Episode 1 – Prologue



“Hey, isn’t it about time for our six-month anniversary?”

A woman hugs my arm, presses her small breasts against me and looks up at me as she says so.
She is Shiina Yukiho.

Her black paper bob hair is tied with a ribbon hair clip, and her eyes are droopy. She has a slender, elongated bridge of her nose and pale pink, full lips.
She is also short and fashionable. She has a look that makes you want to protect her.

Shiina said something about a six-month anniversary, so you’d think me, Izumi Saku and her ar dating, but …………

We are not dating.
I don’t have any romantic feelings for Shiina.

She just likes me one way, and there is no such thing as a relationship.
And yet ………………

“On our six-month anniversary, I think we should go somewhere to a restaurant and then go to a hotel~”

For some reason, Shiina and I are in a relationship in her brain.
It’s fine if she’s imagining it on her own, since it’s harmless to me and others around her, but she’s been telling everyone around her that she’s dating me, and even writing on her LINE that she’s “Saku’s beloved girlfriend”.

Even now, she’s talking nonsense like it’s her six-month anniversary of being with me.
If she were ugly, she would still be a problem, but the fact that she’s cute is another problem.
If she were ugly, it would not hurt my conscience to coldly let her go, and on the contrary, it would even be refreshing, but this is not the case with her.

She is a beautiful girl who is looked down upon at school, and is called (an unfortunate beautiful girl) by everyone.
The reason why she is a disappointment is, of course, because of her fantasy with me. Conversely, she is otherwise perfect.
People around me say things like, “You should go out with her,” or “You should just marry her,” but you wouldn’t understand the pain I’m going through just by looking at her.

“Don’t stick around, it’s too hot.”

I tried to pull Shiina away from my body, as I always do.

“It’s not a regular thing. Besides, we have a hot night almost every day.”

And then, she gets even closer to me, and even flashes her breasts through the gap between her shirts.
This. This is the cause of my confusion.

If we were just dating or something, it would be one thing, but she’s saying that we’re having intercourse, or that she’s pregnant, or some such over-the-top thing. It’s bad enough that she’s acting on it.

The other day she bought some baby stuff.

This misunderstood woman is annoying but ……………… cute.

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