After the classroom lecture on magical studies, all of today’s lectures were over, and Charlotte san and I were riding home together in the carriage.

“we’ve visited a lot of people all day, but we haven’t gotten much out of it.”

“I suppose it’s to be expected, though, in such a big world, the chances of him being at the same institute are much smaller.”

“Charlotte san told me to watch from a distance, but I believe the question you asked each student was whether or not they knew the name of the school that Charlotte and her beloved attended as a high school student in a previous life, right?”

“Yes, because first of all, whether or not you know the name of the school will tell you whether or not you came from a previous life.”

“But wouldn’t it be faster to ask if you knew the person’s name than to do that?”

“I would prefer if I was the only one who knew his name, at least on this side of the world.”

“I see. ……”

As usual, she seems to have quite a lot of feelings about this person.

But still,…… Charlotte says her previous life was as a high school student in Japan, but for that reason, she doesn’t feel at all comfortable with her behavior and attitude as a duke now,…..It may be said that she has lived a long time if you include her past life, but even so, the mental age of Charlotte san now and Charlotte san from her past life should be the same at 16 years old.

If I were a duke in this world after remembering the memories of my previous life, I am sure that I would not behave the same way as I did before I remembered my previous life, and I would feel uncomfortable being in such a high position myself and would surely fall apart,……. It’s amazing how this familiarity of Charlotte san’s fits in.

“Charlotte san, in your previous life, what kind of environment did you grow up in?”

“I know this is a story that Al, who doesn’t know anything about my previous life world, wouldn’t know anything about, but do you care?”

“Yes, I do care.”

It is true that when I heard Charlotte san’s story before I regained my memory, I didn’t have a clear picture and didn’t understand much of what she was talking about, but now that I am remembering my previous life, I should be able to understand some of it.

As I closed my mouth and waited for Charlotte san to open it, she looked away from me toward the carriage window and said.

“In a word,…… tasteless, it was like pain, I guess.”


“I was able to study and exercise easily, and was in good shape, so I didn’t have any problems there, and on top of that, my family had a long history, and there was no aristocracy, so I don’t know the specifics. But in this world, I was like a duke.”

“I see …… but what was so tasteless and painful about that?”

“I had no reason to work hard in my previous life, you know? I had a time when I wanted to work hard at something, but it was so easy that I didn’t even feel a sense of accomplishment. ……There was a time when I wanted to hang out with the friends that everyone else had, but girls always tried to get involved with me because they thought I was rich and amazing, or because I was good-looking, and boys were like me. There were a lot of people who confessed to me even though I had never talked to them before…I really wasn’t looking forward to anything, and everything was a hassle.”

Charlotte san’s eyes as she said this had a look in them that said she was deeply disgusted with her past.

It reminds me of Reijo-san, who was a good student, athletic, good-looking, and rich …….

Perhaps Reijo-san felt the same way…but I’m sure Reijo-san would continue to develop her amazing talent and live a happy life.

When I was thinking about Reijo-san a little, Charlotte-san said with a light in her eyes.

“But you see,……, when I became a sophomore in high school, he showed up.”

“He ……”

“Someone who didn’t care about my academic ability, my athletic ability, my looks, or the fact that I was rich,…… I was kind of curious, so I talked to him and what do you think he said to me?”

I remembered Reijo-san earlier, so naturally I recalled my memory of me and Reijo-san.

As I recall, I was only aware of Reijo-san’s name at first, but I wasn’t interested in her ……, so I’m pretty sure the first thing I said was ────.

“[Ah, as I remember, you are someone-san (Naninani san) right? hello] ??”


The moment I answered that, Charlotte-san turned her eyes from the window to mine,…… and her eyes widened as if she was very surprised.

“Charlotte san,……?”

“…. Al, I just have one question for you, ok?

“Yes? what is it?”

“──── On the day of your sixteenth birthday, did Al also get his memories back from his previous life?”

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