“You got kicked out of my band and Yua was stolen from you !?”

This is a tavern in the downtown area of Hokusai City.

There, a young college girl’s frantic voice echoed.

After that, I called Kanda Ryoko on the phone because I wanted to confide my feelings to someone.

Ryoko was a friend of mine from high school. We were in different departments, but we went to the same campus, so she is still my friend.

She is a cool, beautiful girl with crisp, narrow eyes and a sharp jawline. She has always been popular and had boyfriends in high school and college, but is now free.

When she heard what had happened, she slammed her glass of sour cocktail on the table and was furious.

“How dare they treat Kingo like this after you’ve taken such good care of them !? I’m starting to feel like an idiot for cheering on them.”

“I know. It’s not my fault, right? Why should I have to go through this?”

I was totally down in the dumps, but Ryoko’s anger made me feel somewhat saved.

“Yua, she knows that Kingo’s attending college is a promise he made to his parents. You even supported the band while you were busy with lectures and assignments.”

Ryoko chewed her grilled chicken as she spat her resentment at Yua.

Ryoko had been supporting us since Lyconess was just a light music club. She helped us with our ticket quota and did publicity for us.

With her on my side, my nearly broken brain somehow managed not to collapse.

“But most of those guys are idiots. If they cut off the guitarist who wrote the lyrics and composed the music, they don’t have long to live. Don’t forgive them even if they cry and apologize, okay !?”

“It’s not a big deal, but I can’t forgive them. Not only I was kicked out of the band, but Yua…..also……..”

I swallowed the whine that almost overflowed from my mouth along with the gin and tonic. The bitterness of the refreshing gin and tonic water purified my soul a little.

“Oh yeah, don’t let them get away with it ! They can’t use the original songs they’ve been playing, just let them wander around with nothing. It’s a good feeling.”

Ryoko’s sarcastic way of saying it is funny and she blurts out a small laugh.

But I suddenly feel something.

“They might use… original song…….”


I remember what we were discussing earlier and muttered a few words.

“After I was fired, I feel like Nobuhiko told me, [I want to continue using original songs.]…..”

I’m the one in charge of composing the lyrics for Lyconess, and I’m also the person who wrote the song. The copyright belongs to me. Therefore, he needs my permission to use it.

“…………And what did you say?”

Ryoko, who had been enduring the dizziness, asked me slowly.

“I might have told him to do whatever he wanted.”

“Are you an idiot !?”

With a thud, her fist slammed down on the table. The dishes jumped, and nearby customers looked at each other to see what was going on.

“Why are you letting a traitor use a song you put your heart and soul into !?”

“No, I’m just confused……”

“Don’t let him use it. You will withdraw it right now.”

She grabbed my smartphone that was on the table and thrust it at me.

I hesitated to take it.

“What’s wrong? Tell him you’re not going to let him use it.”

“Ummm……what should I do……”

“What are you waiting for? Don’t tell me you are going to let him use it?”

Ryoko doubts my sanity. That’s unexpected. I was beginning to think that I could let them use the song.

I downed the gin and tonic in one gulp and let my head cool down. I cooled down somewhat, but I didn’t change my mind.

“I don’t mind them using my song.”

Ryoko was silent as I muttered softly.

No, she was speechless. She opened her mouth and looked at me like I was an idiot.

“Did you finally lose your mind after having your girl stolen? What’s in it for you if you let them use your song?”

“It’s not a question of profit or loss.”

I said firmly.

“I want to spread my song to the world. A song is only alive when someone listens to it. It’s easy for me to drive them away with my heart, but that would be like burying my song alive. That’s pitiful, and it hurts me too. That’s why I want to show my song……my creation to the world.”

Singing by myself is one way to do it, but unfortunately I don’t think my vocals will be popular with the public. My singing voice is not even close to Yua’s.

While I was talking, I was in a very peaceful mood. Ryoko was listening to my story silently as she sipped her drink.

“If anyone can be cheered up by listening to my songs, I don’t need money or praise. If even one more person feels happy, I’ll be satisfied. For that reason, I don’t feel bad about entrusting my songs to those guys.”

“……Sorry, I don’t understand that feeling at all.”

Ryoko muttered as if something was stuck in her teeth.

She desperately trying to understand, but she can’t seem to catch up and get frustrated. That kind of face.

No wonder. I have known Ryoko for a long time, but only the person who wrote the song would understand this.

No, even other composers would not understand.

It is irrational to support the leap of someone who betrayed you.

Perhaps I am being stubborn.

An ordinary man living in the countryside, who wants to leave a proof of his life.

