“Kuuuu. Yes, I understand.”

Limona cries and puts her hand on my pants.
The royal family of Barbados still has a medieval belief in virginity, so if a royal loses their virginity before marriage, they will have no one to marry them, and they will effectively be out of wedlock.

When Limona offered her virginity, it meant not only that she would have sexual intercourse, but also that she would truly give her all.

Limona cries and serves Sora cowgirl style.
Sora thinks that Limona, who cries and serves her, is as cute as Nozomi. She makes Nozomi jealous by saying, [Maybe you are cuter than Nozomi, Limona.]

Nozomi watches the action between Sora and Limona.

“S-Sora, me too.”

“Nozomi, it’s not your turn now.”

Nozomi is frustrated, and Limona begins to feel pleasure. She is about to kiss Sora when Sora slaps her with all her might.

“Limona. All you have to do is shake your hips. Don’t get carried away.”

She has given her virginity to Sora, and Sora treats her like a tool, which makes Limona feel even more humiliated. She finishes as she is !
While feeling humiliated and sickened by the warm liquid she feels inside her womb, which has been gouged out and regenerated many times, if she can have a child, it will be Sora’s child with 7 star skills, just in case.

With a helpless feeling of emptiness, Limona fell to her knees.

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