“Rain, huh?”

It is June.

It’s like this every day during the rainy season.

It’s a beautiful day in the morning, but after school, it starts raining as if it’s telling me not to come home from school.

If someone told me to at least check the weather forecast, they would be right, but I often forget to bring an umbrella because it’s so much luggage.

I stare resentfully at the black sky.

But the rain shows no sign of stopping.

There must have been a lot of students like me, and there were no umbrellas or rental umbrellas for the staff.

Well, I had two choices: wait a while or go home soaking wet.

I had the option of returning to the classroom once, but I decided to wait in front of the shoe box, thinking I would leave at once when it started raining lightly.

Then I saw a female student walking slowly from in front of me.

Quietly, my eyes were drawn to her graceful limbs as she gracefully emerged from the depths of the corridor.

“Kayamori …… Chifuyu.”

I don’t think there’s anyone at this school who doesn’t know about her, her reddish-brown hair flowing, her back straight, and her long legs pointing towards me.

She has large, prominent eyes, a beautiful bridge of the nose, and a beautiful mouth.

Needless to say, she is beautiful and has a great style.

And she is the most brilliant student in the school, so it is no wonder that she is so popular.

Since our houses are in the same neighborhood, I have only met and greeted her by chance a few times in the morning and on my way home, but I found myself a little attracted to her because she always said “Hi” back to me in a friendly manner.

But this is surprisingly the first time I’ve seen her at school.

Being one grade level apart, it is rare for us to pass each other.

Well, it would be nice if I could at least say hello to her.

“Thanks for the hard work……”

“Thanks for the hard work. The rain is terrible.”

I thought we would exchange greetings and that would be the end of it, but to my surprise, she expanded the conversation.

I hurriedly continued the conversation.

“Y-yes. I’m having trouble finding an umbrella.”

“I see. Unfortunately, I only have one umbrella. I’m sorry.”

When I told her that, she opened one of the black umbrellas that were on her bag, facing to the side, and opened it.

“Good bye, then. I hope the rain stops.”

With these words, she went ahead of me.

If only.

I’m not saying that I didn’t think about the possibility of miraculously sharing an umbrella with that Kayamori senpai.

But reality is not so sweet.

Well, I have heard this story.

Kayamori Chifuyu is a sociable girl, but she never accepts invitations from any man.

She is a sociable person, but at heart, she hates men.

There is no way such a person would let a junior boy, whose name she probably doesn’t even know well, under her umbrella.

The rain was getting heavier again.

It showed no sign of stopping, and the sky was getting darker and darker.

I should go home.

I’m sure it won’t be a problem if I take a shower as soon as I get back home.

“….. Okay.”

As I ran out of the school building, I felt the strong rain hitting my body.

The rain continues to pour down so hard that I soon get soaked all over, and I don’t even care that I’m getting wet.

The rain suddenly lessens as I run along for a while, my strength sapped by the weight of my uniform.

This was quite a nuisance as I was about to arrive home.

“I’m soaking wet, …….”

My uniform is sticking to my body and I feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, I can’t make a stop anywhere with this.

I’d better get an umbrella.

I headed home with these reflections in mind.

After walking for a while longer, I turn a corner and find a small apartment.

It is an old two-story building.

I live alone in room 203 on the second floor.

It is far enough away from my parents’ house that I can commute there by train in about an hour.

It has been three months since I was allowed to live alone at my parents’ request.

At first I struggled with cooking and managing living expenses, but once I got used to it, living a free and carefree life in poverty was not so bad.

I also thought it would be fun if I could get a girlfriend.

Every day, I go back and forth from home to school, thinking about such things.

As I was hurrying home, thinking that I would finally be done with this discomfort, I heard a voice saying,


I saw a black umbrella in the distance.

I couldn’t see the figure because it was half covered by a large umbrella, but I thought it was probably Kayamori-senpai.

For some reason, I had a hunch that it was her, and I slowed down my steps.

Somehow, I felt awkward catching up with a senior I had just met at school.

I didn’t want her to think that I was chasing after her or something.

Of course, it was just a coincidence.

I didn’t want people to think I was a stalker or something.

I felt like I was stranded, even though my house was almost in sight.

As I was shivering in the cold wind after the rain, a strange middle-aged man came out of the alley next to me.

A middle-aged stranger appears and walks right behind her.

Was he just passing by?

But it was somehow strange.

It was raining, but he didn’t have an umbrella, and he was walking very close to her in spite of the fact that the street was empty.

I kept my eyes on the man who was moving suspiciously, and eventually he turned the corner just as the senior turned the corner.

I have a bad feeling again.

I hurry to make a short run and turn the corner, taking in the light rain.


“P-Please let me go.”

“Hehe, she’s nice. Lucky.”

Kayamori-senpai was being held by a man by the arm.

The man was desperately pulling on her arm with his back to me.

Behind him lay an open black umbrella.

“I-I’m going to scream,”

“I don’t care, I’m going to get caught anyway. I’m going to get the last good one.”


