Then we talked about going to my place.

If you are free, can we do it now? I bought some manga and came home under the suggestion of Iyoki-san

I am ashamed to say that she was the first person other than my family to go up to my house.

I wondered how I should respond to her, but my fears seemed to be unfounded.

“Hee, you keep your house clean.”

“I don’t have much stuff to begin with.”

Iyoki san went up to my house without showing any sign of concern.

It is a very strange sight.
Because the idol of that school is in the space where always I am.

I’m sure it’s a situation that every man would envy.

“But it feels like Iriake kun’s house.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It’s more like …… Iriake-kun’s house!”

That’s not an explanation, is it?

But I don’t have to say anything because Iyoki-san looks satisfied, as if to say that is the right answer.

“Ah, dumbbells. You’re working out.’

“Yes, I do. My father’s teachings are still with me.”

“So, Iriake kun, you have a lot of muscles, don’t you? Well, if he was that strong, that would be true.”

“That’s right.”

I don’t go so far as to name my muscles, but I do enjoy strength training.

It’s one of the few times I get to exercise.

“But you don’t look so tough in normal eyes, do you?”

“I’m the type of person who wears thin.”


She looked at my body with a meaningful stare.

I was embarrassed and looked away, but Iyoki san stepped closer to me.

“Can you show me just a little bit?”


“abdominal muscles! Just your abs!”

“Well, okay, though…”

Not lacking in confidence, I turned up my clothes.

“Eh, wow! They’re so ripped!”

“I work out a lot.”

“Oh, um, ……, do you mind if I touch you a little?”

“T-touch? abs?!”


“I-if Just a little bit.”

“Okay, then ……”

Iyoki-san touched my abdominal muscles with her index finger as if she was poking me.

As I put up with the tickling, the hand that touched it became more and more intense.

“W-wow,…… Iriake-kun’s, abdominal muscles, I’ll ………”

W-What’s this?

Iyoki-san is looking very sloppy!?


“Ha! I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

“It’s okay. You came here to read manga, right?”

“Y-Yes! Yes, I did.”

“They are on the bookshelf. I’ll put water in.”

“Thank you, Iriake kun.”

There is only one bookshelf in this house, so you will find it easily.

I took out some cold water from the refrigerator and poured it into a glass.

I used paper cups in case she might not like to use the cups in my house.

I was about to take the cup to the tea table in the center of the room when I heard

“Heee, he has one like this”

Unexpectedly, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

No, I wondered if I was even allowed to see it.

It was Iyoki san, on all fours, looking at the bottom shelf of the bookshelf.

Her buttocks were thrust out toward me.

Her chubby legs were stretched out from her not-too-long skirt, and the line of her pants was glimpsed through her black tights.

My male instincts forced me to stop thinking.

I froze for about ten seconds.

Iyoki-san turned back to me, as if she sensed my eyes on her.


I came back to myself with those words.

I was completely taken aback by Iyoki san’s leg. ……

“No, it’s nothing—ah”

Normally, I would definitely not trip over the steps.

I stumbled over there and fell down while jumping on Iyoki-san.



A thud echoed through the air.

I was completely knocked her down.

“I’m sorry! Iyoki-san ……”

I was speechless.

The sight was too stimulating for me, a virgin.

“Ouch …….”

The water I spilled was soaked through Iyoki san’s shirt to the point that her black underwear was showing through.

Towards this point, I had been in a position to cover up Iyoki san, and I had no choice but to stick close to the soft skin of the maiden that I was not allowed to touch.

My heart was thumping, thumping.

I had to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

It was a bad idea to think so.


The moment I put strength into my hands on the floor, the floor, wet with water, slid away. 

The water-slick floor slid away from me, and I was more than completely in close contact with Iyoli-san.


The warmth of Iyoki-san’s body is directly felt.

The sound of my heartbeat, which is obviously fast, is no longer recognizable.

The good smell that filled my nostrils was just so seductive that I felt like I was going to lose control of myself.

“I-I’m so sorry!”

This time, I carefully put up my hands and moved away from Iyoki-san.

She was almost attacked by me.

How could I have done that to her, even though she must have been traumatized by the incident?

“That was an accident! Really, it wasn’t on purpose or anything. …..Iyoki-san?”

I looked over and saw Iyoki-san looking at me in a daze, but with a somewhat relaxed expression on her cheeks.

She didn’t seem to hear my voice.

“A-are you all right? Iyoki san?”

“I’m fine, ……. I’m not hurt or anything.”

“I-is that so. I’m glad to hear that. You got wet, so I’ll go get a towel or something. And a change of clothes if you need them.”

“…Thank you very much.”

After that, Iyoki-san changed into my big jersey and read manga as planned, as if nothing was going on in her mind.

I was worried, but according to her, she did not seem to be remembering that time.

In the end, Iyoki san went home at around seven o’clock that day.

I sighed in my room alone.

“I’m sorry for what I did to Iyoki san.”

I closed the door to my house, thinking how sorry I was to her

And then it happened.

After that, Iyoki-san’s restraint was lifted.

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