The timeline is different from the main story. This is a story of what would happen if the two had met a month or two later. Their friendship is the same as in the latest episode of the main story.

“Ah, Merry Christmas, Souta kun.”
“Yeah. Merry Christmas, Nagi.

On Saturday. Nagi came over on Christmas Eve. She was wearing a fluffy coat that looked warm.

“H-here is the cake and chicken for dinner. My mother told me to bring them.”
“Oh, thank you.”

I never thought she’d bring me a gift. I put it in the fridge and picked up my bag.

“All right, let’s go then.”
“Yes ! I’m looking forward to it !”

I left the house with Nagi. The destination…a little far.


The two of us are swayed by the train. There were many couples…..probably because they were all going to the same place.

“I’m looking forward to it ! Souta kun !”
“Yeah, you’re right. I’m looking forward to it because it’s my first time going there too.”

When Nagi grinned and smiled. I could hear a little scream from the surroundings.

……Apparently. It seems that the men who were struck by Nagi’s smile were receiving a slap in the face from their girlfriends.

Nagi tilted her head. I stepped forward to hide it from Nagi’s sight. I looked at Nagi again.

She looked restless. But her expression was happy. I could feel that she was excited.

Then, the train ride took an hour. By the time we had traveled much longer than before, it was dark outside.

Our destination was just around the corner.

“……As expected, it’s cold after all.”

Nagi let out a pure white breath. Nagi is looking at that breath somewhat happily. My cheeks loosened up at that, and we started walking.

“Whoa…. !”

Nagi’s expression changes immediately. After she looked up…..

{Merry Christmas}

The words were shining at the entrance. It was so sparkling.

Yes. It’s illuminating the venue.

“It’s so shiny and beautiful.”
“Yeah, it’s beautiful. Very beautiful.”

We looked at the shining and glittering illumination. ……And then, I said that while looking at the light reflected in Nagi’s eyes that were as blue as the bottom of the sea.
Nagi noticed my gaze. She looked at me and smiled.

“Then let’s go.”
“Yeah. ….Ah, before that, let’s go buy a warm drink first.”

There was a stall at the entrance, selling drinks.
The line was quite crowded, but it wouldn’t take too long. I stood in line with Nagi and waited.

“Which one do you want, Nagi?”
“I guess I’ll have……hot cocoa. What about you, Souta kun?”
“I’ll have hot coffee.”

Nagi looked a little surprised when I said so.

“Souta kun, you can drink coffee? I thought you don’t like bitter things….”
“It’s not that I like it or anything, I just want to drink it on cold days like this.”

When I was little. I thought it was cool to see my dad drinking coffee. If you ask me if I was influenced by that…I can’t deny it.

While I was thinking about that, the line went on. I asked for drinks and received it.

I took a break at a little distance from the line.

“Of course. Drinking something hot warms you up, doesn’t it?”
“Yes, it does. It’s a relief to feel warm from the inside.”

But there were many people. After a little while we entered the hall.

“Amazing ! It’s really beautiful !”
“Yeah. It’s really beautiful…it’s fun to look at. And it doesn’t look dark at all.”

The decorations on the buildings. It doesn’t feel like night with all the people overflowing.

“Right. ……There are a lot of people there, yeah.”

Nagi said somewhat implicitly. She glanced at me and blushed.

I somehow understood what she was trying to say.

“Hey, Nagi.”

I called out her name, thinking that I should be the one to say it. I held out my hand.

“In case we got separated, why don’t we hold hands?”

I was worried that my voice might sound hoarse or tremble, but I managed to say it.

Nagi looked surprised for a moment……and then smiled. It makes her laugh happily.

“Yes !”

Nagi held my hand. …..We intertwined our fingers and never let go.

In other words, it was what is commonly known as a lover’s hold.

My heart made an unpleasant thumping sound. Nagi seemed happy…..and she knew what I was doing. Or maybe it’s different, I don’t know.

The distance between us naturally became closer. …..I noticed that Nagi’s heart was beating faster than usual. At the same time, I almost think an evil thoughts, but somehow I suppressed it.

We visit various place as it is. And then we arrived at the most eye-catching spot.

“It’s stunning.”

What we saw was a rather large Christmas tree.

You had to raise your head quite a bit to see the top. The decorations were gorgeous, lots of red socks and stars. The tree was crowded with visitors. We looked at the Christmas tree from a distance.

