Thus, the negotiations over the wheat seed came to a roundabout conclusion. As it turned out, the deal was sealed by my father’s stamp on a check guaranteeing my payment of 10,000 gold coins of the Kingdom of Illas, which I brought with me. Sophia wrote a letter requesting the loan of 4,000 gold coins of the Kingdom of Halkeginia to the Kingdom of Ernia, and sent it to His Majesty the King of Halkeginia, her father.

Three days later, nearly half of the wheat seed arrived, thanks in part to the cooperation of all the merchants who had attended the meeting. And now Isaac, the head of the agricultural cooperative and Raquel’s father, was going to be in charge of the farm work.

Our existence was treated as confidential information because it would be a big deal if even the nobles and commoners found out about our true identity.

“Eric is a great guy after all …… , a guy I recognized.”
“It’s thanks to Sophia-chan for helping me.”
“I spoke with His Majesty the King last night, and he said we shouldn’t go to war with the Kingdom of Ilas.”
“Yeah,…… he changed his mind after seeing Eric’s attitude.”
“Yes! Sophia chan, you’ve been working hard to change His Majesty the King’s mind. You are my girl after all.”
“Eric,…… I would do anything for you,…… so give me your love,……”
“Yes. I’ll give you so much …….”
“I love you, Eric…….”
“I love you too, Sophia chan!”

Me and Sophia are enjoying our sweet time while Sera, along with the other maids, are cooking meals for the farm workers. But we don’t cross the line. There are still things to do.

I’ll give Sera plenty of love and affection when she comes home later.

“Ah, Sophia chan!”
“Can I go to the fields for a bit?”
“Sure, but do you want me to go with you?”
“No. I’m fine. No matter how low class a nobleman may look, walking around with one of the three most beautiful women on the continent of the Orient is ……”
“I don’t care about that. I am Eric’s woman.”
“Fufu, Thank you very much. I’ll give you plenty of love later, so just wait here for a while.”
“Y-yeah….. okay. I’ll wait for you …….”

I kissed her lightly and then I left the room.


“Are you okay?”

Mandane was standing in front of the door again. Her face was completely red and she was breathing heavily. And her legs are wobbling and shaking, and I just wonder if she is feeling sick.


But Mandane does not answer my question. I wonder if she still holds on to her roots. It makes me a little sad. But it can’t be helped.

So I didn’t say anything and tried to pass by with a slightly apologetic smile on my face. But,

“Ahhh, um!”
“Uueweh!? M-Mandane?”

Mandane suddenly stopped me with a loud voice. I turned around and looked at Mandane, but she was looking back and I couldn’t see her expression.

“I haven’t answered …… the other day yet, so I’ll say it properly tonight, in the room …….”

Saying that, Mandane ran off at a tremendous speed.

She hasn’t forgotten, has she?

I don’t know what kind of reply she will give me, but I will prepare myself properly. With this in mind, I went to the field.



” Eric sama!”
“Sera! You’re doing great!”
“Yes, I am! When I see the people of the Kingdom of Ernia working hard and sweating on their farms, I want to help them. ……”
“Wonderful. I’ll treat you well later for all your hard work.”
” ric-sama …… Yes,…… I understand! I’ll work myself to death!”
“N-no, ……, not too much.”
“Fuffu, I understand!”

As I was praising Sera for handing out rice balls, I heard a familiar voice.

“Yo! Eric! Are you okay!?”
“Oh, yes! I’m fine!”
“Eric is like family to us now! We’ll take care of the farm work, Eric get plenty of rest! Your leg still isn’t healed, is it?”
“I’ll pay you back for saving Raquel’s life one day!”
“Hahaha …… Thank you!

Commoners and nobles welcome me with open arms. When I walked away from that relief, I heard the familiar voice again.

“His Royal Highness Crown Prince Eric.”
“Isaac dsm, …… it would be bad if I were to be …… discovered, so please don’t call me that. ……”
“……No, you are His Royal Highness Crown Prince Eric.”
“Thank you very much for the opportunity. You are a hero of our country.”
“No! I did what I had to do.”
“By the way, how’s the work coming along?”
“Yes,……, as His Royal Highness the Crown Prince had hoped, the flood has turned this place into a fertile land. If this continues, there will definitely be a good production.”

I smile, and Isaac shows his frustration.


I tilted my head and looked at him, and he opened his mouth.

“I pray for the blessings of Gaia-sama on the journey of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and his entourage. And please take good care of Her Highness Princess Mandane.”

After saying this, Isaac gets up, walks briskly, and returns to the scene

Huh? Take care of Mandane? What does that mean? …… Well, if I stay any longer, I’ll probably get in the way, so I guess it’s time to go home.



After plenty of pampering Sera after work, I washed up and changed into my nightgown. Both Sophia and Sera had gone back to their rooms to sleep, so my room was silent.

While I was replaying what had happened, someone knocked on my door.

