“The train will arrive shortly. Please wait inside the yellow line.”

As I was fighting with Shiina, an announcement was made that a train was arriving at the platform.
This is an opportunity. As soon as the train arrives, I will get rid of Chiba and get on the train while she is somewhere else.
This is the only way to escape.
First, I had to get Shiina to go somewhere.

“I’m feeling like I need a drink of water, so can you go get me one?”

I say softly to Shiina, who is still clutching my arm.

“Eeeh~, why don’t you just go one later~?”
“I really need a drink of water right now.”
“You have that drink in your hand that I just gave you.”
“I forgot all about it.”

I looked at the small bottle in my hand.

“I’m sure you said it was a nutritional drink, —-! Isn’t that a dozen!”

I exclaimed as I looked at the label.

“I was wondering if this nutritional drink would give you more energy?”

Shiina tilted her head.

“This one doesn’t give me energy, it just gives me more energy!”
“Is that so? But that’s fine. You can use that energy on me.”
“I won’t, you idiot!”

Saying that, I gave back the “Tremendous Juice” to Shiina.

Who would drink “Tremendous Juice” in the morning? I can understand if it’s something like LipovitanⅮ.
I was annoyed and clicked my tongue.

“Do you really want a glass of water?”

Shiina tilts her head with an upward glance.

“Yes, that’s right. I really want a glass of water.”
“Then, ………….”

She held her crotch over her skirt and turned her inner thighs to the side.

“Do you want some of my water ………?”

Shiina, holding her lips with her other hand, huffs and puffs and breathes hard.

“No, I’m not going to drink it, okay? That’s not water, right?”

I answered immediately.

“Can’t you drink my holy water?”
“What holy water?”
“Would you have preferred a kiss and saliva exchange?”

I’m not gonna say it. I wouldn’t be having this conversation if I liked it.

“I’d rather have bottled water.”
“Bottled water. …………, right? Is it sold in the vending machine here?”

She puts her hand on her chin and looks up.
This is the way to go to buy it, isn’t it? Let’s continue to lead her along.

“Water is sold in every vending machine, though, right? Will you go buy it for me?”
“I’d go buy it for you~, but the train will be here soon, so you’ll have to wait for the next one, okay?”

She pulls my arm and shakes her ass.

“Yes, I’ll wait for you.”
“Really? Are you sure you won’t go?”
“I’m not going, so you can go. I’m dying of thirst.”
“Okay. I’ll get you something, and we’ll take the next train, okay? Wait for me until then, okay?”
“Yeah, yeah, okay, I’ll wait for you~.”
“Good! I’m off, Saku-kun~”

Shiina waved her hand and disappeared into the crowd.

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1 year ago

The irony is if he ever attempted to go along with making her delusions real she would get terrified and run away from him.