“Like I said, she’s just a classmate!”

“Dear, is that true?”

“Is it true? Ren kun?”

“Yes, it is true! That’s all!”

“That’s why I…”

“Please don’t complicate things any further, Kohaku san!”

Somehow, the situation was settled, and Ruri san ended up sleeping at her own house.

Or rather, that’s normal.

Then the next problem was found.

“Well then, what do you want to do about the bath?”


“Yes, a bath. Do you want to take a bath with me?””

“W-What are you talking about? Kohaku san!!!”

“I’m joking, I’m joking♡”


After that, the three of us talked it over and decided to take a bath in the order of me, then Kohaku san, then Shinju.

“Phew, I can finally catch my breath.”

I don’t know if it is because I am the master of this house or not, but that is what they told me and I got the first bath, but I was really tired from morning to night today.

Kohaku san came to my house in the morning, talked to me all day long, and eventually told me that she would stay the night. It was a particularly tough day physically and mentally.

“Ah, I am really tired today.”

I washed my head and body, and when I opened the door to the bathroom, the incident happened.

“Ara, you are quicker than I expected. Next time then”


I hurriedly closed the bathroom door. It took only 0.02 seconds.

There was Shinju, completely naked.

I hastily covered my body with a towel.

It was only a moment. It was only for a moment, but Shinju’s glamorous body was burned into my brain.

For a high school student, I could not get her large breasts, beautiful neckline, and thighs out of my mind.

We have been friends since we were children, but we had never taken a bath together before. So, or rather, it was the first time I had ever seen Shinju’s body.

“What’s wrong, dear? I want to get in.”

Shinju said to me from the changing room as if nothing had happened.

“Shinju! Did you just realize what just happened?!”

“What do you mean…you just see me naked right”

“That’s the problem!”

“What’s the problem? I don’t care about anything. Just because someone sees you naked doesn’t mean you lose something.”

“…….. I’m a man you know!”

“Yeah, I know.”

Shinju opens the bathroom door, saying that

“! Hey, Shinju!”

I hastily meditate and try not to look at Shinju’s body.

“what? Have you been lusting after my body? You are a high school student, a boy in the throes of puberty, and you are probably at an age where you are very interested in sex. Okay, Shall do it right here?”

She said something seductive, and my rationality was chipped away.

Then, as if to deliver the finishing blow, Shinju whispered in my ear.

“Be quiet so that Ruri san and Kohaku san don’t find out ♡ I’m always ready to accept you.
It’s my first time, so be gentle ♡.”

My rationality reached its limit and I collapsed against Shinju with great energy.

(TL/N : Brother just lost it)

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