It seemed we had arrived at the checkpoint.
The journey with Kurase was a difficult one.

For some reason, I often saw the future, and every time I saw the future, Kurase was almost in danger.

A snake almost bit her, a bee almost chased her, she almost fell down, …… and so on. It was to the point where I wondered if Kurase was attracting something.

The final part is the best part.
To tell the truth, I had a feeling that we were returning to the normal mountain path towards the end.
As I was about to tell Kurase this, I saw the future.

In order to avoid that future, I pulled Kurase’s arm, but as a result, I attracted another future.

“……. What is it?”
“No, nothing.”

I feel like I’ve been seen by Kirihara-sensei in a scene that shouldn’t be seen,…….
The teacher gave a meaningful look and laughed a small laugh.

“Oh, Arase! You’re safe!”

Then, behind the teacher, Sosuke, Fujibayashi, and Asagiri came in late.
Sosuke and Fujibayashi went to me, and Asagiri went to Kurase first thing

“That’s my partner. I’m so proud of you for finding Kurase and coming back safely! So, any happenings?”

I can say there was, but I would never tell this guy. I would never tell her the last thing.

“Arase is pretty good-natured, isn’t he?”
“What’s with you all of a sudden?”
“Nothing! I was just wondering if that’s true for everyone.”
“It’s nothing. I’m glad you’re okay.”

I didn’t quite understand what Fujibayashi meant, but I guess it was her way of expressing her concern.

“Nanami! Are you okay! You’re not hurt! I was worried about you, you idiot!”
“Wait, Yuri chan! I-I’m fine! Wah!”

Meanwhile, Asagiri expressed her concern to Kurase and embraced her without waiting for a reply.
Asagiri’s frustration was considerable. This reaction was probably inevitable.

“For now, let’s just say thank you”
“Thank you …….’

I thanked the teacher for her words of appreciation, even as I recalled what had happened earlier.

“I’m glad I got to see something good at the end. This is youth.”

I knew she was watching me! That sucks.

Damn, shouldn’t the teacher have been a little more concerned? It even makes me think that this guy knew that Kurase and I were alone and didn’t come to our rescue on purpose.

“To tell you the truth, I wasn’t that worried. Because even in the mountains, GPS works. It was attached to your health officer’s pouch. So everyone knew you were getting close to here. But they were still worried about you until they saw you again.”

No wonder. Asagiri is just as I imagined, but I thought everyone else was surprisingly easy.

What was my hardship? If you have such a thing, tell me about it from the beginning. Whether I said so or not might not have changed the outcome.

Well, all things being equal, the matter was settled. Now we can go to the next checkpoint, the summit of the mountain.

“So nothing happened to Nanami until we got here? Did he do anything strange to you?”
“Wait a minute.”

You are rude. I did my best to keep Kurase away from a dangerous future and brought her here.

But now that question is tasteless ……! 

I broke out in a cold sweat. But when I looked at Kurase, she was tilting her head. Perhaps he has already forgotten what happened earlier? Or maybe she was relieved to see Asagiri and the others again? Or maybe it wasn’t part of something strange?
Am I thinking too conveniently? In any case, I hope I’m through here…..!

“If not, fine.”

Endured. Asagiri looks relieved. It would be a terrible thing if this was discovered.

“Well, I’m glad you’re okay for now! Now we can aim for the summit without any worries. I’m so relieved, but I’m getting hungry. I’m tired, Arase.”
“I guess even you get tired sometimes.”
“How rude! You don’t know how much care I took with those two!”

Did Sosuke have a mind to do it too? But it was certainly hard to stomach being surrounded by those two – Fujibayashi and Asagiri – in this situation.

However, this casual conversation was not good.

“Ah, …….”
“What’s wrong, Nanami? Do you remember something he did to you?”

Kurase’s face turns red as if she remembered something.
Asagiri, stop talking on that premise.

“M-my stomach ……”
“What do you mean?”

A stomach? What in the world did she just say? Asagiri doesn’t seem to know either.
But for some reason Kurase keeps glancing at me with a blush on her face.

“I see. I understand. You’re ready for this, aren’t you?”
“Wait a minute. What did you find out?!”
“It means you did something to Nanami.”
“No, no, no, I didn’t do anything!”

What the hell are you talking about, belly?


Don’t tell me you’re not talking about hearing the sound of your stomach rumbling. ……?

“Y-Yuri chan! It’s nothing!”
“Nanami. It’s okay. I’ll finish him off.”

Kurase, perhaps embarrassed to have this known, tried to stop Asagiri, but this only accelerated her suspicions even more.

In an instant, the air changed.
It was not only Asagiri. For some reason, both Sosuke and Fujibayashi looked at me as if I had done something to them.

“What did he do to you?”
“Well, it’s …… um, …….”

Kurase glanced at me and looked uncomfortable.
That’s enough. You don’t have to look like you’re having a hard time saying something!
It’s okay if your stomach rumbles. If that clears up the misunderstanding, just tell her!

