When Saki joined the group, the male to female ratio became one to three. To be clear, it is very uncomfortable for me. Looking at it objectively, isn’t my presence unnecessary……?
Anyway, first of all, Saki and Misaka san got into a girlish conversation.

“Saki chan, you look so cute in that outfit. Is that a wig?”
“The makeup is also amazing. The eyes and especially your atmosphere are totally different. I don’t even know who you are when you change your impression so much. You’re cute both now and in everyday life.”
“T-thank you.”
“I’ve never really done proper makeup before. Can you teach me next time?”

Misaki sensei also talked to Saki in a friendly manner.

“If you’re interested, why not try cosplaying? I think Saki san would look good in all kinds of things, and she would be really cute. I mean, why not give it a try? Right? Right? Isn’t that fine?”
“Ah, um……it’s not that I’m not interested but……”
“Then do it ! It’s fine ! You’ll be hooked if you try it ! I have all the basic tools and I can make you a costume if you need it !”
“Eh? You’re going to make it? Sensei, aren’t you too serious?”

Saki and Misaki sensei are getting weirdly excited again. There’s no room for me to get into it.
I know that Misaki sensei enjoys cosplay as well, but it’s nice to get my sister involved. Yeah. Good, do it more.

[Saki chan, are you going to make your cosplay debut? Fujisaki kun, you like manga and illustrations, and I’m sure you’d love that kind of thing……. If this happens, do I have no choice but to make my debut too? Some cosplay can be pretty sexy……. Is he fascinated by that kind of thing…..?]

Misaka san’s sexy cosplay……. Just imagining it raises my body temperature.

[Onii chan likes cosplay and stuff like that,……. He has quite a few images like that on his phone and on his computer……. B-but what Onii chan likes is the sexiest kind of cosplay. The ones that are very revealing. Like a sticker on the nipple…… I’m embarrassed to admit it, but if Onii chan likes that kind of thing, I can dress up in any way he wants.]

Saki, how do you know the contents of my phone and computer? I thought I password-protected them?
I’m curious about that too, but Saki’s cosplay is also nice… She doesn’t have the fantasy body shape of a loli with big tits, but there’s no reason why the sexy cosplay of an average high school girl can’t be attractive.

[Oh? Somehow Misaka san seems to be giving off the vibe that she wants to cosplay too? Is she trying to compete with Saki san? She’s conscious of not falling behind her rivals, isn’t she?
Hmm, would this kind of thing be like sending salt to the enemy? If it weren’t for Fujisaki kun, I would be very excited to dress these girls up in a mess…….
Well, now I’m going to win head-on, not by ousting my opponent. When the time comes, I’ll make them look really pretty.]

Misaki sensei, you can’t hear inner voice like I can, can you? It’s like you’re a ghost now, reading Misaka san’s mind so accurately.
The three of them are looking around the bookstore and getting excited at a low volume. As expected, I am now out of the loop.
I feel a little sad, but it is soothing to see the three of them enjoying themselves.

[Ugh,……I want to talk to Onii chan, but the mood is not right,……. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but……. I mean, what’s the point of getting excited about chatting with the enemy? I kind of don’t like it, but if I’m overtly grumpy here, I’ll give a bad impression to Onii chan again…… I guess it can’t be helped now……]

[It’s fine to get excited with other women, but since Fujisaki kun is here, I’d like to have a chat with him……. But, it would spoil the atmosphere if we were to fight over Fujisaki kun in this place…… No, don’t say such leisurely things, make the first move…..]

[Haa…..High school girls are precious…. I can understand why guys like high school girls……. They are young, innocent, full of life, immature but full of energy…… Well, I know not all high school girls are full of energy, but these two are……. But this is a date with Fujisaki kun, so I should talk to him.]

“Fujisaki kun would also want Saki chan to cosplay, right?]

[You beat me to it !?]

“Ah, I’m beaten !]

Misaki-sensei just talked to me for a moment, so please don’t glare at me so much……

“……I see. I think it will look good on Saki because she’s cute to begin with.”
“I-is that so? Will it look good on me?”

“If my brother wants it, of course I will cosplay ! I’m okay with any kind of costume ! Even a naked apron ! Ah, that’s not cosplay…….]

“I’m sure Saki will look good in anything. There’s no doubt about it.”

[Uhehehehe…… Onii chan has high expectations for me……… After all, you’re my only big brother, right? And I’m only yours. my only older brother. Wait for me, I’m going to be yours tonight, okay?]

“……If Onii chan says that much, I’ll give it a try. I don’t know anything about cosplay, though……”
“I’ll teach you, so you won’t have to worry about it. If you can already do makeup, you should be able to learn two-dimensional makeup pretty quickly.”
“Is it different from regular make-up?”
“It’s very different. The eye lines and other things are done in a very exaggerated way.”
“Heh……sounds interesting.”
“If you try it, you’ll be hooked. The feeling of being assimilated into your favorite character, or the feeling of being transformed into something that is not you, is also interesting.”
“I see…….”
“Would you like to try it, Misaka san?”
“M-me too……? Will I look good in it…..?”
“It will suit you. Misaka san has an athletic girl’s body, so even if she wears something revealing, she’ll look even more attractive. You’ll look much better than someone who only does cosplay.”
“I see……. Well, not that I wasn’t interested…….”
“Also, Fujisaki kun, why don’t you give it a try? Just like the background is important to an illustration, adding something to complement it is also an important element in cosplay, right?”
“…..Are you assuming I’ll be playing a supporting role? That’s not a big deal. I’d rather be asked to help out as a foil than someone telling me I look good in it, so I’ll give it a try.”
“Fufu. I know your personality, okay?”

[To be honest, Fujisaki kun isn’t that bad at first, so I guess he’ll look great in a cosplay… If I invite him like that, he’ll probably get embarrassed and run away, so I’ll just make him as a helper for now.
Hehe, but somehow my dreams are growing. I’m going to make a high school girl and a high school boy into something nice……. I can even legally take photos…….. I’m glad I’m a high school teacher…….]

I’m perfectly dancing in Misaki sensei’s palm…… I don’t even want to resist……. Even so, as a high school teacher, she’s still a bit disturbing……. Is it alright……?

[Ummm, I’m concerned that things are going the way Misaki sensei wants them to, but Onii chan also likes cosplay. I probably shouldn’t say too much, though, because he gets embarrassed when I compliment him.]

[Fujisaki kun, you have a strangely low self-esteem. I think it would be cool if you made yourself more presentable. Well, I also like that you get embarrassed when I compliment you.]

…I wonder what. I guess my personality is pretty obvious. I’m embarrassed at how warmly they’re looking at me.

“Fujisaki kun, do you have any cosplays you’d like to try? I’ll make one if possible.”

I’m a little lost at Misaki sensei’s question. I like to watch cosplay, but I don’t want to do it myself. If I had to say …….

“……I’d prefer the culprit from Conan.”

Considering these three people, isn’t this the perfect role for me? Just kidding.

“Ahaha. We don’t know who he is. At least make your face visible.”
“No, I’d rather hide my face if possible.”
“Anyway, I’ll reject that. Not right away, just think about it later.”

The conversation quietly picks up, with me gradually getting involved in the conversation as well. It would be fine…..if it wasn’t only a moment of peace…….

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