To show the world what Kobayakawa Kingo is made of.

As I tried to figure out the reason for this, I suddenly became aware of it. I was frustrated that Nobuhiko had belittled me by saying that I could be replaced. So I want to lend him a song to spread my name and make him admit his mistake.

The reason was simple and emotional.

“Well, I’m supposed to get royalties from him, so I’ll make a profit.”

“That’s not the point. It doesn’t matter if they make a sale if you’re not there……. Why have you always been like that…..”

Ryoko, who propped her head up on her elbows, complained with a vague expression of anger and pity on her face. It was rare to see Ryoko, who always maintains a graceful demeanor at college, looking so weak, and I wanted to see her for a long time.

“Oh, God ! Why doesn’t such a nice guy like you have a good girlfriend? Hey, there, lady ! Won’t you be this good-natured fool’s girlfriend?”

Ryoko shouts, seemingly losing her patience, and ended up getting involved with a woman who happened to be passing by.

Wait, wait, wait, what kind of introduction is that ! No woman will become my girlfriend like that ! Ah, now you see, the woman who was suddenly introduced to a good-natured idiot is troubled !

The cold night air enveloped us as we left the bar. It is said to be as cold as midwinter tonight, as it has only just turned November.


Ryoko, who had left the bar a step ahead of me, muttered something to herself. She seemed to be in a spirited mood.

“Why don’t you come over today?”

And as soon as I joined her, she invited me to come over to her place.

“Ryoko’s apartment?”

“Yes. We haven’t talked enough, have we? I’ll listen to you all night long….um, so come to my room.”

Ryoko’s tone of voice was unusually unclear. Even though she usually has a strong personality like someone who splits bamboo.

Her cheeks were stained red, and her moist eyes sparkled as they reflected the city lights.


……Well, you’re drunk, aren’t you?

“Thanks. But I’m going home today.”

“Eh !? Why?”

“Why you said….I can’t keep complaining to you. Besides, you have a circle meeting tomorrow, don’t you?”

Ryoko is very busy with her circle.

Tomorrow is Sunday, but Ryoko had just told me that she has a circle activity.

“Don’t be shy ! Hey, come here !”

Ryoko’s cool hand grabs my wrist.

Ryoko’s room……. I really want to go there.

I really want to be pampered by someone right now.

I want to cry as much as I can and have my exploded feelings accepted.

But I felt that I should not ask Ryoko to do that.

Once the trigger comes off, I’m sure I won’t be able to hold back.

I will seek a replacement for Yua.

It would hurt Ryoko, who is kind to me as a friend.

That’s not right…….

That’s when I thought about it.

Cold wintry wind ran through the shopping district and mercilessly tried to snatch Ryoko’s brown hair, which was tied in a ponytail.

The wind stopped and I put my guitar case back on my back. At that moment, my eyes fell on the night sky. There, shining brightly against the moonlight, was the constellation of Orion.

As soon as I saw its radiance, my tightened cheeks relaxed.

“Thank you, but I’m going home today. I feel like being alone.”

Ryoko looked sad as she listened to my unrestrained feelings, but she gently pulled her hand away. Then she said, [Wait a minute !] and rushed to a nearby vending machine. When she returned, she held out the bottle of honey lemon she had just bought.

“Here. I’ll give you this. You’re going to be out alone in the park anyway, aren’t you?”

“You know?

“I can imagine. I won’t stop you. But promise me. Finish drinking this and go home. And when you’re done, give me a call. Okay?”

“Okay, I promise.”

“Okay, then. Remember, I’m your friend, but I’m also your fan.”

Ryoko bids me goodbye with a big white smile, flips her skirt and hair, and strolls away.

When her back was out of sight, I started walking in the opposite direction.

On nights like this, it is best to be alone in a familiar park.


Illustration for the 2nd episode !

Here is a visual of one of the heroines, Kanda Ryoko !

Ryoko has been Kingo’s friend since high school.

Although they are opposite sexes, they are so close that they can be called best friends, and they attend the same university. (They have different majors).

She reveals her anger as if she represents Kingo’s feelings when he was kicked out from the band and his girlfriend was being stolen…….

It is kindness to comfort him, but Ryoko’s specialty is to get angry and cry with him.

However, she is also a busy person who is irritated by Kingo’s good-naturedness and feels frustrated.

Red Wine.

If you enjoy our content, feel free to donate, Thank you in advance !

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ima bet not ai i was looking at the pic and some other mistakes ai does arnt there so ye also her hands are put togeather so it might just be the artist didnt want to draw em all

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