“Let-s go! Ren-kun♡”

“Eh!? Well, it’s okay…”

Takahama-san talked to me from morning to evening, and it took me a lot of energy to deal with her.

I’m at my maximum fatigue, but I wonder if Takahama-san doesn’t get tired from talking so much?

“And then, you know. I’m staying at Ren-kun’s house today!”


“So, I like strawberry parfait, what kind of sweets do you like, Ren-kun?”

“W-Wait a minute!”
You’re staying at my house? And today?”

“………, what kind of sweets do you like, Ren-kun?”

“Please don’t make it unclear! Do you know how dangerous it is to stay at a boy’s house?”

“Eh? I’m not staying at a boy’s house other than Ren-kun.”

“!! That doesn’t mean it’s okay, but I might do something!”

I’m a high school student and in the throes of puberty. It is doubtful that I will be able to keep my reason if I am alone at home with myself.

“Eh? I don’t mind, I’d rather be welcome♡.”

“It’s not that! You have to be firm in that area…”

“Don’t worry, I believe Ren-kun won’t do anything ♡”

“Is Takahama-san’s parents okay?”

“Yeah! I’m fine! I told them I was staying at my friend’s house, and they gave me permission ♡”

“….I see.”

“If Ren kun refuses, where should I spend today?”

“………, just for today.”

“Yay, Ren-kun, thank you ♡”

There is only one futon in the house right now, and if I let Takahama san use it, I will have to sleep without using anything today…

“Hey, Ren kun”

“What’s wrong?”

“How long are you going to call me Takahama-san?”

“Eh? What should I call you then?”

“You know. Call me Kochan, ♡”.


“Yes, that’s right! Ko-chan! Can you call me Kochan?”

Ko-chan, Ko-chan, Ko-chan? Can’t I just call you Takahama-san normally?
Thinking like that…

“So! Will you call me Kochan?”

“Ko, Ko, Kohaku-san.”

That was as far as I got.

“Why are you calling me Kohaku san!? Call me Kochan~”

“I-I can’t do that. I can’t do it now.”

“Hmm, you can’t do it now. Well, I’ll ask you later time, ♡.”

In the end, Taka…Kohaku san kept talking to me until we arrived at my house.

I could never say Kochan.

I get to the house, try to unlock the door…

“What? It’s open?”

For some reason, the house was unlocked. ……… Come to think of it, did I lock the door because Takahama-san came suddenly in the morning? But Shinju and Rin-senpai were there, but I didn’t give them the key…

“Eh! Is it okay?! And anyway, I have to go inside and see if anything has been stolen!”

I hurriedly opened the door and checked to see if the room had been ransacked…


I’ll be brief. The room had been ransacked. Not by a burglar, not by something out of control, but by just one woman, Tono Shinju…

“…….. Shinju, I have a lot to ask you, what do you do?”

“As you can see, I’m cooking, honey.”


“Well, you’re coming home, and I have to prepare dinner.”

“And why are you at my house, Shinju?”

“Because you were so careless and didn’t lock the door, and I don’t have a key and can’t close it, so I stayed at your house all day and did the cleaning and laundry and so on.”

“All day long…Shinju! What about School!?”

“Of course I missed school, because if I went to school and your house was burglarized, I would have to punish him enough to make him regret his birth. But I don’t want to make unnecessary sacrifices. That’s why I stayed in your house all day.”

“……… so I appreciate what you did, but how come my room is more rundown than it was in the morning after all the laundry, cleaning, etc.?”

“……..I don’t understand that either. I don’t know how it got this way. ……… Well, if I had to guess, I’d say it just got this way when I noticed it.”

“Don’t worry, Ren kun. I’m good at cleaning ♡”

Right now, I’m not comfortable with this situation, but I can clean up later, but the problem is whether Kohaku san will stay at my house. In the worst case, I’m sorry, but the best plan would be to let her stay at Shinju’s house, but I won’t know unless you ask Shinju.

“So why is Takahama-san here?”


“I’m staying here today.”


I thought this was what they meant when they said the air froze. It got that cold in an instant.

“What do you mean? Why is Takahama-san staying at your house?”

“That’s… me too…
So, if you don’t mind, Shinju”

“Well okay, I’m staying here today, too.”

“Ha!? W-What are you talking about?!”

“It’s not fair. Just Takahama-san.”

“T-That’s not the point!”

“Ara, so Takahama-san is fine?”


“Mute means yes. Okay?”

“……… yes.”

Hmm? Wait, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but they are both abnormally in love with me.

Isn’t it me who’s going to be attacked in this?

At this moment, it was confirmed that Ren Takiyama could not sleep today to protect himself.

But, after all, there is not enough bedding.

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