After all, I came alone, and I am more worried about the kitchen.

“Well, if Sosuke were there, the other boys in the class wouldn’t come, either.”

There’s no point in worrying about it forever, so let’s get it over with and head back.

In case you are wondering, the boys’ and girls’ tent areas are separated. So, normally, they are not allowed to enter the girls’ area, but not when setting up their tents.
After all, it’s not easy for girls to set up their tents alone, so most of the time, the boys help out.

Other groups and classes are also setting up with the help of girls and boys.
This is the way it should be.
And yet, I feel …… uncomfortable being alone.

“Huh, Arase-kun?

When I turned around at the call, I saw Takimoto-san on the women’s side of the bus.
She was wearing a jersey that suited her well.

“You can call me by my first name! It’s kind of weird to call me by my proper first name!”
“Let’s see, then… …… Suika.”

It’s kind of embarrassing. I had never had the opportunity to call out a girl’s name before, so it was a strange feeling.

Looking closely, I noticed that Takimoto-san──Suika was missing something that she used to have.

“Are you sure you don’t need the crutches anymore?”
“Ah, yes. I can walk a lot on my own now, so I don’t need it anymore!”

Somehow, I have an image that Suika seems to make decisions about such things based on her own sense. It was the same when I saw her in the future and right after she was actually injured, but it seems that Suika tends to take things too far. So I worry about that.

“Uu….I-It’s not. I-It can’t be that”

The eyes are swimming. I guess she’s self-judging.

“I’m telling the truth! I’ve been to a doctor and he said I’m remarkably healthy!”
“Is it true, ……?”
“I-It’s true! W-well, I didn’t use it because I thought I could use my own judgment for one day, though ……”

I knew it. That’s why she was getting quieter and quieter.

“What if you don’t use it properly and it gets worse?”
“B-Because,…… crutches are hard,…… and a pain in the ass,…….”

It seems that Suika is more of a loose cannon than I thought.

“Well, if the doctor says it’s okay, maybe it’s okay, but …… you push yourself again, and you’re the one who loses out. You better be careful.”
“……Your words are strangely persuasive, Arase-kun. Are you a great person, like what you did before?”
“I’m just normal.”

I sometimes foresee the future though

“But how’s it going so far? Even if you got the crutches out of your hands, it’s still tough climbing, isn’t it?”
“Yes. That’s why Suika got a ride from the teacher.”

Wow, I envy you. I wish I had injured my leg too. Is it inappropriate for me to think that?

“I was really looking forward to it, but now I feel terrible. I have so much energy thanks to you!”

It seems that Suika is the same type of person who likes events. No, I don’t want to say that she’s the same as Sosuke, because that would be too sad.
But it is true that she is just as I imagined. She is the type of person who seems to enjoy school festivals and other such events with all her might. The exact opposite of me.

“I’m so jealous. I’m already exhausted.”
“I’m sure it’s hard to climb mountains unless you’re in an athletic club. Are you the type of person who is not good at exercising?”
“If I could, I’d rather stay home and lie around all day.”
“Ahaha, I can certainly understand that! I’m like that on days when I don’t have club activities! But for someone like that, Arase-kun, you’ve got a great body.”

I don’t know how I would react if a girl suddenly told me I had a nice body.
Maybe Suika doesn’t have any strange intentions. Otherwise, the image of Suika would be completely changed in my mind.

And because of my obvious puzzled reaction, Suika seemed to have immediately realized what she had said.

“I-it’s not like that, okay? That’s not what I meant or anything. ……”

Suika’s face was flushed and she was flustered.
Somehow, I am also embarrassed.

“S-See? You don’t look like you do any exercise, but you have muscles in your legs, don’t you? I wondered if you did something with them!”
“W-well, maybe it’s because I like to go for walks.”
“H-Heh, I see! Walking ……”

Somehow, I always have a hard time keeping a conversation going with Suika.
It’s not that I don’t like it by any means, but Suika is too pure to react.

“Ah, yes! Are you building a tent all by yourself, by any chance?”

Then I forced her to change the subject. I have no taste for picking on girls in trouble, so I go with the flow.

“Yeah. I was forced to take charge.”
“Eeh!?? I see. …… would you like me to help you?”
“No, no, I can’t have a wounded person helping me.”
“No, that’s not true! I have more than enough strength and it’s not that difficult, so it’s all right!”

Suika is full of confidence.
I’m amazed that she is perfect in outdoor activities as well.

“Besides, I’ve been giving you trouble before, Arase-kun! I don’t think this will make it go away, but I’ll consider it part of my thanks ……!””

Even if I refused here, I somehow felt that Suika would not back down.

“I understand. Then, please do me a favor, but don’t push yourself too hard. If you get hurt by doing so, it will be for nothing.”
“Yes! I’ll take care of it.”

Her smiling, energetic smile was dazzling.
So I set up the tent with Suika.

I then returned to the area where our group was building after getting the tent and necessary equipment.
With Suika’s help, I proceeded to set up the tent.

“Well, …… none of our group can cook, so …… we’re just getting started, but what should we do ……?”
“I see.”

While in the midst of this, me and Suika were lightly chatting.
Her legs seem to be fine and she seems to have more energy than expected, moving around with a light touch.

“And you know what? The other students in our group might be going to eat at another group’s place, so we’re in even more trouble.”
“Is that possible?”
“I don’t think so, actually. The teacher doesn’t say anything about it. I have a friend in my group named Fujibayashi-san. She’s really pretty, but she’s also a very hot gal. There is no one like her at our school, so everyone is scared of her. That’s why we don’t have enough food. ……”

Fujibayashi was in the same group as Suika?
But still, it seems that even her classmates don’t treat her well.

“Suika won’t go to the rest of the group?”
“No, no, if Suika does that, Fujibayashi will be alone! I can’t do that, can I?”

Wow, what a girl. She’s so nice. I’m not sure if she has guts or if she’s just the type of person who doesn’t believe in rumors.

“So somehow Suika and Fujibayashi-san will have to cook for us. …… I wonder if Fujibayashi-san can cook.”
“I wonder.”

It is a selfish image, but it does not seem to be possible.
She seems to be eating with her financial power.

“Well, I’m sure it’ll work out somehow! I can handle curry if I just throw in the right ingredients and simmer it.”
“That’s very manly of you.”

I immediately regretted having said such a rude thing, but Suika showed no sign of caring about such a thing and smiled.

Well, in fact, Suika is not wrong. The ingredients for the roux are commercially available, and if you follow the instructions on the back of the package, you should be able to make a tasty curry without a doubt.

“Right! Yes! Let’s do it!”

Suika is full of energy. Seeing Suika’s smiling face cheers me up and makes me feel relaxed.

“Suika, thank you. That’s all I need.”
“Oh? Is it finished? You’re welcome! If you have any more problems, just let me know! If this is for Arase-kun, I’ll jump up and down in a heartbeat!”
“You’re overreacting. I don’t remember doing anything that big.”
“Hehe, It’s fine~~! I’m not done thanking you yet!”
“Well, I’ll just wait and see.”
“You can count on me!”

So I left Suika and returned to the kitchen.
By then, I had completely forgotten that I was looking into the future.


I returned to the kitchen to find an unbelievable sight before my eyes.

“Why ……?”

I was back in the kitchen, and what I saw was our dinner, which had been reduced to a shambles.

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