“Hmmm. As far as I could see, Ito seemed to be hugging Kurase when they arrived here.”
“Ah, come to think of it, ……!”

Damn it. This guy is really …….


“God. Tell me it’s not true. …… No mercy!!!”

The only witness, Kirihara sensei, mercilessly dropped the bomb.
Hearing this, everyone’s reaction was, from the top, Asagiri, Fujibayashi, and Sosuke.

“God, let the iniquity be punished by heaven ……”

Sousuke is now an ornament chanting curses, and Fujibayashi has a complicated look on her face.
And Asagiri, hearing this, as usual, widened her eyes and stared at me. The power of her eyes is amazing.

“Did he hug you? I wasn’t enough and he even went to Nanami ……?”
“Calm down, Asagiri.”
“Yes, I’m calm. I am very calm.”

However, unlike before, Asagiri seems to be listening to me, for once. Last time it was a one-shot slap in the face. It might be because it was Kurase’s business, not her own.
In any case, it’s better than the last one, because I don’t have to answer any questions anymore. Now the only thing left is how to come up with an excuse! Come on, my brain!

“No, that …… thing. Um, …….”

However, my mind doesn’t come up with a convenient excuse right away. Asagiri, frowning at my inability to answer, now asks Kurase about the situation.

“Nanami, what’s going on? Did you almost fall down again?”
“What? No. No, it’s not that. Ito-kun suddenly hugged me and…!”

I’m done……. She must have been embarrassed after she said it.
Kurase ignited the bomb once more and at the same time exploded her own face.
Then she entered her own world and mumbled something to herself.

Asagiri’s horror increased.

“Sosuke. Please help me.”

No good, this guy. He’s broken.

“You said to me that I looked like I was having fun, but you don’t mind doing things like that yourself. Hee…”

I can’t talk back!
I am under siege. …..There was nothing I could do.

“You’re ready, aren’t you?”
“Will you forgive me if I’m not?”
“Go back to sleep and talk in your sleep.”

“Umm, I’m sorry about before. I’m sorry. It was my fault you got lost.”
“No, I’m sorry too. I’m sorry for my bad habit of meddling. ……”
“I-ts fine…. I haven’t been approached like that in a long time, so I didn’t know how to react.”
“Thanks a lot. You too, Yuri chan!”
“Hey, it’s okay.”
“Ugh. ……. I don’t know anything about Fujibayashi ……, but I’m sorry …… about the rumors.”
“And thank you for what you said earlier. When Nanami wasn’t around, I was worried, but she gave me some advice and stuff, and I’m glad she was there. ……
“You’re welcome. I said some things you didn’t like, too, and …… we’re even.”
“I’m glad! I hope that’s okay, but …… we can still work together after this.”
“With me?…you sure?”
“Yes. As long as Sana-chan is okay with it! Hey, Yuri chan, you too!”
“Y-yeah. I don’t mind.”
“Okay. And……”

Well, it’s beautiful how well they get along.
I can’t believe that the girls who were warping each other so much just a few minutes ago are now like this. You never know with people.

The three of them talked and started walking to the next checkpoint.
The three of them were smiling from time to time.

“What’s wrong with you, Arase? Are you having a hard time?”
“I just got a piece of trash in my eye, that’s all.”
“I see. Can I lend you some eye drops?”

Sosuke is strangely kind. Though it’s kind of annoying.

At any rate, a new bond was born on the basis of my precious sacrifice. I guess having a common enemy makes people work together. Who is the enemy?
After all, I don’t know what would have happened if the teacher hadn’t stopped them after that. I feel that Asagiri is back to her old self again. For some reason, Fujibayashi is also giving me a sharp look.

“Oh!? It’s the summit, isn’t it! Woaaaah!”

When the next checkpoint, the summit of the mountain, comes into view, Sosuke rushes up to it at once.
He has too much energy.
I’m too tired to do anything. Too much has happened.


As I was getting depressed, I noticed that Asagiri, who was walking in front of me, approached me.
A little scared, I asked her what she wanted.

“What is it? Is there something more?”
“No. I missed the timing to tell you …….”
“…… what are you talking about?'”

Did you forget to cuss?
But somehow, Asagiri is moping and I don’t see that kind of atmosphere.

“If you have something to say, do it quickly.”
“I-I know. I’ll say it now!”

The cheeks of Asagiri turn slightly red.

“T-Thanks …… for saving Nanami.”
“T-That’s all.”

Asagiri said that much and headed for the summit.
At the summit, Kurase was waving at Asagiri.

Her face was slightly red hot. Is it because the weather is so nice?
……Well, helping people might not be a bad idea once in a while.

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1 year ago

I wish I could give the side characters a good wallop, especially that ditzy girl that keeps on forcibly making misunderstandings; dude saves your life multiple times in one day and you hang him up to dry because you’re embarrassed about your stomach rumbling? Do you have a brain somewhere?

1 year ago
Reply to  Rose

Honestly i agree with you, though i like reading this novel it sometimes gets me very frustrated