returning to the homeland.”

“Alta? The hero… no, the former hero?”

I reiterated, and they all nodded and showed me.

Soon after that, he returned to the Holy Land of Grateka? After you were defeated by me,…….

“Whatever… It seems like he entered the royal castle saying, ‘I am the rightful heir to the throne!’”

“But, Miri. As I recall, Alta was disowned by the king himself, wasn’t he?”

“….He claims that Queen Eliza trap him. It’s mainly about hiring Seti-dono. Apparently, Alta decided to create a fake hero on the advice of the queen.”

According to Karina, it seems that she hired me as a fake hero at the suggestion of her own sister, Queen Eliza.

“Hmm~, I don’t really know…as far as I know, I heard that it was Alta himself who came to the black market assassin guild to make a request. Then, he signed the pledge without checking it, and due to his selfishness, he fired me within the contract period… All of this was brought on by Alta himself. No matter how much his sister encouraged him to do so, it was his decision to carry out the decision, so his argument wouldn’t hold water, right? ”

He’s not a child. Obviously, he was responsible for his own actions.

Incidentally, Arlos, the previous king, explained to me that he and his wife have been living a retired life as monks in a remote area since he abdicated in order to take responsibility for Alta’s actions.

“Seti san is are right. Whatever Queen Eliza’s true intentions and thoughts, the people around her recognize it as nothing more than a tricks of the trade for the sake of her disappointing brother. ……It is not something that should be dealt with in the first place. …… but.”

“What is it, Fiala?”

“…… yes. The Pope said that Alta’s behavior was clearly strange, unlike before. The Holy Knights of the castle tried to drive back Alta, who is no longer royalty,……, but they were defeated by his overwhelming strength and are now holed up in the royal castle.”

Speaking of the Holy Knights, they are the mighty royal knights who guard the royal family. …… Although his power has increased since before, I don’t think he is capable of conquering the castle by himself.

“He is not alone, Seti. It seems he’s got some friends with him.”

“Oh, the Pomple Hobbit? But not alone. ……”

I asked, and Miriel shook her head.

“That’s not true…they’re accompanied by an armed group wearing black robes. It looks like there are about 100 people.”

“Eh? T-That many?”

You mean he had other friends? And 100 people? …… I didn’t see any news of that.

Did he hire some bandit? But there are too many people.

Moreover, barricading in a royal castle is hardly because of an adventurer.

“Although it has not yet been made public, our homeland and neighbor, Woana, is also alarmed by Alta’s murderous acts. Even though it is between relatives, what he is doing is clearly treason ……, so we are wondering whether we should return.”

“Right now, it’s only a matter between relatives within the royal castle, so it won’t affect my father or Fiala’s mother… But I’m also worried that it might spread to the people eventually… Well, I’m going back. It’s not like we can do anything against the royal family though…”

I’m not Karina and Manisa, but it seems that going back now will only get me into trouble.

Originally, I was saying that the family members should do whatever they want, but…

–I’m sure Alta is in contact with Mors.

If that’s the case, we can’t just leave it at that.

“But you’re all worried about it, right? Then you should go. I have some questions I want to ask Alta too. …… Hina is okay with that, right?”

“Of course, Seti oni chan!”

Hina gives her approval with a big smile on her face.

Perhaps because this child has been through a lot of things, she is good at listening, or perhaps she has a lot of courage.

Honestly, I’m hesitant about taking Hina with me, but as long as it’s not the dark 9 dragons that’s targeting her, I think she’ll be fine as long as I’m by her side to protect her.

The same goes for Shabazo, who has a high ability to sense danger.

“Thank you, Seti san,…….”

“Seti is very kind, ehehehehe.”

“I’d love for you to meet my father. ……”

“Although I’m not good at it, let’s talk to Alta.”

My suggestion brought smiles to the women’s faces.

Thus, the next day, we headed for the Holy Land of Grateka.

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