After being shown a shocking scene in the student council chambers.

“Well, I’m going to ask you to start the full-scale practical work tomorrow. So you can go home today.”

Master said

“I understand. Umm…… does master still stay behind?”

Somehow I got the feeling that there might be something going on after we left, so I asked him.

“Yes, he is. Sakurai kun. Yuto kun, you will be punished later.”

I felt like I shouldn’t ask for details. ……

The three of us left the student council room without saying a word.

And then

with a clank…

And then we heard the sound of the student council room being locked behind us. ……

Then I went home and started up the computer in my room.

[Raijin Online.]

I started playing an online game that I have been playing since I was a junior high school student.

It’s called “Raijin Online,” or “Raion”

It’s a huge MMORPG with over a million registered users.

My handle is “✝︎Kirito✝︎” and I’ve always been made fun of for it.

I don’t think anyone would use their real name as a nickname, but in my case, my real name was the safest thing I could use.

Thanks to that jet-black double swordsman.

When I logged into Raion, I got a chat from my best friend who was probably waiting for me.

“Hey, Brother! I see you’ve logged in. I’ve been waiting for you!”
“Sorry to keep you waiting, Star! You logged in already!”

My good friend, whose handle is ‘Shooting Star,’ flew in for a private chat.

He’s been my buddy since I started this Raion.

We’ve been calling each other ‘Brother’ and ‘Star’

For more than three years. We have done many quests together for more than three years, and he is my precious online best friend.

We’ve talked a lot and I know he’s the same age as me.

“We were talking about doing a new quest today that came out yesterday, right? Shall we get right to it?'”

After I chat that

“No, Brother. I need to talk to you about something today. ……”

Star replied.

Me and Star are on a quest together, but we are also best friends on the level of discussing real life issues like this.
To be honest, there was a time when we even talked about things with Rinne. ……

“I want to be a boyfriend with a girl I grew up with who thinks we’re good friends……”
I told him.

“A girl I’ve known since childhood who you’re close to! go Explode!”
I remember the exchange.

“I’m happy to talk to you or …… about anything I can do to help!”

What a reply!

“I told you that I’m a shady character in real life, didn’t I ……?”
“Well, yeah. But isn’t it normal to have a different personality online and in real life?”

Then, “Hmm?” Then came the reply.

“I was in school today, and we had to decide who would be on the school committee. I was asked to be a member of the class committee by a girl who is the ultimate in cheerful. ……”
“Eh ……”

A scene I had seen somewhere came to mind.

“At first I was going to say no, but the girl ……, her brother to be exact, seems to be connected to my brother, and since he knows my taste, she quoted me an apple card.”

Oh, come on, …… seriously? ….

“H-Heeee …… so star couldn’t say no.”
“That’s right. If someone said to you, ‘I’ll buy you a card every month for any amount you want,’ you couldn’t say no, could you? How could I say no?”

I think it’s already been confirmed. ……

[Shooting Star]
[Nagare Boshi]

T-That’s as real a name as mine!

“So, I need to talk to Brother.”

“What should I do? I’ll be honest with you. I’m not good at public speaking. But I don’t want to bother my other classmates, and if I don’t take it seriously, I feel it would be rude to the girl who nominated me.
It’s a role I’ve been given. I’m going to give it my all, but I can’t change my personality so quickly …… I managed to get through today, but I don’t think it’s going to work out forever ……'”
“Yeah, but your writing on the blackboard was so beautiful, wasn’t it?”

What a way to skip the reply.

“What? How did Brother know about my writing?”

What a word back to me.

Damn! I know who I’m talking to, but he doesn’t even know it yet!

“Somehow! Somehow! Hahahaa!”
“…..? Well, okay.”

I think I managed to fake it!

“Star! I’m just trying to answer your question. Can I give you my opinion?”
“Sure! That’s what my best friend says!”

I tell him my answer.

“How about we divide up the roles?”
“Divide and conquer?”

Yes, this is exactly what I was told in the student council office.
You don’t have to do everything by yourself. The right person in the right place. You can do your best in the position where you can show your strength.

“You can leave the public speaking to the girl who became your partner. She must be good at it.”

“And you can support her behind the scenes. You can write in the class journal or act as secretary. And if you can stop her from running off on a tangent, that might be perfect.”
“I see. I’m good at writing things down! I’ll be right behind her to support her!”

Good. It seems I was able to help him.

“Thank you, Brother! I knew I could count on you!”
“Hahaha. I’m glad I could help”

After saying that, I continued with one more thing.
“I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in real life tomorrow, Star!”

I looked at my watch.

“It’s about time, let’s do the new quests that were released yesterday!”

“I was about to send out a chat.”

My phone told me it had received a message.

“………… what? Who is it? Kitajima-san?”

What a surprise, I thought, when I checked my messages.

“Kirito!!!! I need to talk to you! Come outside!!!!”

I received a message from Rinne.

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1 year ago

No! Theres nothing more to be said! We’re “friends” thats it!