“Alright, so where shall we go first?”


“Futaba kun?”


“Oh, you’re dead. I’ll leave you here.”

“Don’t kill me!”

“You were there huh? You?”

“If you’re gonna use it to erase memories that don’t matter, why don’t you just stop? Stop it right now, all right?”

“So, what are you thinking?”

“….. Whatever, right?”

“Well~, normally I’d never ask you for advice, but I’m in a good mood, so I’m going to ask you, and you’re going to thank me, okay?♪”

“I would never say it.”

In the first place, I can’t tell you because it’s you. …. How can I tell you that your smile was too cute earlier? I’ve never had a girlfriend, including in my previous life!

So there’s no way I could have tolerated such an angelic smile that could compete with the smiles of actresses and idols!

“Aah, maybe it’s just that my smile is too cute?”

“You know what I’m talking about!”

“Well, it’s my smile, isn’t it? It can’t be not cute, can it?”

“If you know, you don’t have to tell me all the time. ….!”

“Hahaha.♪..But it’s funnier if you say so, right?”

“You ….. Are you an S?”

“No, no, no, what are you talking about? I’m normal.”


If this person is not a S, who is to say who is a S? It is a mystery.

(TL/N : You guys are 5 years old right?)

Eh? What about me? Normal, of course.

Then why make it an argument you can’t win?

……. I don’t know.

Well, that’s just it.

(Today …… I mean, Saaya’s clearly in a better mood since I gave her the present, why?)

Just simply because she is happy ….?

But I’m sure I’ve done that a lot of times, you know?

Well, every time I did that.

[Your breath stinks, is it because you’re a pest?]

[I don’t care, just get the hell out of here.]

[Can you just get out of my face?]

And that is why I was told to leave. …. I wonder what happened to her, is she a different persona or what?

I honestly wanted to ask her, but I could see her coming back at me a hundred times over, so I decided not to say anything.

“So, let’s get back on track, where shall we start? Giraffes? Elephant? Panda? Or a lion?”

“Hmm, well, we’ll get there if we just wander around and try not to think about anything else.”

“Well, we’ve been to this zoo many times, so we know what we’re doing.


So we did a lap of the zoo, and then it was time for lunch, and the five-year-old’s stomach is still too small to eat anything that big, so, well, we went to a nearby parfait.

So, well, we decided on a parfait that was nearby.

“Oh, the parfait here is first-class, and it would sell well if they opened other stores besides this one.”

“Indeed, there were actually quite a lot of people lined up for this parfait shop.”

I stood in line at this parfait shop for about 30 minutes in order to eat this parfait. Although I was told that I should go somewhere else, the parfait here is excellent.


“Hmm? What’s up? Saaya.”

“No, that chocolate parfait of yours looks good, doesn’t it?”

“Hmm? Yeah, it’s actually delicious. I always have this when I come here.”

“It’s a coincidence, I always order this when I come here, but sometimes I want to try other flavors.”

“Then why didn’t you order the other flavor?”

“That would have cost you extra money, right? So…”

She put her beautifully braided braids over her ears, showing off her dainty, five-year-old good looks, and said



“It’s, Aaahn. Even you, with your low intelligence, can understand that, can’t you? You’re a boy.”

“….. Eh?”

What did this girl just say? No, I know.

She definitely said “Aaaahn”

… Eh? That Saaya? This girl who thinks people are nothing but bugs? Perhaps she wants to be fed by insects. ───────

“I don’t have anything on my mind, I just want to be fed by you.”

“No. ….. Why?”

“No. ….. I thought it might help me understand this unknown.”

“No, I don’t understand.”

“Well, well, a girl is telling you this, right? Isn’t it pathetic for a boy?”


It is true, no matter what the reason, Saaya, who is a girl and has a lot of pride, is saying it to me, and I am not a man if I don’t respond.

“Here, a-ahhhn”

“Yes, ahhhnn”

I gave her an ahn for the first time in my life. I didn’t expect the first time to be with this girl. ….

I was so upset that she still doesn’t realize that she did that.

“Here, let me do it for you, Aaahn.”

“Eh? But… Okay, aaahhn.”

So I ate the parfait she ahhn for me, too. To be honest, I was too embarrassed to do anything else. My face is hot, I’m sure it’s bright red.

Hmm? Wait, wait, wait, whose spoon did I eat with?

“….. we did it right? Indirect kiss.”

“…… Ah.”

Yes, Futaba had completely forgotten the best part of this standard event, the “indirect kiss.”

This is surely also due to the fact that he had never had a girlfriend before.

(Aaahhh! I did it! I really did! I mean, she noticed, didn’t she?)

“You noticed, didn’t you?!!”

“Yeah, that’s what this was all about.”

“Why on earth….!!!”

“Because it’s fun, right?”

“You don’t do that to a man lightly!”

“”It’s okay because you’re my childhood friend. Did you not like it?”

“Eh Ah no, that’s…”

“Then it’s okay right?”

“eeeh ……?”

What in the world is changing in Saaya?

If Saaya was like before, she would never have done this.

If she was like that, she wouldn’t have been abused me like that for five years.

The “unknown” she was talking about earlier: ….. I have no idea what it is.

But my gut is telling me it’s okay. ….. Why?

Why do I feel so…. relieved?

Let’s just go get our heads out of the clouds, otherwise we’re not sure what’s going on.

“Saaya, I’m going to the bathroom.”

That’s when I said that and was about to sprint to the bathroom.

Something happened inside me that I didn’t expect.

…I felt like my hand was being grabbed for a moment, but the strength was gone and I ran away.


“What in the world was I going to ….?”

I wasn’t aware of anything, and as quickly as I could, I grabbed his hand and tried to stop him.

I immediately let go, but ….. I don’t know why, I didn’t want him to leave me.

(I don’t know… I don’t know… these feelings I don’t know! why do I think this feeling feels good when it’s not!)

She was puzzled, for she was usually not aware of anything she was not aware of, and not knowing was humiliating, but for some reason she did not feel disgusted.

And she was relieved. …. with this feeling she had for him.

(I don’t know why …. But I certainly felt it in that moment.

I don’t want to let him go…. I don’t want him to go anywhere… I want him to stay with me forever.)

Being a genius, she was not used to not knowing. That’s why she thought from different perspectives to understand this unknown. But she didn’t understand.

Perhaps that’s why she couldn’t notice the unexpectedness that she would normally notice.


She suddenly fell into the darkness of consciousness.

(TL/N : They are 5 years old..)

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23 days ago

At this point I won’t be surprised if she is also a reincarnator

22 days ago

I hate how they oversexualized a five years old, I don’t care how much a genius she is but it’s not something that a five years old do. I still try to give this series a chance hoping that it’ll jump to more apropriate age but if they continue with this 5 year old bs, I’m gonna drop it