Episode 20 – Prey to be swallowed




I lay back on the hotel bed and sighed deeply.

As I shrugged and nodded my shoulders in penitence for my foolish behavior, the exchange I had just had with Ai-nee came to mind.

[Ai-nee…… sorry, I forced Ai-nee …… and annoyed a complete stranger.]
[Let’s go to a hotel. It’s late.]

Ai nee said so with a blank expression on her face and went to a nearby hotel. I had to stay at a hotel because this place is quite far from my house.

When I calm down, I realize how rude what I did was.

I felt like I had thrown cold water on the good mood of the party, and it was hard to calm down.

I know I could have handled the situation better, but it’s too late now.

“Maybe I should take a shower.”

Let’s wash away these mixed feelings with water. After muttering this in my mind, I went into the shower room and washed myself.

I stared at the wall next to me and wondered if Ai nee was taking a shower as well.

I finished showering and felt refreshed. I slapped my cheeks with both hands to liven them up.

Then someone knocks on my door.

Curious, I looked out through the round hole a little above the middle of the door.

“! Ai nee……”

I quickly opened the door and let Ai-nee in.

I was surprised to see her.

She had just finished her bath, but instead of her usual ponytail, her long black hair was undone and a little wet at the tips. In addition, her yukata was a little loose. She was not dressed properly. But I can still see the lines of her well-developed body.

Ai nee’s sexy, upturned face relaxed a little, and she opened her mouth to speak.

“Yuu chan, are you bad with alcohol?”
“…… not bad, but not strong either.”
“Oh, well,…… then, let’s have a drink together.”

Ai-nee shook the expensive wine in her hand. This made her two huge lumps start to shake together, which annoyed me.

Ai nee and I sat down on the bed, moved the side table a little and put wine, wine glasses and snacks we bought at a convenience store on it.

Ai nee sipped the wine glass I poured her wine into, and then said

“Haaa …… I haven’t felt this way in a long time.”

I’m not sure how long it’s been since she’s felt this way. I sipped the wine with her in the background.

“I knew it was a good idea to bring Yu-chan.”
“….Even though I’m causing you all kinds of trouble?”
“I’ve ruined the party………”
“What, you care?”
“Of course I do.”
“You used to stand by my side all the time, chasing away all the creepy guys and not even blush?”
“When are you talking about, ……?”
“Fufu, You reminded me of the old days.”

Ai nee’s bright eyes look in the direction of the day after tomorrow, as if she is reminiscing about a bygone era.

I sipped my wine again and picked up some snacks and put them in my mouth.

A few minutes passed like that.

The sweet and sour smell of a bath filled the room, and stimulated my nose.

I try not to look at Ai nee’s body. Ai nee, who could not possibly know how I feel, speaks up.

“We’re all grown up now, aren’t we?”
“Well, sort of.”
“We’re free to drive cars and have drinks alone like this.”
“Yuu chan.”
“I’m so happy right now.”

Ai-nee gently puts her wine glass on the side table and turns her body toward me. Thanks to this, I can see her yukata in full view. Her bosom is bare, so my eyes seem to be drawn to her.

Ai nee’s chestnut-colored eyes are moist and she spins her words happily.

“When you grabbed my hand, Yu-chan, it was the same as the old days. Just like when you protected me from that criminal, I, my chest is hot ……”
“If I see Yuuchan like that, I’m so excited to spoil …… Yuu chan”

Ai-nee’s stringy lips glowed with warm lighting, gradually closing the distance between me and her.

Soon, Ai-nee’s huge marshmallow gently enveloped my body.

“A-Ai nee!?”

I try to run away from the embrace, but the two soft temptations numb my will.

“Yuu-chan,……, I’ve missed you all this time …….”
“Let your sister spoil you”
“I’ve been trying to hold back for so long, but I can’t …… anymore! Everything Yu-chan does and says pleases me.”
“…… Ai nee has both Arisa and Sera. I, I don’t want to be a burden.”

Yes. Ai nee is the eldest daughter of the Kirie family and is like a mother to them. If I were to join her, she would probably get tired.

Besides, in this situation, to spoil her is to cross the line.

So, I don’t want to ……

“Yu-chan, there’s one misunderstanding.”

“The more I spoil you, the happier I will be. So don’t call it a burden. I’ll take care of everything, the loneliness of losing my mother, the sadness of losing my father, so Yu-chan, you just have to be spoiled by me all the time.”
“Ah, Aaaa…..”

As soon as Ai-nee’s words are etched into my brain, electricity runs through my body. Then Ai-nee brushes my bangs away with her slender fingers, kisses my scar, and then

“Yu-chan’s place is here.”

The eyes that had lost their color caught me precisely, the gaze that seemed to suck me in, entangling me.

This feeling that has been eating away at my heart has always wanted something. But talking to friends and dating girls never satisfied this feeling. So I’ve been holding back. I managed to get by by closing my mind.

But the words that Ai-nee just released gently embraced my heart. They pinpointed and stimulated something that had been dormant for many years.

In a realm that only Ai nee can step into, the current Ai nee that everyone admires and everyone wants to devour her beautiful body.

I entered it.

The face of Ai nee, the president of such a company,

so intoxicated that she could not show it to others.

Like a scattered puzzle returning to its rightful place, my heart and hers overlapped.

The feelings of the past and the feelings of the present, now that we have grown up.

All of them.

I put it all into Ai nee.

And she swallowed me.

She swallowed me up.

Like a hunter.

(TL/N : Oh my)

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