Episode 15 – Shoulder adjustment, relief



–In the adventurer’s town of Bren, there is a wide range of adventurers active, from newcomers to mid-career adventurers.

One of the most common ways for adventurers to earn money is by selling materials from the demons they slay and receiving rewards for slaying them. There are also requests to gather medicinal herbs and ores, and to do odd jobs around the city, but hunting demons is probably the most popular.

The demons that inhabit the suburbs of Buren range from weak enough to be hunted by beginners to strong enough to be hunted.

So, new adventurers can make a living by killing weak demons while gathering materials, and as their skills improve, they can raise the level of the demons they are dealing with. The ability to make such progress around a single town is what makes Bren an adventurer’s town.

For this reason, it has been said since ancient times that if you want to become an adventurer, you should start in Brenn, and all those born in a certain proximity will make their debut as adventurers in this town.

We “Sword of Wheat” were no different, and after leaving our village, we registered as adventurers in this town and have been defeating slimes and other small creatures ever since.

–We have followed the standard path as adventurers, and now we are standing in a nearby forest.

We used to visit this place frequently to kill demons and gather medicinal herbs, and it is a popular place among young adventurers, especially those in the wood and iron grades. The demons that appear are easy to defeat, such as goblins and killer bees, and we can gather medicinal herbs, nuts, mushrooms, and other items while we are defeating the demons.

We used to spend a good amount of time here until we became adventurers of a certain level of skill.

And why are we going to such a beginner-friendly hunting ground now?

“—Tale, I need you to take care of the two that escaped that way!”

“I’m on it, Anri!”

I run between the trees with my legs lightly reinforced. In front of my eyes, I see a small humanoid ogre – a goblin.

Anri and the others behind me are also dealing with many goblins, but they don’t really pay attention to them since they aren’t going to have a hard time at this point.

I put priority on finishing off the fleeing prey and approached the goblin faster than it could run away, then swung my sword, which I held in both hands, at its neck from behind.

I looked away from the goblin, which had dropped its head and fallen to the ground, and turned my attention to the three people behind. There, I saw my companions, showing an overwhelming difference in strength, driving the goblin group out of the area.

“Ha, yo”

With a light shout, Anri swung her large double-edged axe and swatted away the nearby goblins with a single stroke of her armored sleeve. She is so strong that one wonders where she gets such strength from her slender body.

And, unlike Anri, who continues her dynamic stance, it is Ur who is quietly but surely holding the enemy’s breath. Ur holds one long dagger in each hand and runs around the perimeter with supple, lean movements. With each flash of her two daggers, one goblin or another falls to the ground.

The two vanguard, seemingly separate from each other, but with movements that anyone who sees them can see are covering for each other, they lay waste to the goblins, who outnumber them.

Unfortunately for the goblins, even if they were able to escape the two, our rear guard, Rietta, would be waiting for them.

Rietta, who holds her staff behind them, constantly deploys five magic circles in front of her body, releasing a variety of magic such as fire, water balls, wind blades, and earth stakes. With her attacks, which are not excessive enough to defeat goblins, she makes sure to finish off the demons that the vanguard has missed.

–The members of “Sword of Wheat” are all 17 years old and have only been together for about two years, but their power is far beyond that of ordinary adventurers.

Unless the three of them were fighting with their hands cut off to ensure coordination, there was no way they could have missed the two demons I had just killed. In fact, if they wanted to, they could annihilate 20 or 30 goblins in an instant.

I quickly returned to the three, and as a ranger, I hunted down the goblins that Rietta and the two vanguards had missed.

And then, in no time at all, the goblins are defeated. The party’s first battle in about three months went extremely smoothly, with no problems occurring.

–After meeting up with Anri, who had finished listening to the explanation of the grade promotion, we went to the forest to find a request of a reasonable difficulty level as planned.

The request was to destroy a goblin colony in the forest. Of course, we also had to take down the goblins in the forest.

In this forest, where novice adventurers are mainly active, there are many adventurers who are not comfortable with goblins in a group, and adventurers of a certain rank are responding to their requests in this way. The difficulty level was not too high for us, and the rewards were good, so we took the order as a refresher for the restart of “Sword of Wheat.”

After the battle, we went around destroying the roughly constructed goblin settlements and collecting the parts of dead bodies that could be used as proof and magic stones.

As we threw the items into our backpacks for collecting materials, Anri frowned and said

“Hey, Tale. The guild said something about phosphorus, do you have any tips on how to use it? I’ve been trying since a while ago, but I can’t do it at all.”

“I didn’t know you were doing that. Well, a trick huh.”

