I returned to my apartment soaking wet from the rain and immediately went to take a bath.

My hair was stiff with wax, and it was difficult to fix it even after washing.

However, I tried conditioner and then shampoo, and it happened to work.

(I really don’t know anything, do I?)

I got out of the bath with a feeling of sentimentality and somehow forgot about what had happened earlier.

(I can’t even be bothered to dry my hair anymore. I don’t even feel like eating lunch. ……)

I put on a T-shirt that was hanging on the indoor drying pole, put on some proper half pants, and threw myself on the bed.

Originally, there were so many things I would have liked to do as a college student.

A summer vacation of life, a moratorium.

It would be a loss if I did not enjoy my four years of college, so they say.

I wanted to go to parties with other universities, sing karaoke while making a fool of myself, join clubs, skip lectures, etc. Everything I wanted to do.

But all of these things I wanted to do had the prerequisite of “having friends”.

And yet, today, I was spinning my wheels on my own, categorizing my group of friends as either “cheerful” or “shady,” and avoiding the “shady” group, with whom I am more comfortable talking to.

It’s no wonder I can’t make friends.

Waiting around for people to talk to you is a self-destructive act.

Besides, I’m……

[Let me go!]

I’ve become a meddlesome pervert who tries to force girls to lend my umbrella.

And that girl was a girl in …… landmine fashion.

(But you know, if lending her my umbrella helped Sakimiya-san get to her meeting on time, then I think it was worth the embarrassment.)

Sakimiya-san was hobbled in the seminar because of her unusual appearance, but when I saw her …… up close, she was a pretty girl with pink hair that looked very nice on her.

At least none of the local girls were that pretty, and I had never seen a girl with pink hair before. Also, a girl with big boobs.

Hinata, who approached me in the same seminar, and the other girls in the cheerful girls’ group were cute, too.

I couldn’t help but envy the cheerful boys in the seminar who could get close to these girls.

While I was lying in bed like this, they were probably having a fun dinner party.

“…… Let’s not think about it any more.”

I wrapped myself in the bedclothes and closed my eyes, even though it was still early afternoon.


–The next morning.

I woke up earlier than usual because I went to bed early, and quickly got ready for the morning.

My backpack is soaking wet from yesterday’s incident, so I hang it outside and transfer its contents to my black campus tote.

I quickly put my bread in a glass of milk before leaving the house for my first class, which starts at 9:30 in the morning.

The air was clean and the usually crowded Building 3 was quiet as if I was the only one there.

Few people take the first period lecture.

I guess university students are nocturnal.

Thinking about this, I step into the spacious lecture hall, now that I’m all alone after yesterday’s incident.

“No one is there yet. ……”

I sat down in the middle of the room, neither in front nor behind, with a clear view of the blackboard, and played with my phone.

I had decided on one thing.

I’m going to spend my free time playing social games and enjoying my future life on campus as a lazy kid.

I don’t need friends or a girlfriend.

From now on, I’m going to live my life according to my own level. —-

I heard footsteps coming from the entrance of the lecture room.

It seems that students other than myself had finally arrived.

clack, clack, clack, clack, clack, clack.

I haven’t played social games since I graduated from high school.

After deciding to make my college debut, I had already quit my nerdy hobbies.

(But I never thought I’d be back here.)

Knick-knack, knick-knack, knick-knack – pitter-patter.

“…… hmm?”

The footsteps I had heard in the distance earlier stopped right next to me.

I slowly turn to my right–there it is.

A landmine-type fashion with white frills swaying on a pink background.

Unlike yesterday’s jumper skirt, it’s a simple black miniskirt.

The smell of perfume that is sweet but makes you want to keep smelling it.


A large lecture room that can seat over 100 people.

The only seats available are empty and you can choose as many seats as you want, but for some reason Sakimiya-san sat right next to …… me.


“Sa, Sakimiya, san?”

“……Thanks for yesterday, Kazakiri-kun.”


What a sudden development!

It’s dangerous! It’s dangerous! Sakimiya-san came to sit next to me, started talking to me all of a sudden, and even called me by my name… Huh?

That’s strange.

How did she know my name?

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3 months ago

The real question is how did you know her name…

8 days ago

The same as how you know hers