Even after a day has passed, Arisa’s words are still stuck in my head and won’t go away. It wasn’t just the words. Her beautiful maid appearance stimulated something dormant inside me.

After hugging me with her large, soft breasts and slender body, Arisa told me many stories.
When I heard her stories about how the three of them had survived after being separated from me, I felt a real pain in my heart. As Arisa said, it seemed like a miracle that they could keep their sanity.

The three Kirie sisters are leading fulfilling lives.

That was my first impression of them when I met them again. However, listening to Arisa’s story yesterday, I could catch a glimpse of the darkness in their hearts.

Fifteen years, a mind-boggling amount of time, has brought many changes to us.

But the old bond has helped me to correct the differences in our perceptions, which are still very much in disarray.

They need me outside of work.

I also need their warmth.

Talking with Arisa yesterday halved the loneliness I feel every day and the sadness caused by my father’s death. If I was with the three of them, so to speak, I would be ……

But is such a thing allowed?

I don’t know if it was in the past, but we are adults now.

[I …… we’re not interested in any man but Yu.]

I was not in the mood to have fun as a mere acquaintance, as a childhood friend.

No matter how little experience I have with relationships, I know painfully what those words mean.

After Arisa left, I was filled with anger. 

It was not anger toward those three sisters.

It was anger that a man who could make Ai, Arisa, and Sera happy, who were so beautiful and shining, had not appeared.

There are so many men in the world. Some of them are good-looking, rich, and smart.

And yet, none of them met the three sisters’ expectations.

They had 15 years to make her happy, but no man in the world could make her happy.


And relief.

These two contradictory emotions are asking my heart

What do I want?

But I can’t answer.

My inner self is asking me if it is really okay, if it is really allowed.

For the time being, I decided to put this matter on hold.

With that in mind, I pull out the food that Arisa left for me from the refrigerator and begin to eat my breakfast.

Suddenly, my cell phone rings.


I received an ain message from Sera. I wonder what kind of pictures she sent today.

It’s one of the things I’m looking forward to these days.

It’s a picture of Sera wearing Reganda’s new collection, which is a little too revealing. I quickly unlock my phone to check it out.


[Today I’m wearing underwear. (^.^)]

I’m surprised to see Sera’s selfie of herself in red underwear and my eyeballs pop out.

On top, she has short blonde hair, well-defined eyes and a small face. In the middle is a huge embroidered bra that gently wraps an explosive marshmallow. Below is a pair of embroidered pants that hide the girl’s precious parts.

Sera’s cheeks were flushed red, but she was smiling devilishly, which was very attractive and stimulated a man’s instincts.

When I was nervous, Sera sent me another message.

[Why no response when it is already read? Maybe this new one is weird? ( ;∀;)]

Oh no, if I don’t reply soon, she’ll get all sorts of ideas…….

[It looks good on you.]

Oh, I mistakenly responded in honorifics.

“Why the honorifics all of a sudden?”
“Because I wrote it in a hurry.”
“You must really like me in my underwear!”
“I can’t deny it.”
“I love your honesty, Yuu niichan! (๑>◡<๑)”
“Is that a compliment?”
“I loved it!”

She’s a really energetic one.

I chuckle and eat my breakfast.

About three minutes pass, and I receive another message from Srea.

“Onii chan, are you okay? If you miss me, tell me anytime.”

Judging from the content of this message, I think that this wearing of underwear is probably Sera’s own concern for me.

She must have heard from Arisa about yesterday’s incident.

I inhaled and exhaled deeply before replying.

“My sassy and cute little sister sends me pictures of her in her underwear early in the morning. I don’t have time to feel lonely.”

As I pressed the send button, for some reason, I burst out laughing. Really, Sera, nothing has changed since the old days. But her body has changed, so I hope she’ll be a little more careful.

“Yuuni-chan, look at me more. I want to see more of you too, Yuuni-chan.”

This kind of message may cause a lot of misunderstandings, so please refrain from it.

“I’m looking at you.”

After I replied, I saved the picture of Sera in her underwear on my phone. At the same time

Blood pressure started to gather toward my crotch.


Time quickly turned to night as I paid my utility bills, taxes, and did some shopping.

As I was walking down the street, watching Sera in her underwear while displaying her cell phone without anyone noticing me around, I received a phone call from Ai nee.

“Ai nee, what’s up?”
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have a favor to ask you……”
“A favor?”
“I’m having a party next week. Can you come with me? I need you.”

need ……

This is something Ai nee used to say to me.

She always tries to keep me at hand. What lies ahead is ……

“Of course I’m in.”

I replied, suppressing my excitement.

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