Episode 10 – Am I crazy?



“Good morning, Ren-kun♡ Let’s go to school together♡”

“……… Um, Takahama-san? Why are you here?”

“Of course, to go to school with Ren-kun ♡”


In the morning, when I thought the intercom went off, there was Takahama Kohaku-san there.

“Honey, who is this person?”

Shinju comes out of her house (my house) and asks me.

“This person is my classmate but…”


“I don’t remember giving her my home address…”

“What about it?”


“Takahama-san, how did you know this was his house?”

“Because I followed him, of course!”

Takahama-san makes stalker remarks as if it were a matter of course.

“That’s a stalker…”

“No, it’s not”

“What’s the difference, Shinju!?”

“Takahama-san, you love him, don’t you?”

“Yes, I love him, ♡.”

Shinju looks at me as if to say, “See?”

“What do you mean, Shinju?”

“I mean, she did the obvious thing.”

“Hmm? What’s so obvious about it?”

“I’ll tell you. You want to know everything about the person you love.”

“……… W-well, is that so?”

“That would be friendships, family structure, daily life, and the number of moles. Well, the address is just the beginning.”

“Address is just the beginning.!?”

“Yes, the address is the first thing I look for.”

Is it normal if you like to know where someone lives or what they do in their everyday life?

Am I being unreasonable? Is there something wrong with me?

“Come on, let’s go to school, we’ll be late!”

While I was thinking about this, I realized that a long time had passed, so I had no choice but to go to school with Takahama-san. (Or rather, I came along with her.)

“Thank goodness, I thought you didn’t like me.”

“No, that’s not true.”

“Really? But you don’t talk to me at all at school.”

“Well, that’s…”

In fact, she often speaks to me at school, but I rarely speak to her myself, so maybe that’s what she thought.

“I rarely talk myself…”

“Then, I’m going to talk to you more and more! Okay?”

“W-well, within the bounds of common sense.”

“Okay! I understand! Within the bounds of common sense!”

Here, I had forgotten one thing. She and I have different ideas of what common sense is…

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