“Hey, hey, isn’t this cute?”

“I-i see”.

“What do you think of my hair today? Ren kun, I tie it the way you like it.”

“H-How do you know what I like?…”

I like hair long and unknotted, but where did she get that information from?

Rather than that, it’s okay that Takahama-san and I went to school together, but it seems that Takahama-san’s common sense and my common sense are very different. Since entering the classroom, Takahama-san has been talking to me all the time, so I’ve been the center of attention of my classmates.

“Takiyama, are you by any chance…dating Takahama-san?”

I was suddenly called by a group of male classmates during lunch break, and the question was one I did not expect to hear.

“W-What makes you think that?”

“Because, Takahama-san, she talk to Takiyama a lot, and she never talk to any other boys.”

“I-Is that so?”

“Yeah, people in Takahama-san’s fan club say they’ve never seen her talking to any boys other than Takayama, and on the day of the entrance ceremony, Takahama-san confessed to you.”

“Eh!? How did you know about that?”

No one was supposed to be around at that time…

I mean, if you were watching, you know I turned her down, right?

“So, you’re going out with her!?”

“We’re not dating.”

“But! Takahama-san confessed to you…”

“I don’t know how you know that, but if you know that, then you also know that I turned her down, don’t you?”

“turn…..her…..down..? I-Is that true?!”

“Yes, it’s true. I turned her down.”

“T-then, why did Takahama-san talk to Takiyama like that!”


To be honest, I wondered why she was talking to me so much, but then I thought, ‘But, she and shinju are similar somehow,’ and I understood Takahama-san’s behavior.

“Y-you’re not really dating, are you?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry Takahama-san, but I said no.”


Hm? What’s up with you all of a sudden? is it okay?

“All right, boys, there’s still hope! we will continue to support Takahama-san with all my strength as a fan! ”


Well, Takahama-san would be better off with someone who loves her with all his might like they do, rather than going out with her in a casual way. I was thinking that, but Takahama-san never talked to any boys other than me after that,

Also, there were rumors that we might be dating after all.

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