Episode 21 – close relation



“Yes~Here you go.”
“Thank you. ……”

Kaede-san, who is sitting on my left and wearing an apron, smiles at me.

The first time I saw her, my heart was still on the verge of exploding because of the physical contact we had just had, but Kaede san smiled like an angel.

On the table, there is a large amount of meat and potatoes, Japanese dishes, egg omelet, miso soup made with red miso paste, and rice.

It is a perfectly normal menu.

But my heart aches a little when I see this combination.

My dead mother used to make this dish for me.

“Yuna helped me a lot, too. I can’t make a spectacular dish, but I’ll be happy if you enjoy it.”
“O-One san….. I made a lot of mistakes, and you made most of them,…….”
“Fufu, Maybe so, but it’s important that we spent a lot of time and made it just for Tsukasa.”

Kaede san soothes Yuna.
I say to them apologetically.

“I’m really thankful to you. For someone like me. ……”

With that, I start to eat the meat and potatoes with chopsticks.

“It’s …… delicious.”

Why not?

It is indeed delicious.

But I felt a mysterious feeling in my heart that stimulated my lachrymal gland.

“Tsukasa-kun, are you crying?”

Yuna, who was sitting to my right, looked at me with concern.

I wondered when was the last time I had such a warm meal prepared directly by someone.

Yusei and Daishi and I sometimes get together at my house to cook and eat men’s meals, but I had never eaten a meal like this that a woman had painstakingly prepared since my parents died.

It brought back memories of eating delicious rice made by my mother with my father.


Me, I’m so miserable and exposed to such beautiful people.

The more tears I shed, the more delicious the food tasted.

Kaede san spoke softly to me like that.

“Tsukasa, don’t hesitate to eat. There are plenty of refills.”

I ate the food that Kaede san and Yuna cooked for me at a furious pace.

The two of them finished their meal as soon as possible and watched me on both sides of the room as I ate my food.

It feels so heart-filling.

It was a heart-warming feeling, even though I was just eating my food and shedding tears.

I finished my meal.

I couldn’t believe it.

I think I ate three times as much as I usually do.

My stomach was not nervous, even though I was in someone else’s house, it was as stable as it was when I was with Yusei and Daishi.

“Thank you for the food. It was really delicious.”

I politely bowed to the beautiful sisters sitting on either side of me.

Then Kaede-san opens her mouth and stands up.

“I’ll clean up right away, let’s have coffee.”

Yuna did the dishes while Kaede san made coffee.

We moved to the living room and sat down on the sofa to enjoy the coffee.

The position is the same as when we eat, I am in the middle, Kaede san is on the left and Yuna is on the right.

Kaede-san looked at me anxiously as she drank her coffee and then spoke.

“Yuna told me. She told me that your parents were killed in an accident when you started high school.”
“…… Yes.”
“Our parents died in an accident when we were little too.”
“What!? Is it true…”
“Yes. Yuna is very careful with Tsukasa, so she didn’t dare to tell him, but me and Yuna had a similar family environment to Tsukasa.”

I looked at Yuna and she turned her face down and looked away from me.

Was she paying attention to me?

“That’s why we’ve been working so hard together for so long. I’ve been working hard all my life, and I’ve made it this far without any help from any man.”
“I see. …… you’ve had a harder life than I have.”
“No. I’m sure we’re all the same, aren’t we?”
“Do you know why I didn’t get help from a man?”
“Well, that’s …… what you get in return. ……”
“That’s right. They always ask for a body. That’s why I have always firmly refused their offers. I Believe what my mother always say.”
“What did she say ……?”

While I ask, Kaede moves her hand and touches my chest as if tracing it.


I was feeling Kaede san’s thin and soft hands, Yuna next to me opened her mouth.

“Someday, a man who will really …… truly love us will appear, so …… keep protecting your beautiful body so that you don’t disappoint him….”

