“I nominate Hoshinagare kun for the boy’s class committee member!”

At Kirisaki-san’s words, Hoshi kun, who was the only one not shaking his body, jerked up.

I could see from my sneak peek that he was playing a smartphone game under his desk, so I was sure he hadn’t heard anything about what was going on in the classroom.

“Hoshi kun! Let’s be a class committee member with me!!!”

Hoshi kun shouted in a panic at the sudden turn of events.

“Eh, w-w-why ……”

Kirisaki-san smiles at him.

“I think your brother has made a ‘request’ to my Onii.”
“Ah, Akira nii san?”

Kirisaki san shakes her head at the sound of his voice.

“[My little brother is starting high school this year, and I’m worried about him being shy. Can you do something about it?] Your brother said so!”

Bish! Kirisaki-san pointed at Hoshi kun

“Your brother asked me! Let’s be a class committee member together!”
“No, no. ……”

Of course not. ……

No, I’ve heard the story, but I think it’s a bit too forced ……

But it seems that this development was expected even from Kirisaki-san’s point of view, and she didn’t seem to be particularly bothered by it.

“Fufu, I knew you’d be like that, Hoshi kun, okay?”
“…. Eh? Well, then, let’s give the others a …….”

To that kind of Hoshi kun, Kirisaki-san shows the “apple card”.

“An additional message from your brother, you know? [Nagare. If you do your best as a class committee member, I’ll buy you one of these cards every month for any amount you want.]”
“I’ll do it!”

Hoshi kun immediately replies. It’s not cash, but it’s cash. ……

“Kirisaki, don’t bribe in front of the teacher. Well, let’s pretend we didn’t see it this one time.”

After such an exchange with the teacher, Kirisaki san and Hoshi kun stood in front of the podium.

“I’m Kirisaki Shizuku, and I’m going to be a member of the class council. I will do my best, so please take care of me!”

Kirisaki san said and bowed her head vigorously.

“I’m Hoshinagare,……, and I’ll do my best so that I won’t cause trouble for you all.”

Hoshi kun also bowed her head.

He is shy, but he has a sense of responsibility.

I got that impression.

“Okay, I’m going to go ahead and decide who each committee member will be! I will be the chairperson! Hoshi kun, can you be the secretary?”
“Yeah. I’m good at that.”

He replies a little relieved, and writes on the blackboard the committee members that have been decided first.

[Class committee members.]

Hoshinagare . Kirisaki Shizuku.

His handwriting is so beautiful!

His classmates gasped a little at his surprisingly beautiful handwriting.

“Very beautiful handwriting”
“Yes, it is. I was surprised too.”

After talking like that, I ask Kitajima-san.

“Are you going to join any committees, Kitajima-san?”

She shakes her head at that question.

“No, I won’t. I’m going to join the student council. Besides, I have another reason.”
“Another reason?”

When I said that, Kitajima-san whispered in my ear.

“I don’t want to be paired with a man other than you.”

Committee members are basically male-female pairs.

If she is going to be a member of any committee, she will be paired with “some other guy besides me,” since I will not be a member of any committee. That means.

Yeah. I can’t accept that.

Why didn’t I notice this?
I was too careless.

I reply in Kitajima-san’s ear.

“Kitajima-san, you’re not allowed to be a member of the committee. You’re going to pair up with a guy other than me? I’ll never allow you to do that.”

At these words, she blushed and gave a small shake of her head.

Okay, that’s a relief, I guess

“Hey, there, [next batch of Idiot Couple]!” (Bakaple.. You know what I mean)


Kirisaki-san’s cold voice makes me and Kitajima-san’s bodies tremble.

“I’m not saying don’t make out okay? But, I want you to choose the right time, place, and occasion.”
“I’m sorry . I’m sorry …….”

She and I bowed our heads, feeling sorry for Kirisaki-san.

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