“It’s very beautiful.”
“Yeah, it’s beautiful.”

I can’t help but admire it. …Just like that, we both stared at it.

After a while, I looked at Nagi.

She has pure white hair and deep blue eyes. Each part of her face is so beautiful.

Not to mention, her style. ……Her hands are soft and warm.

However, it wasn’t just talent that made her so beautiful. Of course there is that, but she also makes a lot of effort. Nagi is that kind of person.

To befriended a girl like her……to get along with this kind of girl.

“I can only think that it was a miracle.”

I muttered that unintentionally. Nagi looked at me and tilted her head.

“……? What’s that about?”
“Meeting Nagi, I guess.”

I felt embarrassed after saying it myself. I unintentionally turned my eyes away from Nagi.
But really. I can only say that it was the result of the gears meshing well.

If I had talked to Nagi recklessly at that time.
If I hadn’t saved her at that time.
If I had refused Nagi’s request at that time.

I wouldn’t be where I am today.

“It’s fate.”

Nagi said to me like that.

“No matter what happens. I met Souta kun and we became friends like this. …I don’t have any proof. But at least that’s what I think.”
“……It would be nice if that was the case.”
“Yes, I’m sure it is.”

Nagi said so. She let go of my hand.

“Now then, I have a present for you, Souta kun.”

Nagi cheerfully said [Yes !]. She took out a box from her handbag.

“It’s a Christmas present for you, Souta kun.”
“T-thank you. …..May I open it?
“Yes ! Of course !”

I asked Nagi and opened the box. What I found in it was……

“……! A scarf !”

The scarf was blue…just like Nagi’s eyes.

“Yes ! I tried my best to knit it !”

I was surprised at her words.

“You knitted it? Nagi?”
“That’s right ! …..It was hard work, but I thought Souta kun would be happy with it, so I did my best.”

Seeing Nagi like that. I couldn’t help but smile.

“…..Ah, thank you. I’m so happy.”
“I’m glad you’re happy.”

Unexpectedly, I hugged……the scarf.

“Ah, it’s about time you wear it. Do you want to put it on?”
“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll do that.”

I took the scarf out of the box. Nagi approached me again.

“I’ll put it on you.”

I handed the scarf to Nagi and asked her to wrap it around my neck.

“How is it? Is it warm?”
“Yeah, it’s very warm. Thank you, I’ll take good care of it.”
“Fufu. You’re welcome.”

And to Nagi who was smiling. …..This time, I called out to her.

“…Nagi. I have a present for you. May I?”
“……! Of course !”

I put the box and the wrapping that Nagi gave me into my bag. Then I took out a small box.

“Unlike the scarf you gave me, Nagi, it’s not elaborate, but it’s……”
“No ! I’m happy with anything ! …..Is it okay if I open it?”

I nodded. Nagi carefully began to open the box.
And her eyes lit up when she saw what was inside.

“It’s hand cream ! I’m so glad I ran out of it recently!
“I’m glad. ……It seems that you were pleased.”
“Yes ! ……Ah, this is. Perhaps.”

Nagi stared at the hand cream. …….She seemed to have noticed .

“I knew it. This is a branded item. I-is it really okay? To give me this. ….Wasn’t it expensive?”
“Yeah, of course. I bought it for that reason. Besides, I wanted to buy something nice like a present. …..After all, Nagi is a thrifty person.”

Nagi smiled as I said that. She hugged the box tightly to her chest.

“Thank you. I will use it carefully.”
“You’re welcome.”

Then we looked at each other and laughed.

“I came to see the illuminations for the first time. It was really fun.”
“Me too. I really enjoyed it.”

Just like that, the two of us looked at the Christmas tree together. ……Naturally, we were holding hands.

“Because Souta kun was here. I had fun.”
“……Me too. . It was fun because Nagi was here.”

Tightly. The strength of our hands became stronger. I exchanged glances with Nagi.

“Let’s come back next year, too.”
“Yeah. We will definitely come back.”

I don’t know if they will do it again next year. If not, we’ll just go to another place then.

And……we’ll exchange gifts again.

Next year. The year after next, though, is the year with the exams. Surely we will be there.

I can go with Nagi again.

That… made me very happy.

……As a side note. After we went home, Nagi showed me her Santa outfit. I was going to stay over at her house, and my rationality was going to be cut down.

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