A long time has passed.

Many things have changed since I moved in with the three Kirie sisters.

First, I decided to keep the old house that my father had given me instead of selling it. Since the place is filled with memories of my father and me, I come here once a week with the girls and use it as a place to heal each other’s hearts as we talk about days gone by.

As Reganda continues to grow, it has become too big for just the four of us to handle, so we have hired more people.

Therefore, there was no way that the existing Reganda headquarters would be enough to cover the current staff, so we had to build a new building, move, and develop a system to make our work more efficient, which kept us busy to the point where we needed help from the cats.

It’s a little disappointing to lose the space for just the four of us, but once the work is done, too much happy time is waiting for us.

I am currently developing the system for Reganda as a director. The work that I used to do all by myself is now shared with many others.

But now that I am on the board, there is no longer a department head in the systems department. So today, Ai nee and I are sitting in the conference room as the person who is going to be the new coordinator comes in for an interview.

“Are you sure? I’ve never heard good things about it.”
“Well, they applied for a job with us, so there’s no harm in at least talking, right?”
“You have bad taste, don’t you? fufu”

As I was exchanging something like that, I heard someone knocking from outside. At the end of the gradually opening door stands a familiar middle-aged man.

“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Yamashita-san.”

Yes, it has. It was Yamashita-san, the man who used to treat me so harshly when I was working for a black-owned company.

“Tat-tat, Takahashi-kun!?”

The bald-headed man’s eyes widened and he took a step back.

“Yes, it’s Takahashi”

I beckoned my old department head with a big smile on my face. He then reluctantly sat down in the pipe chair set up in front of him.

“President Kirie, may I begin?”
“Yes, please begin. Director Takahashi.”

Yamashita-san, who was listening to our conversation, scrunched up his face and trembled.

“I’ll get started right away. I’ve read your resume, and I’m a little concerned about a few things.”
“Yes. …….”
“It says that you aim to be a boss who is respected by your subordinates and takes responsibility for your work, but it’s a bit abstract. How are you to be respected and what kind of responsibility do you have?”

Yamashita-san remained downcast and said nothing.


I looked at his bald head with concern, and he suddenly got up from his seat.

“I’m sorry!!!!”


Seeing Yamashita-san’s toned back, our mouths are half-open. However, Ai-nee clears her throat with a small cough and speaks with a calm face.

“I thought he was going to reopen his mouth and tell a bunch of brazen lies, but it was all so anticlimactic.
“He was a very good boss to me. ……”
“Which part?”
“The part where he taught me not to be that kind of boss?”
“Fufu. That’s a big one.”
“Well, yeah.”
“I want to go home.”
“What? In the middle of the day?”
“I want to see Aino’s face.”
“…… for the sake of my daughter, I guess.”

Ai nee bashfully. While gently stroking her head


We kissed.


After work, me and Ai nee get into separate cars and head for home, being as careful as possible in the office because if my relationship with the three of them gets out, it would be bad for all kinds of things.

I’m sure Sera and Arisa are probably at home right now.


I sigh happily as if in a lingering mood.

When me and Ai nee arrive at the house, as expected, we are greeted by them.

“Yu ni-chan! Ai-nee! Good work at job~!”
“Welcome back.”

Ai nee smiled at them and took off her shoes.

Sera was still cute in her normal clothes.

But I’m a little worried.

“Sera chan, you had another shoot today, right?”
“Yes, I did. I sent you the pictures.”
“I told you not to push yourself too hard.”
“Hihi, Are you worried about me?”
“….Because Sera chan is pregnant…”
“That’s right. Yu-ni-chan’s baby is growing in my belly right now to rave reviews, and I’m getting my picture taken all over the place. ……”

At first Sera’s tone was as if she was making fun of me, but eventually she turned away from me with a blush on her cheeks.

The sight of her was so cute that I ended up patting her on the head.

“Y-Yuuni-chan ……”
“I hope we have a beautiful baby.”
“Then touch my belly. ……”
“……, let’s wait until after the baby is born before doing any modeling work.”
“…… yeah.”

I give Sera plenty of skinny-dipping and then give Arisa a look.

She is a flaxen beauty who smiles at me with a fairly swollen belly. Every time I see the smile she puts on my face, it warms my heart.

“almost time, right?”
“I can’t wait to see what kind of baby we’re gonna have.”
“Me too.”
“You’re not scared?”
“I’m not scared. Yu is with me. I’ve never been so contented in my heart. Hehe.”
“Where’s Aino?”
“She’s sleeping after drinking powdered milk.”
“Then, let’s see her sleeping face before we eat dinner.”

I smile and say, and the three of them smile and nod. So we came to Aino’s room.

“I knew she was cute like Ai nee.”
“She’s cute because she looks like …… Yuu-chan.”

Ai nee said shyly and gently poked me on the side.

“Aino is an angel after all,…….”

Watching Aino’s sleeping face, Blissful expression of ecstasy appears on her face.

“I too will eventually have Yu niichan’s baby …….”

Sera breathes out sexily as she gently rubs her belly.

As Yuma gives Ai’s daughter a loving look, Ai backs up a little, as if she won’t be noticed. Then she shoves her hand into the pocket of her suit skirt and fiddles with something.

It’s in a zippered bag with two lines on it, and when she pulls it out, it will be immediately obvious that it’s a pregnancy test kit.

But instead of telling her that she is pregnant with her second baby, Ai simply turns her faded eyes on her man, who is staring at Aino.

There was no life in Arisa’s red eyes as she looked at Ai, either.

Sera, seeing the reaction of her two sisters, follows suit and gives Yuma a yandere-like stare.

Yuma is still oblivious to the fact that the girls are staring at him like snakes at prey, but he is still looking at himself and Ai’s daughter, Aino.

His eyes, like those of the three, have faded away.

The happiness of the four has only just begun.


(TL/N: Finally, it’s the last chapter, the story should I say…interesting? Well it does though, if you guys have the same kind of story, please let me know ! every recommendation is well appreciated :))

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1 year ago

That was a fast novel, I’m sad there weren’t many yandere moments. I feel like the author just said they were yanderes at the end to make it be considered a yandere novel.

1 year ago

Thx for the translations!

A befitting ending tbh, though it does give out that horror vibes lol.

1 year ago

Good novel, the harem is the best and the intensity of their feelings is sublime. Yandere heroines are awesome, they overflow with love and make us want to reciprocate those feelings.

1 year ago

I agree harem is the best…..even though monogamy is good…. sometimes it’s not enough