Did you come? ……

“Y-Yes. ……”
“You can come in.”

I said with a smile on my face, but my heart was already racing. Would she refuse or would she allow me?

We don’t have to travel together. But I would like to make it up to them and have diplomatic relations with them again.

Amidst all these mixed feelings, a maid appeared in front of me.

One maid appeared before me.

“M-Mandane!? What’s with the outfit?”
“Eric ……”
“Mandane is the princess of this country, right? She is the next queen of the country, right? And …… what is this?”

“I can’t take it anymore. ……”

She let out a sexy voice and jumped into my chest.

“Every time I see your face, every time I see the way you treat Sophia and Sera so tenderly, every time I touch you, my body heats up,…… and I feel so sad,…… I’ve never felt this emotion before! ……”

mandane’s body trembles. I felt the vibrations and came to my senses, put my arms around Mandane’s back and gently hugged her.

“It’s okay. Please feel free to share all of your feelings with me.”
“No, no …… I’m too embarrassed to say this. ……”
“I’ll keep squeezing you until you tell me, Mandane.”
“T-That’s not fair!”
“It’s your fault, Mandane’s too cute.”
“Say it.”

I stroke Mandane’s head and stroke her head, losing myself in the pleasure of the two huge marshmallows pressing on my chest. Smells good and feels good……

“I give you all of me, …… this body and mind, …… I will be your maid and your slave, …… and in return, give me your love. ……”

Mandane, one of the three most beautiful women in the Orient, will be my slave maid ……


Mandane looks away in embarrassment and nods modestly.

“I’ll take all the feelings you’ve been bottling up, just say more.”
“The …… old Eric was so scary, arrogant, and I hated him so much. But now Eric is …… so kind and he risked his life to save Raquel …….”
“It’s not just Raquel-chan. Even if Mandane is in danger, I will risk my life to protect her.”
“Hiyah!? Eric …… such words ……”
“What’s wrong?”
“……, that’s mean …….”
“I’m just saying what I really feel.”
“Because your real feelings have taken over my mind and won’t …… let me go. ……”
“I won’t let go of Mandane.”
“…… I bet you’ll soon find another woman besides me, Sophia, Sera and Luvia and say the same …… thing to her.”
“I am ……”
“I will be watching you from now on! May you stay on the right path!”
“…… yeah. Without Mandane, I might be a wreck. ……”
“It shouldn’t be like that! I like Eric the way he is now. ……”
“I like Mandane the way she is.”
“Hiyah! Another one of those words. ……”
“Mandane doesn’t like me?”
“I like …….”
“How much?”
“I just told you, …… that I’d give you everything I have.”
“I’m the same way.”
“I would give Mandane all of me too. If Mandane is my slave maid, then I am her slave butler!”
“I-ff you say it like that, ……”
“If I say that?”

“Wouldn’t that make me want Eric even more!!!????”

The words were uttered while exhaling a sweet breath. The beautiful melody, as if to hypnotize me, makes my head numb.

Therefore, I was


“! Eric……”
“I’ll give Mandane all my love.”
“….., Mandane chan is fine.”
“Eeh? But you said no chan. ……”
“…… Yes, ……, Mandane-chan.”
“Eric, ……”


“I’m going to help you. Since I became your woman, it’s only natural that I will help Eric! That’s why …… I’m following you!”
“Thank you, Mandane-chan,……”
“We’re going to the Henesys Kingdom now, aren’t we ……?”
“The Kingdom of Henesys is a military powerhouse and Luvia is a formidable girl. But I believe in eric..”
“Thank you, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m glad you’re here, Mandane. I will surely make peace with the Henesys Kingdom and bring peace to the Orient Continent!”
“That’s a wonderful mindset. …… but ……”
“For now, I want you to look only at me …….”
“Fufu…… understand. Let’s make up for the mental rift we’ve had.”

The light from the candles had somehow faded and moonlight was shining through the window, illuminating the two of us in secret.

The soft breasts, belly, waist, and arms of Mandane gave me the greatest satisfaction, and her long orange hair, emerald eyes, and pretty face and sexy expression told me that Mandane had become my woman.

But we never crossed the line.


Because there remains the last barrier.


Kingdom of Henesys

“I will destroy the kingdom of Ilas, I will kill Eric and his father Cyrus, and I will erase all records of them from the world! I will …… kill…… Eric…… and I will kill them!”

In the middle of the night, a girl revered as the most beautiful of the three most beautiful women on the Orient reveals her anger as she lies in bed.

She has long pink hair, a little taller than Eric but slightly larger for a woman, breasts large enough to rival Mandane’s, and beautiful, well-defined eyes that rival Sophia’s.

A beauty that can only be described as perfect.

She is


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Yay, he has conquered Mandane! Luvia worries me, she seems to be the type to be a tsundere even after becoming lovers with Eric, but hopefully I’m wrong

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Maybe … tsundere aren’t really my type