I spread the magical power that I had been refining throughout my body, and used all my strength to strengthen my body.

Before I fell off the cliff, I had been strengthened by a factor of at most 1.5. However, the magical manipulation that I had been training for three months sent magic power to every muscle in my body without bias, and my body began to emit a pale phosphorescent light when the magnification exceeded five times.

Gripping my sword so tightly that it made a grinding sound, I stared at the slowly moving earth dragon.

–This time it seems to be reacting at least as well as it does when killing pesky insects.

The hostility I feel from the dragon gives me a sense of satisfaction.

When I tried to pass through here before, I was indeed not in the mood to challenge this mighty dragon, and when I tried to run through to the other side to dodge its attack, I was punched away as if it was just a comfort. I guess I was just trying to avoid the attack and run to the other side, and I got punched out as a consolation prize.

But it seems that my power has increased to the point where he is now clearly hostile toward me.

I smile wryly and relax my body so that I can move immediately. At the same time, I started preparing my magic to give it a preemptive strike.

It is such a huge monster with rock-like scales. A half-hearted attack would not even give it an itch. So, what magic should I choose here?

After thinking about it for a moment, I instantly deployed the magic circle I had decided on. The geometric pattern drawn with magic is blue in color. I unleash a water-attribute magic…


As soon as I chanted the name of the magic, a line extended from the index finger of my left hand, which was not holding a sword.

It was a thin string of water, like a string, that was shot straight ahead. The water, ejected under strong pressure, is so sharp that it can cut even distant enemies. Both fire and earth are likely to be repelled by the thick scales of the earth dragon, and the blade of water is more effective than that of wind because of its mass.

And by pulling my index finger, I moved the [Hakugen] extending from it in a trajectory that would cut the neck of the earth dragon in two. But–


As soon as the white string hit the dragon, it roared and flapped its wings on its back. The agitated atmosphere became a storm and surged forward.

I was about to be blown away, but I couldn’t resist interrupting the magic and kicked the ground. With my enhanced physical abilities, I bounced off the ground and moved out of the storm’s sphere of influence.

I escaped from the wind’s influence and looked at the neck of the earth dragon, which was staring at me with a reproachful look. There, the scales had broken into a single line across the neck, and only a small amount of red blood was smeared on it.

-No good. If it’s no good with the powerful cutting power of [Hakugen], it seems impossible to cut it in a proper way. ……

I’m thinking about how to inflict a wound, and I see a huge paw with claws extended toward me. It seems to be in a hurry to be wounded, albeit grazed. It seems that it is done watching me and intends to crush me in earnest.

However, no matter how strong and fast he is, he will not be able to hit me with such an obvious attack.

I nimbly ran on the ground to avoid the dragon’s arm, and as we passed each other, I slashed at its fully-extended arm with my sword. What I got back was a shock as if I had hit it with a hard metal rod. My sword only made a shaved mark on the dragon’s arm, but it was more like the sword had spilled its edge.

I quickly activated two magic spells while avoiding the continuous barrage of blows that followed the dragon. Both are simple magic, one is the manipulation of metal to repair the damaged sword, the other is the manipulation of earth and rocks to transform the foothold.

The sword in my hand regained its sharpness, and the ground on which I stood and a few paces around it rose up. At the same time, chunks of rock, created by the earth dragon from the ground around it, shot out toward me. I maneuvered further on the ground to avoid the rocks and moved even closer to the dragon, ignoring the roar from behind me.

Thanks to the scaffolding that is held up in the air, I am now almost the same height as the huge dragon. With this, I can reach the parts of the dragon that are not covered by its scales, such as its eyes and mouth, with my attacks. Even if I keep my magic at a distance, it will probably avoid or block attacks on its weak points, so I have no choice but to strike it a blow at close range.

However, as I maneuvered my way through the ground at a reasonable speed, the dragon reacted in good time and swung its claws at me in counterattack. Its arm, approaching with the speed of its huge body, slammed into the spot where I was standing with great force. The foothold that stretches out is shattered.


The earth dragon looked at the soaring bits of rock and dust and cleared its throat in satisfaction. I guess it was thinking that it had smashed the depressing insects. But–


At the same time as I muttered, flames clung to the sword I held. The sword body is a shimmering white light as it gathers as if condensed. Then, toward the head I run up the neck of the earth dragon.

I had jumped to the body of the earth dragon just before the scaffold received the claw. The earth dragon is covered with thick rock-like scales, so I thought it would not notice the impact as much as me jumping on it, but it was as I expected.

All that was left was to thrust this sword into the thinly protected eyeball. Even if he noticed my position by the magical reaction of the magic, it was already too late.

I reached the head of the dragon with blinding speed, swung the flaming sword in my hand, and swung it at its huge eyeball, taking aim.


The earth dragon let out a painful shriek and whipped its head around. It swung its arms repeatedly to graze my body, as if it wanted to dislodge me from its grasp. However, I clutched the sword that was stuck in it tightly and clung to it so that it would not drop me from the head.

And then, I struck back.


At that moment, the sword, which had been pierced into the eyeball and was violently smoking, exploded with energy toward the inside of the earth dragon’s head.


I immediately let go of my hand and jumped down from the earth dragon. At about the same time, a red pillar of fire rose from the dragon’s eye. It seemed that intense heat was also raging inside its head, and flames were peeking out from the small gaps in the scales around its eyes.

No matter how solid the scales were, it would be irresistible if it was attacked in the soft eyeballs and inside the body.

I looked up at the dragon from the ground and assessed the damage inflicted. However.


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