A week has passed since then. Today I am a little nervous. Not because of my boss, who always puts the blame on me, and not because of my junior staff, who is always complaining about quitting.

Yes, that’s right. Today is the day I go to the company where the three Kirie sisters work. So I used my paid vacation. So even though it’s a weekday, I’m not at work. I wonder why my boss is so angry with me. If I use the paid vacations I’ve accumulated so far, I can take more time off than I did during my summer vacation in high school.

Well, I’m planning to retire sooner or later, so I don’t really care.

Thinking about such a really unimportant thing, I looked at the message with the address written on it.

“Is it here …….”

I enter a business building where highly conscious people seem to work, and I am standing at an automatic door with the word “reganda” written on it. But the door is not moving. So I decided to wait for a while. Then two familiar faces came from inside and pushed the button.

“Yu-ni-chan! Good morning!”
“Yuu…… I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”
“Good morning.”

Arisa is wearing a black dress with frills and Sera wearing shorts and a white shirt.

The atmosphere is different, but one thing can be said.

They are very beautiful.

I used to get the impression that they were cute, but I never thought they would change so much. ……

When we were talking at the cafe, I was a bit surprised and didn’t have time or room to take a good look at these two.

But seeing them like this, I couldn’t help but be enchanted.

Arisa, with her soft flaxen hair scraped back and her red eyes catching mine, and Sera, with her short blonde hair swinging slightly and her emerald eyes gazing at me.

The sweet and sour smell stimulates my nose, and her huge breasts start to sway.

“Yu, I’m sorry I made you wait.”
“No. I just got here. Don’t worry about it.”
“This place is fingerprinted, so you can’t get in unless you’re with us.”
“I-I see?”
“Yes! Arisa nee is right, the only people who can enter here are Ai nee, Arisa nee, and me!”
“I’m not sure if I can come in,…… I feel like I’m interrupting the private space for just the three of you.”

I say a little apologetically and they both lift the corners of their mouths slightly. Then Sera gives me a look that seems to suck me in and opens her mouth.

“Yuu ni-chan.”
“Yuu ni-chan is special, so let’s register your fingerprints.”

Sera’s words left me slightly puzzled, and Arisa added her own words.

“Yeah. It is impossible that Yu can’t pass through here.”

I inhale and exhale deeply as I feel like I’m about to be swallowed up by the mysterious atmosphere.

W-well, I guess it doesn’t matter if I do something as simple as registering my …… fingerprints separately.

“Ah …… fine.”

Hearing my reply, the two of them exhaled colorfully and smiled with satisfaction. The two of them were so happy to see me, I couldn’t help but think of the onigiri I had crushed the other day.


“Hee,…… really beautiful.”

As a company that sells clothes, they put a lot of thought into the interior design. There are posters showing Sera, one of Reganda’s exclusive models, wearing cute clothes, various plants, and expensive-looking office furniture.
It is a completely different world from my office, which is full of gray.
Incidentally, today Ai nee is out of the office. So there are only three of us here.
I was led to what looked like a break area and sat down on a sofa that looked brand new. Three of the sofas were of the same model, but three of them had some signs of use, while the other one looked brand new.

“I’m going to go make some coffee.”
“Ah, yeah.”

Arisa said so and headed for the hot water supply room.
I felt a little awkward being alone with Sera, so I looked away. But Sera kept looking at me.

“Hey, Yuu ni chan.”
“Are you seeing anyone right now?”
“W-what do you mean?”
“I want to know more about you.”
“……I don’t have anyone like that”

I was confused when she suddenly asked me about my love life, but we hadn’t met in a while, so it was a little straightforward, but I guess that’s the way it goes.

“How about you, Sera chan? You’re so cute and numerous, aren’t you?”

Sera, who is asked by me, suddenly looks away with a dark face. Then, she opened her mouth with the expression she used to show when she remembered that criminal in the past.

“There is no such person.”
“Sera chan…..”

After all, you still care about that time. Sad unforgettable memories are sometimes traumatic and often cause flashbacks. So I talked to her to reassure her.

“You’re great.”
“You’ve been through a lot of hard times, but you’ve become such a wonderful …… person, and I feel like you’ve gone far away, and I’m sad, but I’m happy.”
“!!!!If you say that to me in a place like this,……”

I may be wrong. You may think, “What a creep”. But after seeing that expression on her face, I can’t help but say it.
Sera suddenly jerked her body around and stood up.
And then she jumped into me.

“Yuu niichan!!!!!”

“Sera chan?!”
“Yuu niichan Yuu niichan Yuu niichan ……”

Seeing Sera being so sweet to me as she used to be, I realized that even though she is so beautiful and pretty, Sera is still Sera.

Even though she has become so beautiful and pretty, Sera is still Sera. But I drew a line, put up a wall, and tried to stay away from these three sisters
Because I saw that as a virtue.
But that is just an excuse.
So I gently stroked Sera’s head like I used to do.

“I …… was scared ……”
“I know, right? Because it was such a painful experience. It’s a miracle you’re still sane.”

Sera was the sweetest of the three sisters. She would come over to my house and hug me like this.
Although her appearance has changed drastically, her gestures and words and actions still retain the old face. I let out a small breath of relief.
But then
The scent of her perfume, the sweet and sour smell, her well-defined eyes, and the two huge marshmallows pressing against my chest made me feel uncomfortable with relief.
It was the extreme.

“Yuu niichan ……”

Emerald eyes that seemed to swallow me whole. The gaze emanating from them was something I had never seen before.


As I gazed into Sera’s eyes with my mouth half open, what I heard was Arisa’s voice.

“Sera looking so happy …… wonderful.”
“Arisa’s nee chan…”
“I brought you some coffee.”

She told me, Sera wipes her tears, smiles and moves away from me.
I involuntarily looked at Arisa.
holding the coffee tray, she was also looking at me with her red eyes that seemed to suck me in.
I was captured.

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