Episode 21 – prey’s determination



It was a very hot night. Ai nee and I were seeking each other as if we had lost our hoops. I was honestly surprised. I didn’t know I could be so hot. ……

Ai nee accepted everything I did with joy.

She is a person who has to keep up appearances because of her position. She has a calm expression, cleverness, and beauty, and she is a solitary woman whom people around her do not even allow me to approach.

But I put everything into Ai nee

I wonder what will happen to …… us from now on.

Once you have a relationship with someone, there is no way to draw the line at being just a childhood friend.

I’m confused. And one answer that my instincts as a man point to.

I woke up with a sense of fatigue from last night’s act.


I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room to see Ai nee, dressed in a yukata, sitting in a chair at the table, examining her morning coffee. She notices me awake and opens her mouth, her cheeks relaxed.

“Good morning, Yu-chan.”
“Good morning.”
“Yesterday was very intense.”

Ai nee starts rubbing her hand gently on her stomach. I would like to ask her to stop that action as it makes me a little bit intrigued in many ways as a man. ……

Knowing or not about my feelings of embarrassment, Ai-nee again makes a bewitching expression on her face and moves her moist lips as she looks at my body.

“Want to be pampered again?”


Ai and Yuma are driving home. Yuma is sitting in the passenger seat, but he falls asleep as soon as he sits down. Ai is driving and looks lovingly at him as he sleeps soundly.

In the sunlight, he looks like a wholesome young man himself, but to Ai, he is such a loving little brother that it doesn’t hurt to put him in her eyes. Yesterday, he asked for her.

The corners of her mouth turn up at the mere thought of it.

Ai had always thought that female pleasure was out of reach for her. She had experienced it only a few times, but all of them were nauseatingly unpleasant memories.

But Yuma was different.

When she was with Yuma, love shone through.

Not as the president, not as a judicial scrivener, not as the eldest daughter of the Kirie family

but as a woman.

The only person who can make her happy is Yu-chan.

When she spoils Yuchan, she feels a rush of electricity in her head and a tingle in her stomach. He gives me joy that she have never experienced before.

His straightforwardness has not changed. Of course, he has grown up and has a lot to take care of, but deep down in his heart, the old Yu-chan still exists.

Yu-chan is the one who always makes herself happy.

So, she wants to take care of Yu-chan for herself too.

Thinking of this, Ai’s eyes suddenly fluttered open as if something had just occurred to her.

“I can’t do it alone. We’ll take Yu-chan. ……”

Ai’s chestnut-colored eyes were already fading as she said this, and realizing that there might be an accident, she stopped at a service area and pulled over.

And Yuma, who was sleeping comfortably.

She keeps staring at him the whole time.

Arisa and Sera are still virgins.

So, she wants her sisters to feel happiness like she did yesterday, without any hard feelings.

Hoping so, Ai stares at Yuma without making the slightest move, sucking in everything and everyone like a black hole.

Only Yu-chan can make their loneliness go away.

Only Yu-chan can.



By the time I woke up, I was in my neighborhood.

“Ara, you’re awake?”
“Yeah ……, I didn’t know I slept this much ……!”
“Yuu-chan, you slept so happily the whole time.”

I was surprised to see the time on the navigation display with my mouth half open.

Just as we were caught at a red light, Ai nee stopped the car. Then she turned her beautiful, intelligent face with glasses on to me.

“I like you.”

Ai-nee said this to me with a cheerful expression on her face. But I saw her yesterday, so I looked away from her. As if she could see right through me, she giggled.

The car was filled with the sweet and sour smell.

And the dark circles that had formed in Ai-nee’s eyes

I can’t see them anymore.

“I Like you too.”


“Thanks for sending me.”
“No. thank you for coming to the party.”
“Okay, I’ll see you later.”

I said goodbye and was about to turn on my heel, but Ai nee, who was in the driver’s seat, looked at me with a frustrated look before opening her mouth.


Is there something she wants to talk about again?

I tilted my head and looked at Ai nee in the car, urging her to continue.

“Are you going to stay there forever?”
“Ah, here……”

I knew you were concerned about it.

It’s a little strange to live in such a large single-family home by yourself.

“Well, I think I’ll be moving soon. Property taxes are ridiculous and I incur a lot of expenses that I don’t need …… and …… dad isn’t coming home anymore. ……”

Hearing my words, Ai nee looks at me worriedly and replies.

“I’ve seen how important your father is to Yu-chan since I was a little girl. So …… I think Yu-chan’s feelings should take precedence.”
“When people die, that’s it. You will never see them again,…… so I want to cherish the people who are alive now. I want to cherish …… Ai nee, Arisa, and Sera-chan …….”

Ai-nee’s eyes get moist when she hears what I have to say.

“I …… our house is big. We have empty rooms and …… so we’ve been waiting for Yu-chan for a long time. ……”
“Ah, give me some time to think about it.”

When I told her so, she nodded and then smiled.

“Soon, Yuu-chan will be a member of Reganda, too. I’m looking forward to it. Bye.”

I made up my mind as I watched the car drive away.

I would return the love I had received twice as much.

I would show them that I was worthy of them in Reganda.

And I will make them happy again, just like I did in the past.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 21 – prey’s determination

      1. From what she said, she’s tried it with other people a few times, but was disgusted, so she’s not a virgin, but both the other sisters are, though on the bright side, she’s only tried it like 2~4 times in the 15 years they were apart.

      2. Here’s the proof for my comment quoted directly from this chapter.

        “She had experienced it only a few times, but all of them were nauseatingly unpleasant memories.

        But Yuma was different.”

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