One week ago–.

I had my first conversation with Kurokawa san.

It all started when the koala woman overslept and mistakenly sent a message to me that she was supposed to send to Kurokawa san.

[I’m sorry, Rena. I just woke up.]

First of all, there is a complicated reason why I know the koala woman’s LINE, but let’s put that aside for the moment.

More importantly, I was cycling to the library when I saw this message.

Then, taken aback, I braked hard.

I was surprised mainly by the time it was sent.

10:41 AM.

Hey, hey, hey.

Her part-time shift starts at 10:00 AM.


The koala woman is slow in getting ready.

Because–she’s not afraid to fall asleep twice.


As to how I know all this, there’s another complicated situation.


Right now, Master and Uchida san must be in trouble.

I subconsciously change direction.

And then I hurried to my part-time job.

When I arrived, the hall was already in chaos.

And in the middle of the chaos, Master and Uchida san, with vacant eyes, began to worship me as soon as they saw my face, which was not originally on my shift.

“Kashiwada kun, why……?”

“Koa…….not that. I had a feeling that Umi san would not come, so…….”

“Huh, are you some kind of a seer or something? Or….are you in personal contact with Umi?”

“No……I just had a feeling.”

I can’t say.

I can’t tell Master, who dotes his niece, the koala woman, that I’m exchanging LINE with her…..

I can’t say that I noticed it because she misdirected a message to me that she was supposed to be sending to her friend.

[Hohon? Kashiwada kun, are you so close to Umi that you frequently contact her? Okay, Kashiwada kun, you’re fired–]

I’m sure he’ll say something like that.

I don’t want to get fired from the part-time job I’ve just gotten used to because of that.

Besides, I need money.

The hourly wage is good here (thanks to the koala woman, I’m sorry to say).

I don’t want to get fired…….

As I was trembling inside, Uchida san, a part-timer, grabbed both my hands with teary eyes.

“Master, that doesn’t matter, does it? To me……Kashiwada kun looks like a savior.”

“Y-you’re right. Then, Kashiwada kun, until Umi comes, no……can you handle it until the end of lunch?”

“Yes !”

“Thank you !”

And before I turned into an industrial robot, I called out to Kurokawa san, who was sitting by the window.

Even though I was already in a state of numbness, for some reason, Kurokawa san–everytime I remembered that time, I smiled gently.

[You know〜. At that time, you said with great vigor, [I won’t be here for another two hours. Are you okay? Isn’t it hard to wait?] like that…..Kashiwada kun, you were like my father, you know?]

Her first impression of me was that I was like her father…….


If there is a hole somewhere, I want to put my head there for three days.

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