The empty lecture room. Sitting to my right was the girl in the landmine-type fashion that I had a row with yesterday.

I thought she hated me completely, but she was sitting next to me as if yesterday had never happened, and she even knew my name.

“How does Sakimiya-san know my name ……?”

When I asked her that, Sakimiya-san held out a smartphone with a pink notebook-type cover.


The official bulletin board of the university was displayed on the screen.

“This is for self-introductions!”


I see.

Sakimiya-san knew my name from this?

“I vaguely remembered seeing Kazakiri-kun in the seminar, so …… after borrowing an umbrella yesterday, I saw this bulletin board and recognized him.”

“I see.”

During the seminar, Sakimiya san didn’t seem to look around…but surprisingly, she did.

Then she know that I was alone in the seminar, right?
“Kazakiri-kun, why did you say my name back then?”

“Yeah. I also found out Sakimiya san’s name from the self-introduction on this forum. I remember thinking, Karen is a good name.”

“Hee, …….”

Sakimiya san smiles slightly when she hears this.

W-What’s wrong ……?

I don’t think I should have mentioned the name too much?

“S-Sakimiya san,……?”

“I have one question.”


“How did you know that the “Sakimiya Karen” on the message board was me?”


I have never talked to Sakimiya-san before, but I identified her as “Sakimiya Karen” just because of her fashion.

But from Sakimiya-san’s point of view, a complete stranger knew her name, which is certainly creepy when you think about it!

She’s a girl, so she’s sensitive to that kind of thing.

“I-I’m sorry! It’s simply that the way you look, or the characteristics of your atmosphere, matched your self-introduction on the bulletin board…..”

As I was frantically trying to explain, Sakimiya-san looked at me with a straight face.

It’s a straight face that looks as if it might press the 110 number at any moment, and it’s more scary than cute.

Oh no, oh no, oh no. She was definitely scared of me!

“C-creepy right, haha. To be honest, Sakimiya-san is cute and stands out, so I’ve been watching her since the seminar. Sorry about that.”


“Uh, Sakimiya-san?”

“Kazakiri-kun doesn’t need to apologize at all, Fufu, rather—”

Sakimiya san was about to say something, but suddenly stopped speaking.

Huh? Sakimiya-san, aren’t you angry…?

I mean, what was she about to say?

“What’s more, why don’t we introduce ourselves again now? I want to know more about you.”

Sakimiya san smiles, showing her white teeth.

I got the impression that Sakimiya-san yesterday was more wary of me, but today Sakimiya-san is the exact opposite.

And she wants to know more about me…I never expected a girl to say something like that to me, which makes me so happy.

(I can’t believe she’s so open to me just because I lent her my umbrella. ……I guess she was really happy that she made it in time for her errands.)

Sakimiya-san slowly begins to introduce herself.

“I am Sakimiya Karen. I was born and raised in Tokyo, but I live alone in an apartment near this university.”

Even though she’s from Tokyo, she goes out of her way to live alone…it looks like her parents are loaded

Well, I didn’t think she was from the countryside very much from her flashy type fashion and expensive looking items,…….

“As I mentioned in my introduction, I love all things pink. By nature, I have to surround myself with things that are pretty and that I like. …… I’ve been spinning my wheels because of it.”

Sakimiya-san’s face clouded a little, but she pointed her palm in my direction as if to say, “I’m done introducing myself.”

So it’s my turn.

“I-I’m Kazakiri Yuya. I’m from Tochigi, and like Sakimiya-san, I live alone in an apartment near my university. As you can see, I’m not a good-looking guy, I’m not good at sports or studying, and I can’t make friends, but …….nice to meet you”

After I introduced myself, Sakimiya-san gave me a small clap of her hands.

Damn, you’re so cute …….

“You’re not a bad person, Kazakiri-kun. Me too, I don’t have any friends, and besides–“


“No one ever complimented me on my pink hair or this outfit, but Kazakiri-kun said …… that I was cute, and even lent me his umbrella to protect me.”

Sakimiya-san said while touching her long, silky, pink hair.

“I’ve never met anyone like that before.”

I can’t believe she’s so happy that I said she was cute back then.

Despite her crazy looks, Sakimiya-san is usually very kind to me and her voice is crystal clear.

At first, her personality and such seemed like a minefield itself because of her minefield fashion, but maybe she is simply a girl who likes pretty pink things.

She’s probably just too obsessed with cute things, but essentially she’s a normal girl.

That’s why I–

“S-Sakimiya san!”

I’ve already decided. What I’m going to do is not to live a solitary campus life.

I’m going to be with Sakimiya-san.

“Will you be my friend?”

It was almost like a confession.

It was embarrassing and I feel like my face is about to burst into flames at any moment.

But …… now I am invincible.

I’m not sure how much I’m going to be humiliated now after being humiliated so much yesterday.

(Sakimiya san reaction ……?)

“……y, yes.”

Sakimiya-san smiled softly.

“I look forward to seeing you for a long time, too.”

(T-thank goodness! ……!)

And so, I finally made my first friend in college. She was a very cute girl.

She is a little bit strange with her pink hair and landmine fashion, but she is a kind girl inside, so I think she will be fine.

(If Sakimiya-san had said “no” to me at this point, I would have dropped out of school, depressed.)

“Kazakiri-kun. Since we’ve become friends, if it’s okay–“

“Ah! Shiny hair kun!”

The one who nimbly tottered up to me was Hinata san, the girl who pointed out my hair yesterday.

She was dressed boyishly today in a jacket and slacks over a light sweater, and with the exception of her voice and accessories, she didn’t look like a girl.

“Don’t call my hair shiny. I just want to forget about yesterday.”

“Eeeh? Is that why you didn’t wax your hair today?”

Hinata hits a sore spot.

I was so desperate after what happened yesterday that I didn’t wax today.

“Then I’ll teach you how to wax your hair afterwards!”

“No, thanks. I didn’t bring my own wax.”

“You can borrow mine.”

“I told you it’s okay.”

“Hey, Kazakiri-kun. Who’s the girl?”

While we were talking, Sakimiya-san pulled on my clothes and asked me.

“What kind of relationship do you have with this girl? Is she a friend? Girlfriend?”

Oh, Sakimiya-san is back to her straight face again. ……?

She was talking very fast and acting strangely.

If only she’d shown the soft smile she had just now,……, well, that’s okay.

“She’s Hinata, from the same seminar.”

“Ah, the pink-haired girl who was in the seat in front of me yesterday!”


Sakimiya san’s cute, round eyes suddenly changed to a calm look.

There’s something strange about it…

The atmosphere was different from Sakimiya-san’s before.

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