The earth dragon was shaking unsteadily, spilling blood from its large mouth, and still stamping on the ground with its strong feet. And with its one remaining eye, it stared at me with extreme hatred.

I was sure that I had inflicted a considerable amount of pain on him, but I was still not able to defeat the mighty dragon species. Would I not be able to defeat it until I had its head off?

For a moment, I considered withdrawing from the fight, waiting to see what the dragon would do.

However, my half-baked thinking was not good enough. The earth dragon’s entire body was enraged with magical power, and it howled toward the heavens.


At that moment, the earth shook as if an earthquake had occurred.

The earth shook so violently that I could hardly stand, and I involuntarily fell to my knees on the ground. But the shaking continued, and before I knew it, all the ground around me had begun to rise.

The enormous magical power of the dragon species was converted into a phenomenon known as magic. The earth around me began to rise like a wall, with nowhere to run. And when the walls surrounding all four sides were completed, they were all closing in on me.

–I wondered if they were going to crush me in between. ……

I tried to escape to the sky by manipulating the little ground I was standing on, but perhaps due to the powerful magic of the earth dragon, it did not accept my will at all. And in the meantime, the wall is almost in front of me. From above, I am sure that I can see the cylindrical hole in the ground where I stand narrowing at a breakneck pace.

With no time left to try any other course of action, I quickly increased the amount of magic power I was using to strengthen my body and thrust my hands against the approaching wall. With a tremendous impact, I managed to catch the force that tried to crush me with both arms.

My body creaks under the pressure that is applied to my entire body, and I think of a way to break out of the situation. Every bone and muscle in my body screams, telling me that I can’t hold out much longer. The magical light emitted by my entire body grows stronger as if it is roaring.

My thoughts are fleeting as time is short. I quickly make up my mind and move on to my next action.

I prepare to activate the magic. I knead the magical power that wells up from within my body, convert it into the necessary attributes, and then release it out of my body to construct a magic circle.

My palms, which are the easiest to release magic power, are already being used to catch the walls. Therefore, I emit magic power from the area of in a spur-of-the-moment manner. The attribute is a combination of water and wind. A magic circle is drawn with purple lines combining the two attributes.

This magic is a difficult one that I have only recently learned to use. Even though it is a compound magic of two attributes, it is different from the [swamp] magic, in that the magic of water and wind must be superimposed at a high level and sublimated as a higher attribute. It is much more difficult to control than other magic, but its power is extreme.

This is the only card I can think of to break through this barrier and defeat the earth dragon.

I whipped my body, which was about to collapse at any moment, and poured more magic power into the magic circle that had been created.

The magic power, which combined two attributes, was like a rampaging horse, trying to get out of my control. In addition, I released magic power from my stomach, which I usually don’t do. The difficulty level was the highest of all the magic I had tried so far – and yet, if I did not succeed, I would die here.

If I did, I would never be able to see everyone again. I will continue to sleep at the bottom of this dim valley, crushed by the clods.

–I don’t want to do that.

I grit my teeth and grasp the reins of magic with all my might. I force the flow of the magic to correct itself and guide its destination to the magic circle. The intricate geometric pattern was lit up from the edges with magical light, and eventually the whole thing began to glow a dazzling bluish-purple.

–Somehow, it had worked. If this doesn’t work, there’s nothing left to do. But I had no intention of ending here.

I closed my eyes for a moment, inhaled air and held my breath.

Then I opened my eyes and spoke the name of the magic that bears the higher attribute.

“—- [Blue Thunder]”

–At that moment, my vision was covered with a blue light.

A rumbling sound roared out. It was a great number of bands of light emitted from the magic circle–thunder.

The blue lightning that I shot out, the lightning attribute magic [Blue Lightning], hit the earthen wall in front of me according to the directionality I had been given and burst its great power without leaving any residue.

The wall was chipped away as if excavating a huge bedrock. The thick wall cracked and shattered, opening up a path. I continued to pour magic power into the magic circle and ran after the advancing lightning.

Behind me, I could hear the sound of walls colliding with each other, narrowed by the loss of my support. I ran through without looking behind me as if I was being chased by a wall that was trying to catch me.

–At last, I was able to cut through the thick wall completely and escape outside.

I recognize the giant dragon that appeared in front of me, and I run toward the earth dragon, which also looks back at me and seems somewhat stunned. I ran alongside the lightning that was no longer ahead of me – rather, I ran as if clad in lightning, increasing my speed and concentrating the dark blue lightning on the blade of the sword I had instantly created.

I then kicked the ground with all my might, leaving a trail of blue lightning in the air as I raced through the sky toward the neck of the earth dragon.

“——Take this”

I was approaching so fast that the dragon couldn’t catch up with my reaction. I swung my sword, which was filled with enormous amounts of lightning, at the thin cut on its neck.

–Blood spurted out.

I try to land on the ground with my feet, but I’m so exhausted that I roll off the ground. A sound of something heavy falling echoes behind me.

I take a breath, stand up, and turn around to see —-

—- the head of a huge earth dragon rolling on the ground, and a huge headless body slowly tilting and falling.

The earth dragon’s body fell down, making a louder sound than before, and kicking up a large amount of dust. And then, silence spreads out to the bottom of the valley, as if I were the only one in this world.

I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath as I looked at the huge prey I had defeated.

On this day, I, Tale, the magical swordsman of the Sword of Wheat, had accomplished a feat that many adventurers had longed for, challenged, and then fallen to the ground, the slaying of a dragon.

This was just the beginning of the events that would make my existence widely known to the world.

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