“Kingo, you’re out. You don’t have to come to Tokyo.”

The room of the apartment was full of the atmosphere of daily life. Scattered lunch boxes and empty cans of beers lie on a cheap low table, and the smell of stale food wafts faintly through the air.

The walls are covered with posters of old rock bands, revealing the tastes of the residents at a glance.

This is my buddy–Harada Nobuhiko’s room.

Kobayakawa Kingo, aka me, was suddenly kicked out.

“W-what do you mean, out……?”

“It means exactly what it means. You don’t belong to our band any more. You don’t even have to come to Tokyo.”

My face was probably as pale as a fresh coat of paint. My teeth are clicking and my throat is choking like it’s full of cotton.

But my friend and fellow band member Nobuhiko repeated the same thing without regard to my feelings.

“What’s the reason !? I won’t know unless you give me a reason !?”

I can’t accept a sudden announcement that I’m fired.

When I entered high school, I was invited to form a rock band. At first, it started out as just a friendly band that performed at a cultural festival. After that, we called ourselves [Lycoris Darkness (LycoNess for short)] and started to get serious about it.

The first time I touched a guitar, I practiced hard, thought about songs and lyrics 24/7, and engaged in grassroots PR and ticket sales.

These activities paid off, and in the fourth year of the band’s existence, it was decided that the band would belong to an independent label in Tokyo.

I was really happy. It started out as a hobby, but gradually I began to think only about music, and before I knew it, I was immersed in it whether I was asleep or awake.

Before long, I began to dream of becoming a professional musician and making a living.

And now that dream is coming true. Of course I was happy.

So we decided to move to Tokyo in the spring of next year and start a full-fledged music career. Today, the first day of November, Nobuhiko called me to his room to discuss our future plans as the time was getting closer.

As usual, we had a meeting in his room.

“The reason? The reason is because I can’t feel your real intention. People with no passion are in the way, so I’m going to ask you to stay out of it.”

That’s what Nobuhiko said.

“What do you mean you can’t feel my seriousness……? I’m serious too !? I’ve convinced my parents to let me move to Tokyo after I decided to join the club, and I’m studying hard so that I can transfer to a university–“

“That’s what I meant !”

Nobuhiko interrupted me with a loud voice.

“Me and Yua are trying to make a living solely through music, but you’re the only one going to college and putting up a precautionary measure. It’s guys like that that turn me off.”

Nobuhiko pointed out in frustration.

Yua is a member of our three-piece band. Sitting between Nobuhiko and I, facing each other, is Matsuyama Yua, the girl of the same age who has been silent since a while ago.

She is the bass vocalist and also my girlfriend whom I have been dating since the second year of high school.

As he says, I am the only one who goes to college, and we both work part-time while continuing our music activities day and night.

“The world is not so sweet that a person who is not prepared for a backwater situation can sell his music. That’s why we’re going on without Kingo.”

“That’s impossible ! How can a band exist without a guitarist !”

“Thank you for your concern. But we have already found a guitarist.”

“What….the heck…..”

My eyes went blank. I couldn’t believe that he had already found a new friend to work with in Tokyo…….

How long had they been planning to cut me loose?

“Tokyo is a treasure trove of talent. There are plenty of replacements for you.”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course I am. Or what? Do you think you are irreplaceable? Don’t be so smug !”

Those were too rude words. This was too much for a friend who I had spent the last three years with.

Anger, sadness, and disappointment all rushed into my heart, and I slammed the table and stood up.

“Do what you want ! I don’t want to be in a band with a guy who cuts off his friends like that ! At best, you can get along with that new guy !”

You can’t play the big game of life with a man who doesn’t consider his friends as friends. The three-year bond with Nobuhiko was severed in five minutes.

“Let’s go, Yua !”

The band was now broken up. I wanted to take my girlfriend Yua and leave this place as soon as possible.

But Yua was still sitting on her stomach, not moving a muscle.

“Yua, let’s go !”

I got numb and grabbed Yua’s arm. I had held her hand many times, and we had hugged each other. But her arms mercilessly shook me off and fled.

“Yua,……what’s wrong,……?”

I was struck by a shock as if I had been slapped on the cheek.

“I’m sorry, Kingo. I’ve decided to follow Nobuhiko.”

“…..What do you mean?”

Follow him. You mean you’re going to Tokyo?

I’m supposed to be your friend and lover. You don’t hold a grudge against the man who cut me off, and still going to be his friend?

At that time, I suddenly realized. On the sideboard of Nobuhiko’s bed was an opened condom box.

But it shouldn’t be there. Nobuhiko has not had a girlfriend for a while. He was always saying, [I want a girl] and he was always expressing his desire like an idiot.

Why would he have such a thing in his room…..

I had a bad premonition and cold sweat was running down my back like a waterfall.

“Yua, it’s not true, right?”

I asked, trying desperately to hold back the urge to cry. But Yua didn’t answer. Nobuhiko was beside her, letting out a stifled laugh.

“I’m sorry, Kingo. Yua and I are going to be partners in Tokyo from now on. So you’ll have to break up with Yua.”

Nobuhiko tells me with a sneer.

“No way ! Yua, I believed you ! Tell me it’s not true !”

I pleaded, trying desperately to hold back my tears.

Yua, my precious girlfriend.

The first girlfriend I ever had in my life.

In high school, she was known as the most beautiful girl in school, and it was a miracle that an ordinary guy like me could get together with her.

I can’t believe she betrayed me–

“I’m sorry, Kingo. I’m not lying, I’m going out with Nobuhiko.”

“No way…..why !?”

“Kingo, you haven’t seen me at all since you entered university. I’ve been lonely, you know?”

“Y-you’re joking…… We’re going on a date on Wednesday and Sunday as promised ! We always celebrate your birthdays, Christmas, and monthly anniversaries……. !”

“I want to see you every day !”

“Even if you say that, university is busier than I expected with lectures and assignments, and I also have to socialize with clubs and new friends…”

People say that college is easier than high school, but that’s not true. There are lectures and seminars where attendance is important, and if you forget to submit your assignments, your credits will be in jeopardy. Inevitably, you will be very busy.

Therefore, networking within the university is important. Thanks to my friends and clubs, I was able to obtain past exams and compress my study time to make time for the band.

It is true that I enjoyed socializing at the university I attended on the condition that I could convince my parents.

But I always put the band first.

I have been trying to make time to be with Yua.

“I don’t want to hear such excuses ! Kingo, all you do is boast about college and your friends, have you ever thought about how I felt !?”

“No……I’m not boasting……”

Yuai rolled her eyes and squealed in disapproval. Maybe my casual conversation was hurting Yua…

“Kingo, admit it. Yua abandoned you because you neglected her. It’s all your own fault. Be a man and back off.”

The man who stole my dreams and love from me says.

Is this……my fault?

Is it my own fault for not being able to abandon myself for the future, for being half-hearted…..and making my girlfriend feel lonely?

I couldn’t say anything back and collapsed on the spot without any strength.


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5 months ago

That’s harsh reality there.
Ditch the hoe as early as possible before ruining your life behind your back while she’s banging other than you

5 months ago

The mc was in the wrong, there was no good reason to go to a club or hang out with news friends
All he needed was to study and then fuck his gf when he had free time

5 months ago
Reply to  jk

Having social network is more important than you think. It’s about having the balance and restraint. It can be done, but it need trust from both side, and Yua falls behind on that

4 months ago
Reply to  jk

MC did some wrong, but GF shouldnt have fucked another guy without breaking up with him first.