“…… I tried not to think about it, but today is the last day.”

I was taking a shower after finishing my last study before the exam with Saaya.

I started studying for the exam before the winter break …… Normally I wouldn’t be able to study in time for that period, but I had the advantage of memories of my previous life and my genius and perfect childhood friend… I was able to manage quite well because of “Amami Saaya’s” ability to teach me so well.

(Time flies by so fast, doesn’t it?)

It was 15 years ago that I was reincarnated in this world…and then I met Saaya, and when Saayawas kidnapped I rescued her. Even in elementary school and junior high school, it wasn’t anything special. Well, a lot of things happened.

(…… Honestly, sometimes I think I’m dreaming that I’m living such a happy life.)

Because of “that thing” in my previous life, I didn’t see any hope in this world. ….. Sorry, I lied, I found hope in anime, come to think of it.

[Everything is dust to me except you. To be honest, I’m happy as long as you, my family, and Futaba-kun’s family are there. I even wish the rest of them would die.]

….. I remember there was a time when she said something like that, but I don’t hear much about it these days. ….. I feel like she’s going in a bad direction, I don’t know why.

(Well, anyway, I’ve washed my head and body, I’m going to take a bath in the bathtub~)

Then I take a bath. In the bath, I feel my daily fatigue and the tiredness that has been accumulating from studying for the entrance examinations disappear rapidly.

“Uheee ……”

On the last day of studying for the exam, I minimize my study and relax. …… Hmm? I can see some kind of shadow through the door.

(Did Mom or Dad come to wash their hands ……?)

If that was the case, or rather, it should be the only way, so Futaba stopped worrying about it, and the moment the thought of becoming mindless again and calming his mind crossed his mind, that person suddenly appeared.

“I’m sorry to bother you♪”

“…… What?”

At this moment, I think I had lost the ability to think seriously, because ……

“What the hell are you thinking about?!!”

“No, I was thinking of taking a bath with you and relieving myself.”

Yes, in spite of the fact that I was taking a bath, Saaya opened the door vigorously and entered with her completely naked body.

“What’s with you all of a sudden! Did you hit your head or something!!!?”

Anyone would think so…… No matter how much of a childhood friend I’ve been with since I was little, if someone like that suddenly walked in completely naked, I’d question her sanity.

“Hmmm? Isn’t that normal since we’re childhood friends?”

“Not all childhood friends in the world do that, and I bet we’re the only ones in this world!”

“……. Because it can’t be helped. I was so lonely!”

“Don’t suddenly change your tone! And that’s not the line to say in a situation like this!”

Yeah…… From an anime otaku’s point of view, a line like that doesn’t suit someone like her….. I don’t think anything is okay because Saaya is cute when she’s looking up at me. I’m definitely not.

“The other day, too, I was like, Why don’t you have any qualms about showing me your naked body?!”

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter. That’s what I’m thinking…but don’t worry. In most cases like this, the important parts are hidden.”

“This is not the world of anime.”

“Eh? ……”

“Stop reacting like that, okay? It makes me wonder if that’s really the case.”

“Fufu, I thought your comedy skills had degenerated, but they’re growing, that’s good, that’s a good trend.”

I wanted to ask what exactly this person was trying to do, but I feel like the topic is getting off topic, so I’ll go back to the topic.

“….. Hey, why are you trying to get in here without permission?”

“Eh, we’re childhood friends, so it’s okay, right?”

“No, no, no, even though we’re childhood friends, we’re of the opposite gender, so it’s definitely not good, right?”

If it had been when I was little, I wouldn’t have understood it, but… why did it happen now? Why did it happen now, when I was in high school and not when I was a child?… It’s strange and crazy.

“I see..~…… Well, it doesn’t matter.”


────── doshon

Apparently this one’s IQ has become so different that she can’t understand what people are saying to each other.

Saaya jumps into my arms ….. She turns her back on me and uses me as a backrest.

“….. You, get a little more distance from me.”

“Eh? Why? What’s the point of doing that?”

“No, because ….. We’re not in a relationship, and maybe some of us like other people romantically, you know?”


When I said that, Saaya suddenly turned her head toward me and looked at me with lightless eyes… Hey, I guess I was right, wasn’t I?

And yet, ….. Saaya grabbed my shoulder with a force several times stronger than before.

“…… Eh? Why ….?”

“…… Saaya?”

“…When it comes to Yuki, are you saying that you don’t need me?!!!”

The smile that has been teasing people’s faces all this time has changed….. She shouted at me with a demonic look on her face. …… The way she looked was far from the Saaya I knew.

“I just want….. I just want to be with you all the time. …..!”

Seeing her like that….. I couldn’t do anything about it, so I hugged her.

“….. Fueh?”

“I don’t know what Saaya was afraid of ….. But…”

I just told her how I really felt in order to calm her down. My instincts told me that was the right thing to do.

“We are destined for each other. ….. I don’t want to be with anyone else but you, because you are the most important thing in the world to me and ….. I love you more than anyone else.”

The moment Saaya heard those words… Futaba’s lines that captured Saaya’s heart matched perfectly with the situation of them hugging each other naked… her face turned bright red. She felt hot.

“Eh, wait, Saaya!!?”

At the sound of the urgent voice, she looked up with just a little bit of consciousness and saw Futaba’s face, which looked like it was about to break into despair.

She knows it’s not very good, but …… She is happy to see that he is concerned about her. Futaba hurriedly told her father not to come and went to call her mother.

(Ah …. Haha, I knew you were great and …… You say the words I wanted right away.)

Saaya was unintentionally distraught ahead of time, but she knew that Futaba was dependent on Saaya because of this incident, so he would never leave her….. Of course, it’s the same for her, she’s totally dependent on Futaba …..maybe it’s called codependence.

(Haha♪ I’m looking forward to high school life!)

Saaya lost consciousness the moment she had that last thought.

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