I think back to the first time I was able to use the phosphorus. If I remember correctly, that was when I was exposed to so much attack from so many monsters that I couldn’t even afford to use attack magic, and somehow I managed to get through it just by strengthening my body.

At that time, I was not strong enough in terms of firepower and durability with ordinary body strengthening, and I tried to do something about it only with non-magical manipulation of magic power. Then, before I knew it, I was able to strengthen my body from the outside as well by circulating the magic power I had released outside my body inside and out.

Circulating magic inside and outside the body is a unique sensation, and probably a very difficult task, but in my case, I was able to do it without any hesitation and before I knew it, I had done it. There is not much I can teach Anri.

“I’m a little unsure of what you could call a Trick. …… It’s something I do by feel.”

“Hmmm. After all, I have no choice but to train my magic control through normal body strengthening and wait until I can do it eventually.”

Anri didn’t seem too disappointed and said so in a light tone.

It’s true that Anri is right, she just have to work hard. However, I’m talking about Anri who has an aptitude for body strengthening magic, and will be able to learn phosphorescence someday.

At the same time, Ur, who was listening to our conversation with her ears twitching, went back to collecting materials as soon as our conversation was over. Ur also seemed to be concerned because she is a fighter who fights on a body enhancement basis.

I returned to my work, impressed by my highly motivated colleagues. And so, after as much time as we had spent defeating the goblins, we finally finished cleaning up after the battle.

I looked up at the sky and saw the sun peeking through the leaves.

“We still have some time before nightfall. …… what do you want to do? Anri.”

“Well – I found out that …… cooperation is not a problem, and the money we get for the materials here is not much. Why don’t we go home early today? Now that we have some money, let’s go out for a nice dinner.”

“Sure, we haven’t even celebrated Tale’s return, so maybe that’s a good idea.”

“Wow, it’s a welcome home party, isn’t it!”

When Anri said this, Ur and Rietta agreed, and I nodded my head in agreement. It hurts to be celebrated, but I won’t have to worry about money for a while, so I think I can take it easy for today.

Once that was decided, we quickly packed up and left the remains of the goblin colony.

Although the forest was suitable for beginners, we made our way back in formation. Ur, who has excellent senses, leads the way as a scout, followed by Anri and Rietta, with me at the end of the line, as usual.

We proceeded in a casual manner, chatting with each other as we went. The forest is not that big, so it doesn’t take us long to return to the shallows.

We were about to leave the forest and return to town without incident.

At that moment, Ur, who had been standing at the very front and watching his surroundings, reacted with a twitch. She stopped, put up her ears, and turned her head in a different direction from where the town was located.

We stopped behind her, and kept quiet so as not to disturb Ur’s search. Soon after that, Ur looked back at us and said

“–A little further ahead, adventurers are fighting. The adventurers are obviously having a harder time than the others, and …… they’re probably fighting a wolf-like creature, judging by the footsteps and cries.”

“Did any wolf monsters appear in this forest?…Well, in any case, a new adventurer is facing a rather strong monster and is about to lose. So, let’s go help him.”

Everyone else nodded in agreement with Anri, who declared without hesitation

Anri’s goal is to become the kind of adventurer who is called a hero, that is, someone who helps the weak and frustrates the strong. Although she is usually temperamental, Anri is not the kind of girl who would abandon the lives of those she can save in a situation like this.

We pulled ourselves together and began to run through the forest, following Ur’s lead. We ran through the gaps in the trees, following the sound that only Ur, the beastman, could hear.

When we had traveled a certain distance, eventually the other ears began to hear it as well.

Two voices sounded impatient and desperately resisting. They are still young boys and girls. The sound of feet kicking the ground violently and the sound of swords clashing can also be heard. The situation seems quite dire.

We hurried even further, cutting down the grass that blocked our path, and finally arrived at the scene.

Ahead of my line of sight, in a slightly open area in the forest, a boy and a girl, who looked like apprentice adventurers, were desperately resisting while being possessed by a wolf.

The wolf’s fur was silver, and I could tell it was the silver wolf I had dealt with many times at the bottom of the valley. The recommended grade for defeating the wolf is iron — that is, a demon that an iron-grade adventurer could barely defeat in a one-on-one fight. If we didn’t get in to save him soon, the boys, who were probably wood grade, wouldn’t stand a chance.

Anri, Ur, and Rietta were ready for battle, and they were determined to save the adventurers in peril.

–But on the other hand.

I looked at the monster in front of me, felt its magical power, and was simply stunned.

Why is this demon here? Why is it coming out of there? 

–The unique wave of magical power …… that I feel from this Silver Wolf. It’s a heavy oppressive feeling and a violent thorniness.

There is no doubt. This demon…

–This is the demon that was at the bottom of that valley.

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