Kohaku san and Shinju are going to stay at my house.

Like normal, girls are at my own house, and even more so, without their parents.

One might expect something to happen if such a situation happened to them, but I had no such expectations and was more concerned for my own safety.

[If I go to bed… if I go to bed, they will definitely attack me!]

“Well, what do we do now, dear?”


“What do you mean… the futon okay? You only have one futon, right?”

“Oh, yeah, a futon…”

“What’s wrong~, Ren kun, what did you expect~”


I can’t say anything about this because it’s my fault for misunderstanding.

“At any rate, there is only one futon, right?”

“Well, I live alone…”

“I guess so. What shall we do…”

“Well, why don’t Shinju stay with Ruri san next door?…”

“That wouldn’t make any sense, and it would be a nuisance to Ruri-san.”

I thought that she didn’t care about my inconvenience, but what Shinju was saying was right. It’s not reasonable to decide to talk one way and ask for help.

……… this is me too, isn’t it?

“Anyway, I might as well ask…”

Then Shinju operated her phone, probably using LINE, but I thought, “She lives next door, why don’t you just ask her directly…” but I didn’t say that.

Shinju is operating her phone, and suddenly the door unlocks, and that door opens and Ruri-san enters.

“Shinju chan! What do you mean! staying at Ren-kun’s house! That’s not fair!”

“Just like I said, I’m staying here today.”

“It’s not fair! I’m staying here too! Ren kun, is that okay?”

“Hey, wait a minute! Ruri san is next door, right?”

“Y-Yes….but! This isn’t fair!”

“What’s so unfair about it?”

“It’s not fair…it’s not fair anyway!”

“T-then, will you let Shinju stay at Ruri-san’s house?”

“Well, then, that woman there is unfair…I mean, who is that woman there?”


“S-She…….. ugh, it can’t be true! Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, absolutely kill.”

“R-Ruri san?”

“Ruri san, calm down. She is.. She is….what is she? Dear, explain.”

“Like I said, she’s my…”

“Well yeah. I haven’t introduced myself yet, have I? I am Takahama Kohaku, sitting next to Ren-kun. In the future, I plan to become Takiyama Kohaku ♡”

“Haa? What do you mean? Explain it, dear!”

“Why…why…Even though Ruri is here..explain it to me! Ren-kun!”

Aaah, Why does one self-introduction have to be such a hassle…?

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8 months ago

“Like normal, girls are my own house, and even more so, without their parents.”
Girls being a house is very normal