“Muto-senpai,…… maybe he ….. hate losing too much…..”

I muttered to myself as I changed out of my uniform and left the ground, my shoulders slumping slightly.

“Hahaha. I guess he wanted to maintain his dignity as a senior, after all?”

Towa san laughs at that.
I was glad to hear that. It seems that I did not disappoint her even though she saw me lose so spectacularly.

“Hey, Sakurai! The game ain’t over yet!”

Muto-senpai, who had struck out after missing the game, said something like that to me.

“A-Another at-bat?”

I don’t think I’ll be able to hold him off next time, and I have a feeling he’s going to hit a home run.
To me, Muto senpai said.

“Now it’s my turn to pitch! It’s your turn to bat!”

And so the story went on and on. ……

“How did this happen?”

I borrowed Muto senpai’s helmet and bat and stood at bat in left field.

On the mound stands Muto Senpai, dressed in his uniform but fitted with his own glove.

“I won’t throw any breaking pitches! I’m going to play straight!”

Muto senpai said to me with a grin.

His control is rough, but his straight ball is easily over 150 km/h, and he has a split and a slider.
However, there was no way that someone who had just graduated from junior high school could hit 150km. ……

Bang !!

And he struck out on three straight pitches down the middle……
Not even a scratch. ……
I don’t feel like flying forward after swinging a hundred times……

“Y-You’re too immature! Muto-senpai! There’s no way I can hit something like this!”
“Shut up! I can’t stay on the losing end of this!”

I slammed the metal bat to the ground and protested to Muto-senpai.
But my protests were blown out of the water. Muto Senpai showed his unmitigated hatred of losing.

“Well, Sakurai. Now we’ve won one game and lost one game!”
“T-that’s right. ……’

I replied with a wry smile.

“So, Sakura. Why don’t you play baseball for real, and not just as a ghost in name only? You can be second best even at this point, and you’ll certainly be the ace when I retire, right?”

I shook my head at Muto-senpai who said that.

“No, I’m terribly sorry, but could you leave me alone with your name?”
“What’s the reason? It’s not because you have a hard time practicing, or you’re afraid of hardballs, or any other pathetic reason, is it?”
“Haha. I think that’s a crazy pathetic reason if you ask me, don’t you?”

I said and took Towa san’s arm and pulled her body closer to mine.

“……Eh, ki, Kirito-kun?”

Towa san’s cheeks are stained with surprise. I hold her by one arm and say

“If I join the baseball team, I won’t have much time to spend with her. Even I am a member of the student council.”

Muto-senpai laughed loudly at me saying that.

“Hahaha! Well then, I guess it can’t be helped! Come to think of it, Yuto turned me down with the same line.”
“Kirisaki-senpai too? ……”

Then Muto-senpai patted me on the shoulder and said

“The baseball club is always waiting for you. Come to us whenever you feel like it!”

I said something extremely rude, and he goes so far as to do this for me. ……

I was a little bit impressed with Muto-senpai’s open-mindedness.

“Thank you very much. Whenever you have time, I’ll do anything, even batting pitching!”

I said, smiling.

“Well, …… not only did I feel a competitive spirit, but I also felt nostalgia.”
“Yes. However, Is it really fine?. I think Kirito-kun could have played an active role in the baseball team. ……”

“Ahaha. I said before, the happiest thing for me is the time with you. So I can’t stand to have that cut short.”
“Y-Yes. ……”

To my words, she dyed her cheeks. Yes. So cute

“But, you know, to show Towa san how cool I am. I’m seriously thinking of doing it. Like today. So, I’m going to continue training at home with a little more intensity.”
“Kirito-kun who struck out Muto-senpai was really cool!”

She clenched her hands and looked at me with sparkling eyes.

“Thanks. I don’t think I’ll ever have an opportunity like that again, but I might give it my all again at some point. I’ll try not to embarrass myself then.”

What a story.


I came back to my house.

There was no sign of anyone at Rinne’s house next door.

I wondered if she was out somewhere.

but that was okay.

I rang the intercom at home.

Ding dong

With a “ding-dong” sound, Misuzu’s voice can be heard.

“Yees~! Ah, Onii chan! You’re back! I’ll open it now!”


and the sound of footsteps can be heard from inside the house.

And then


The front door opens.

“Welcome home, onii chan, Towa san!”

Misuzu appeared at the front door and welcomed us with a big smile.

“I’m back, Misuzu.”
“I’m back, Misuzu-san.”

We answered and went inside the house.

“Eh!? I’m invited to Towa san’s house too!”

We came back to the living room and quickly told Misuzu about our stay.

“Probably. I don’t think father and mother will be back for a while. So I feel uneasy about leaving Misuzu alone in this house. But if you come with me, it’s a different story.”

I said and smiled at Misuzu.

“Her parents have agreed to come with me. So the rest depends on Misuzu’s mind?

“T-Towa, are you okay with it?
“Yes, of course. I wanted to talk with Misuzu-san a little more.”

Towa san answered Misuzu’s question with a smile.

“I see. ……”

Misuzu pondered for a moment and then said

“I-I understand. Please let me stay at the Kitajima house with onii chan!”

I said.

“Yes. I’m sure my father and mother will be pleased.”
“Thank you! Well then, I’ll go get ready! I’ll take care of onii chan’s stuff too, so don’t worry!”

Misuzu said and left the living room to get a change of clothes and other things ready.

“She is a very well-behaved younger sister, isn’t she?”
“Haha. I really can’t get my head around Misuzu.”

I said and took a sip of barley tea.

“Tomorrow, you know. We talked about going shopping for clothes, right?”
“Yes. that’s right. I wanted to enjoy our next date in the clothes that Kirito-kun likes.”

So. Originally, I was going to go clothes shopping in the morning and invite them over in the afternoon, but since they’ve already shown up, there’s no need to invite them over.

If that is the case, I would like to spend the afternoon doing something else. I was thinking

“Is there anything you want to do this afternoon?”
“Well. If you don’t mind, I would also like to pick out some clothes for Kirito-kun.”
“My clothes?”

Towa san smiled at me as I tilted my head.

“Fufufu. The clothes that Misuzu-san has chosen for you are wonderful, but after all, Kirito-kun is my person, so I want to dye him with my own colors.
Let’s go on a date wearing the clothes we both chose.”

“Oh, I see. …… yeah. I think it’s not bad.”

Sometimes I feel deep love for her, but I think that’s also her charm.

I gulped down the barley tea in my cup, thinking about that.

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