Sada Kento

The main character. He is abused by many girls.

He is good at sports but not good at studying.

He is not a masochist. He is rather a sadist.

He is a bit out of his element and has a lot of assumptions, such as when he unilaterally breaks up with Maki without asking her why she is abusing him.

He is also a siscon.

Sudo Maki

Heroine No. 1, Kento’s childhood friend and ex-girlfriend.

The moment she gets together with Kento, she changes into a tyrant childhood friend and repeatedly abuses him. However, the truth is that she is just a kind-hearted girl who abuses him because she has no choice but to do so in order to become his ideal girlfriend.

She is very, very kind.

She is a bit of a Yandere after being dumped by Kento.

Sada Hikari

Kento’s younger sister.

She may or may not be a heroine.

She is a little slow girl.

She is around the age when she wants to act like an adult.

She is a brocon.

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