A beautiful body……

So in the context of what you just said, does that mean that a beautiful body = virginity?

In other words, could that man who really loves her be me?

No, that’s impossible.

It can’t be possible.

While I was thinking so, Kaede-san suddenly put her arms around my head and brought them to her own explosive chest.

“Nnnn! Nnnn!”

I was surprised and tried to resist a little, but her soft flesh dispersed all the impact.

“Tsukasa …… has shown us more than enough behavior to make us trust him.”
“Everything about Tsukasa’s thoughts, words, and character …… satisfied us. That’s why we want to have a closer relationship with him. We want to show him who we really are.”

Every time I hear Kaede-san’s words, it is as if my brain is being sucked out.

Kaede-san held both my shoulders and pushed a little.

So I am released from Kaede-san’s breasts, who is a very popular movie actress. But, as usual, I am restrained by Kaede-san’s hands.

She stares at me with a hole in her eyes.

“Let’s be. Let’s have a close relationship.”

My head goes fuzzy.

Her voice sticks in my head, filling it, and her breath covers my face.

Oh ……

A close relationship.

This beautiful sister and ……

Until now, I had viewed these two as distant people of a different kind of dimension to live in.


I have been thinking that they are people just like me.

I’m still not used to their too-beautiful looks, but

“Yes. Let’s”
“Fufufu. It’s a good choice. I’m sure your choice will bring us great joy.”
“I see. ……”

However, I am also anxious.

I was wondering if they were trying to make fun of me by playing a trick like this.

Like a drop of black ink in a clean aquarium, this little anxiety spreads quickly.

Kaede-san took her hands off my shoulders at some point and spoke to Yuna.

“Yuna, I think it’s okay to confide your true feelings to him now.”
“….. Really?”
“Yes. But, you should only give 1%. If you suddenly hit 100%, Tsukasa will break down. His body is very sensitive right now, so you have to be careful.”
“…… got it.”
“Okay. I’m going to go to the restroom.”

Kaede san stands up slowly and goes to the restroom with graceful steps.

Then, Yuna crawled up to me on all fours.


She knocked me down and covered me while I was sitting on all fours.

“!!! Yuna…… what is this! I can’t …… get my head out…”
“W-What is it?”
“I want to be with Tsukasa-kun all the time,……24 hours a day, from morning till night. Even if we are apart, I want to send each other pictures on Ein and call each other to know what Tsukasa is doing. …… I also want to be dependent on Tsukasa-kun all the time. I want to talk with him and sleep with him until we fall asleep together…….After my college lectures, I want to go to Tsukasa-kun’s college and walk around flaunting my love for him in front of everyone.”
“Yuna…… what are you saying……n……?”

Yuna’s voice echoes in my head.

As if her hoop had been removed, Yuna’s words do not decrease.

“And then, and then, and then,…… Tsukasa-kun will dominate me like this. I’m going to make you give in to me by dominating you with love. And you know, I like you, Tsukasa. ……”
“Wait a minute, …… there are too many stimulating words in my head …….”

I had a severe headache.

I fainted.

Yuna side


Yuna, looking at Tsukasa who fainted, grabbed her left breast with her right hand apologetically.

Kaede san, who had just finished her business in the bathroom, saw them and opened her mouth.

“Yuna, I told you it was 1%, but I wonder if you couldn’t resist?”

Yuna, who is covered by the unconscious Tsukasa, answers her beloved sister’s question.

“I haven’t said 1% yet, though……”
“Ara, really?”
“Tsukasa is a sensitive boy. The more sensitive a person is, the more amazing he will be when he blows it.”
“A-amazing thing. ……”
“From now on, you should gradually and gradually reveal your true feelings to Tsukasa.”
“But if I do, he’ll get tired of …… me.”
“It’s okay.”
“I can heal him. Ufufu.”

Kaede stares at Tsukasa sleeping on the sofa with the corners of her mouth lifted up and her eyes narrowed.

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