After leaving the cafe, I spent some busy time with Yuna and Nana.

Nana suddenly brought me to a clothing store and recommended clothes that she thought would look good on me.

Nana almost forced me to buy clothes, so I spent a lot of money.

She also made me go to a hair salon to have my hair cut by a young hairdresser and taught me how to set up my hair.

Yusei and Daishi were not interested in fashion, so I just bought whatever I could find at Uniqlo.

But just being with these two made me feel as if I were a different person.

Nana was grinning at me the whole time as if she was making fun of my change, and Yuna was glaring at all the women around her for some reason.

Finally, I set a date for when I was going to Kiryu’s house.

So today, a day later, after putting on stylish clothes and setting up my hair, I went to the university.

“Tsukasa! What’s wrong with you!”
“Oh …… this is a great transformation, that it is. Tsukasa-kun has gone to a faraway place …… sadly.”

Yusei and Daishi, who are always together, rolled their eyes.

I just put on some fashionable clothes and tweaked my hair, but you are exaggerating.

“What is it. I just dressed up a little, didn’t I? I’m not going anywhere. When’s the next anime screening, Daishi?”

I said, and Daishi, who is an Anime otaku, loosened his cheeks.

“Whenever you want, Tsukasa-kun.”
“Okay. I’ll send you Ein.”

Yusei also loosens his cheeks when he hears the conversation between me and Daishi.

I said to them

“Let’s go to a new udon shop instead of the cafeteria for lunch today,”

I say to them with a smug look on my face.

“I want sushi!”
“I want cheezy beef!”

They’re all different. ……

Well, it’s just like us.


Today’s lecture lasts until the morning, so I say goodbye to them after lunch and come to the maid café to do my part-time job.

I greet the maids and try to enter the common room.

I’m a little early, so I guess there’s probably no one in there.

So I open the door.

There was Yumi san, the store’s signature maid, dressed as a maid and playing with her cell phone.

Eventually, she noticed my presence and said

“Ah! Tsukasa-kun! What is it? You’ve become so handsome! What’s wrong?”
“No, no,…… I’d say it’s a slight makeover,…….”

Yumi san stood up and came at me excitedly.

I was in trouble, but she didn’t take a step back.

“Tsukasa-kun, you’ve always had good looks, so I knew you’d be popular if you got dressed up.”
“I’m not that much of a …… guy. I’m just an ordinary guy.”
“Fufufu! Now, have you found a girl you like?”
“No, there is no such girl …… that I like!”

Yes. Nana is a girl who likes to make fun of me, Yuna is the one who should be protected, and Kaede san and I live in a dimension so different from mine that I’m afraid of her,…….

“Hee~ no one.”

Yumi san, with a cheerful expression on her face, squints her eyes slightly.

“Come to think of it, Tsukasa-kun, you didn’t attend the drinking party the other day, did you? We had so much fun that time!”
“Yes. ……”

It was a good thing I didn’t attend.

“I thought it would have been more fun if Tsukasa-kun had joined us, you see, I didn’t talk to you much, so”
“Yes, yes, …….”
“I’d like to have dinner with you sometime. Just the two of us.”

The signboard girl invited me to have dinner with her.

If any of the senior staff working in the kitchen were to overhear this conversation, they would glare at me with the intent to kill me.

Well, just say no…

“Well, when should we set the date? …… Oh, I’m free on Saturday! Hey, Tsukasa-kun, are you free this Saturday?”

I tried to say no, but before I could, Yumi san was looking at her phone and trying to decide on a date and time.

Saturday ……

Yuna, Nana, thank you.

You gave me a good reason to say no.

“I have an appointment then ……”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m going to go change.”

And I went into the changing room.

Yumi side

Yumi’s face was scrunched up as she remembered Tsukasa’s disappearance.

“Did you turn down my date offer?”

She bites her lip in frustration and then looks at her phone.

She launched ein.

Then, there it was.

Countless messages arrived from countless men.

The men in their profile pictures, including Tsukasa’s senior staff who worked in the kitchen, looked very cheerful and cool.

Yumi took one look at all the messages and murmured,

“Cheeky, Tsukasa-kun.”

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My guys collecting yanderes like a Pokémon game lol