I woke up.

I feel like I had a very long dream.

My head still hurts a little bit, but the fever seems to be completely gone.

I really appreciated the towel that wet my forehead and the sports drink that was in a position where I could reach out and take it.

Usually Shizuku does this for me, but yesterday.

“…… Yes!?”

As my thoughts become clearer, I can vividly recall last night.

Yes. I had a fight with Shizuku and called Kogure kun out when I cried.

What did I do?

I ate soup and curry that Kogure-kun made in the living room. That was fine.

My head was still normal. But I was so relieved that I suddenly got a fever and became dazed ……….

I think I was begging Kogure-kun for a drop of water, which I always do.

The bad thing is that I let the boy into my room.

I don’t know why I let Kogure-kun into my room so naturally when even I didn’t let my brother in! I’m such an idiot!


It was probably due to his kindness that I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all at that time and was able to be in a dreamy state. But.

[I want you to hold my hand until I can …… sleep. No?]

[If not, we can go to bed together …… like I always do with Shizuku.]

[Kogure-kun’s hands make me feel so safe.]

Bad! I’m remembering something vividly. I can’t believe I was so spoiled by a boy who wasn’t even my boyfriend, just a classmate


My face is hot …… and my heart is pounding just remembering what happened yesterday.

[Rest easy.]

I have a faint memory of his gentle voice and soft hands stroking my head before I fell asleep. Just remembering it makes my chest tighten and the heat in my cheeks increase.

I go downstairs to the open kitchen. On the kitchen table was a large plate of sandwiches and a note.

[I made a lot of sandwiches, so please eat them slowly. Take care of yourself for the rest of the day.]

I take off the plastic wrap and grab one of the sandwiches on the plate and put it in my mouth.

The sandwich, with fresh lettuce and a mimosa-style egg, was simple but delicious.

Thanks to my empty stomach, more and more of the sandwich poured into my stomach.

The note said that I had made extra corn soup, so please warm it up and drink it.

Too well prepared, I think.

He went to bed later than I did, but he was active before I was and made breakfast before I did.

“Wait, Kogure-kun, you’ve been staying at this house!”

I wonder where he stayed.

The living room sofa, but it is clean and there is no sign of him at all. 

No, in the first place, if my parents found out that I was letting a boy stay at a house alone with me.

How defenseless I would be. If I had made a mistake, I could have been attacked.

But Kogure-kun, you healed my heart without saying a word. I would have to thank him later.

The chime of my house rings.

Thinking that it might be Kogure-kun, I checked my appearance and immediately went to the front door. I opened the door with a bang.

“Eh, …… Shizuku.”

“Good morning, Arisa.”

There was my childhood friend, Shizuku. What is it about this morning?

Perhaps I’ll be called a liar in addition to yesterday’s incident.

I’m scared.

I loved her more than anything in the world, but now I’m afraid to see her.

As I flinched, Shizuku slowly approached me and jumped into my chest as I involuntarily looked away.

“I’m sorry I scared you yesterday. I’m sorry I threw you out. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not mad at you, …….”

“I’m mad that you lied to me. But that’s one thing, that’s another.”


Tears slowly leak out of my eyes. I thought you hated me. I thought it was not allowed.

Because what I did was something that seriously hurt Shizuku. Even so, Shizuku forgave me.

“I am sorry for hurting you, Shizuku. I will never hide anything from you again!”

“Yes, …… yes.”

We kept apologizing to each other at the door.

We talked because we love each other and we can be best friends again.

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