“Hey, Aruto kun, did you understand what I just said?”

“Maybe a fifth.”

“That means you don’t get it, right?”

“Math is bad, I don’t like doing things that are fixed and never change, like formulas.”

“I see. …… so you’re willing to talk to an anomaly like me?”

The name of the beautiful, good-looking girl who is talking to me right now is Reijo-san.

The reason why Reijo san calls herself an anomaly is probably because her family is rich and she has a calm atmosphere that is somehow different from ordinary high school sophomores. …… In fact, not only her classmates but the entire school treats Reijo-san like a Takamine no hana, and there are very few people who talk to her normally like I do.

“I don’t consider Reijo-san herself to be an anomaly.”

Reijo-san’s environment is unique, and the only thing that is different about her is her calmness and her outstanding appearance.

I wouldn’t judge Reijo san on such things.

“I’m glad …… you have a test in two weeks, but are you okay with math?”

“I’m not okay.”

“Then why don’t I fill in the other four-fifths for you?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t really know what I was talking about, let alone fill in the other four-fifths.”

“Fufu, I see. …… then ──── I’ll fill them all for you.”

Reijo-san doesn’t usually smile, but on that occasion she smiled at me.

Studying mathematics…I wasn’t too keen on it, but if Reijo san is willing to teach me, I’ll take it.

“I’m looking forward to working with you starting tomorrow.”

“What about today?”

“I’m not in the mood.”


“I’ll take care of it tomorrow.”

“You don’t feel like doing that tomorrow?”

“Ask me tomorrow.”

“I’ll tie you up tomorrow, and I’ll take you with me.”

“Tie up? That’s scary.”

“You have to keep the things that are really important to you, even if you have to tie them up.”

“When Reijo-san says it, it doesn’t sound like a joke.”


—On my way home that day, I was hit by a truck.


…… hmm?

Calling me, like I can hear her voice,…… Reijo-san,……?

“Al────! ────!”

No,…… this voice.

“Al! Please wake up! Wake up!”

“……, Charlotte san?”

“……! Al! Thank God…….”

Charlotte-san said this in a relieved manner,…… I looked at Charlotte-san’s hand, it seems that she is using recovery magic against me.

“Recovery magic…? Why…?”

“I woke up in the morning and knocked on Al’s room and Al didn’t answer at all, so I opened the door and Al was lying in front of his bed,……, and I kept calling to you and you never woke up, so I thought maybe there was something wrong with your body.”

I looked around and saw that I was now on the bed, so Charlotte san must have carried me onto the bed.

“I’m sorry for worrying you, there’s nothing wrong with my body. ────”


I was about to say that there was nothing wrong with me when a headache hit me for a moment.

……I see

I remember the scene I saw earlier,…… it was neither a dream nor a hallucination, it was a memory of ──── a previous life.

Charlotte san also said that the day she turned sixteen her memories of her previous life had returned, and I’m sure that, just like that, the memories of my previous life came back to me. ……There are a lot of things I want to sort out, but first I need to reassure Charlotte san.

“I’m sorry, I’m fine.:


“Yes, really. ────”


“Eh…..? Yes, yes, really.”

Charlotte san was distraught, with a similar mood to yesterday.

…… I see, Charlotte lost someone she loved in a previous life in an accident, so I’m sure she’s comparing me now with what happened to her then.

In other words, …… that’s how much Charlotte san cares about me.

I knew I had to reassure her that she was such a sweet person, so I quickly said.

“Charlotte, I’m really okay”

“…… yeah, I’m sorry, it’s not like me to be this upset.”

“I’m glad you’re being so kind, Charlotte san”

“…… Al, have you changed?”


“No, I think it’s just my imagination. …… For now, you just rest for the rest of the day.”

“No! It’s my birthday today, and I’m going to ────”

“Today is absolutely a day of rest! In exchange, I’ll be your companion for the whole day!”

“Then …… it’s going to be a fun birthday.”

For now, since it was my birthday and Charlotte san was going to be my companion for the whole time, I decided to enjoy it without thinking about my previous life and spent a pleasant day with Charlotte san.

“I knew it…… Al’s mood had changed ……? No, his mannerisms and the way he speaks haven’t changed, so why …… do I remember ──── him so much…?”

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