On the other side was a residential area, but this alley was deserted, with only a park and empty houses.

No one could hear her.

But I heard her cry.


I’ll do it, huh?

I crept closer, but the man was so absorbed in senpai that he didn’t notice me.

My hand reached for the black umbrella.

“Hey, let me touch it.”



I closed the umbrella and swung it at the guy’s head with all my might.


The umbrella was surprisingly heavy, and when it swung through the man’s head, his large body was blown away and he fell into a puddle of water.

“Ah ……”

“Senpai, are you all right? You need to get out of here.”

“Uh, uh…”

“Just go!”

My swing, which was only the extent of my baseball game in elementary school, was not powerful enough to knock the man unconscious.

I saw the man trying to get up and I tried to let her go.

But perhaps because of her fear, she didn’t move a step from that spot.

“….. come here, come here.”

I had no choice but to pull her hand and run away together toward the main street.

I can’t run well because of my poor footing.


“Hey, wait!”

A man stood up and came running toward us.

With one person in tow, and soaking wet, of course he would soon catch up with us.

Just before we reached the main street, he caught us.

“I got you, kid!”

He pulled me by the neck and pushed me down.


“You’re in my way. I’ll kill a kid like you.”

The guy gets on his horse and grabs me by the neck.


I can feel that he really wants to kill me.

I desperately try to move my hand away, but the force that comes to squeeze me with all its might is strong.

I prepared for death as I struggled.

I never thought I would be killed by a pervert in a place like this.

If I had an umbrella ……, this would not have happened.

Next time I’m reborn, I’ll make sure I have an umbrella …….



Just as I was about to jump to consciousness, the man in front of me was blown away.

And then, Kayamori-senpai’s figure appeared from behind him.

I was so suprised that I rushed over to her.

“A-are you all right!”

“Geho…..I-I’m fin. But more importantly, who is the culprit?”

“Hey, what are you doing there?”

A couple of adults came toward us from the main street.

Some of them seized the man who was trying to get up, and we, who were soaking wet, were taken into custody by the police officers who came afterwards.

We decided to head to the police station.

The person who attacked senpai was a habitual stalker and a street thief, and he had many other crimes and would not be able to come out for a while.

I and Senpai were sent back to the police station to change our clothes, and then we were called back to the police station to explain the circumstances of the incident.

Well, they dismissed the question of hitting him with an umbrella and he only had an abrasion injury and was released as soon as they finished questioning him.

Senpai was still being questioned in another room, probably because she was the direct victim.

I was sent home first in a police car.

It was still raining hard.

“Hey, hero. Sounds like you had a rough day.”

The next day, as soon as I got to school, my friend came to me to check up on me.

“Don’t call me a hero. I was just passing by.”

“But you caught that serial killer, didn’t you? You’re the talk of the town.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I had my umbrella.”


“This one. Well, I have it with me today.”

It was sunny from this morning.

But it’s the time of year when the weather is changeable, and besides, I was bothered by umbrellas yesterday, and umbrellas saved my life.

I bought an umbrella when I bought breakfast, which was probably a wise choice based on yesterday’s reflection.

I thought to myself, “Now I’ll be safe no matter when it rains,” and as I looked up at the cloudless sky, the classroom became noisier and noisier.

“H-Hey that’s!”

“No way, that’s Kayamori-senpai, isn’t it?”

When I looked back towards the classroom to see what all the commotion was about, I saw a beautiful female student standing at the entrance with her hands folded in front of her.

Kayamori senpai

Yesterday, after all that happened, she still came to school today.

“…… Ah.”

She looked around the classroom as if she was looking for someone.

When I met her eyes, she rolled her big, slanted eyes, then I let out a slightly stupid voice and she walked over.


“I’m so glad to finally meet you.”

Despite my surprise, she walks up to me, smiling a little happily.

When she came to my seat, she bowed her head deeply.

“Thank you for yesterday. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“Oh, no, no, you came all the way here to say that? uum, I’m just glad you’re all right.”

The popular senior suddenly came to a classroom of underclassmen, and everyone was perplexed.

I, of course, didn’t know what to do.

“Umm, please look up. It was just a coincidence.”

“I-I know, but please do something to thank me. But let me give you something in return.”


Well, it may have been an accident, but it doesn’t change the fact that I saved her yesterday.

I know she wants to thank me, but it’s not like I did it because I wanted something in return.

I’m at a loss.

“Well, I don’t.”

“I don’t think so. Please let me do something.”

“…… Then, what you think, Kayamori-senpai, is fine.”

That feeling is enough for me.

I said yes, thinking that juice, sweets, whatever would be fine.

“what I think ……”

“Yes, anything is fine with me.”

“Then a child ……”

“A child?”

“No, no, I’ll think about it. See you later.”

After bowing deeply once more, Kayamori-senpai quietly leaves the classroom.

Everyone was intoxicated by the sweet scent that lingered in the place she was and the path she had taken, and the homeroom teacher came to the classroom, which was quiet as if in a lingering state of shock, and soon the class began as if nothing had happened.

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