“How can you leave me, your partner, alone for so long and then spend all your time chatting with your partner’s friend …..? What is that?”

…… Did she know? I break out in a cold sweat at the murderous energy that Saaya is emitting in front of me.

No, well, …… It’s Saaya, and to be honest, I’m convinced that this girl genius ….. But…,

Why? Don’t you usually ask me first what I have to say?

Would you say that with such a stiff look? Futaba-kun is in trouble.

“Well, well. ….. A partner would understand, wouldn’t he? What I’m trying to say.”

“That’s right, I already have you completely figured out.”

“Right? Then …….”

“I know you’re a total cheater.”

“You don’t know me at all, though, do you?”

Why is it that you usually anticipate my thoughts like a psychic, but you don’t notice these things? It’s a mystery~…… bad, seriously.

“I’ve thought that for a long time. …… Futaba kun, your talent to charm people makes girls feel that kind of emotion…..”

“I can’t hear you very well because you’re talking so small. …….”

Why are so many people talking so quietly these days, I wish they would speak at a volume I can hear. ……. Eh? It’s my fault? Why?

“…… By the way, that’s the girl you were meeting with, right? The one who often swarms me. …… Like that bug.”

“Stop calling her a bug, okay? She’s a human being, right? She’s your friend, after all.”

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, …..This is becoming Saaya-san who rejects all the people she used to be.

When this happens …… I can’t think of a way to deal with this.

“…… From my point of view, all the people who swarm you are insects.”

“I’m not swarmed, okay? I mean, can we stop talking about being swarmed?”

I just saved her friend Yuki. …… I’m not sure why this is happening, she’s not listening to me.

“You know…… I didn’t mean to go this far if you had contacted me, and why didn’t you come to apologize for neglecting me?”

“No, because you sounded like a demon. ……”

“Yeah ….. I see, you want to die.”

“Oops~? Where did you keep that stun gun? It’s not big enough to fit in your pocket.”

She took out a huge stun gun. …… It looks really heavy, doesn’t it? Isn’t it dangerous?

“Ah, it weighs about 100 kg, so I can use it like a normal sword or something.”

“What the hell is your arm strength?”

100kg is a lot, isn’t it? Where in the world does that thin arm have that kind of strength?

I’d love to know.

“I haven’t said anything about it until now, but …… Let’s get this straight, shall we?”

“…… What are you trying to make clear?”

“What does that bug …… I mean, what is that thing to you? ..…”

“……. She’s a good friend of yours from childhood, so she’s just something I deal with from time to time.”

“Well… even though we have such a shallow relationship, I wonder why I can feel her presence so much from you…!”

“What are you talking about……?”

Huh, isn’t it standard in this kind of thing to say that you can smell her or feel her presence? What do you mean by presence? What do you mean?

“I wonder why …… Could it be that you guys had a previous life and met there, and then met in this world where you reincarnated?”

“Hey, come on, that can’t be true, right? Why don’t you say something a little more serious?”

“Aaahaaa ….. You’re committing a lot of sins today, …..!”

“I don’t remember committing any crimes??”

It’s something like this …… I think this is what a “yandere” means, isn’t it?

Just by talking to a girl,….. I am also pressed like this.

No, but it’s something like this…… A Yandere childhood friend heroine might be nice….. Haha, that can’t be true! I’m in a life-threatening situation right now! I can’t afford to think about this ─────

“For now, …..die?”

“Ah, bad.”

I’m getting death threats all of a sudden. ….. I don’t know what to do, seriously.

I mean, I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea to have time to excuse myself… Ah, I see, this is also a yandere thing.

“No, but …… It might also be nice if I kill myself right here and now and become one with you …..”

“Let’s calm down, shall we? Let’s just take a deep breath, shall we?”

“Become one in the true sense of the word….. Hahaha, don’t you think it’s a wonderful thing?”

“No, I don’t really understand.”

Become one in the true sense of the word ……? This is getting more and more difficult for me to understand.

“Tearing off your body and using it as a talisman is another ….. It would be nice, it would fill my heart with contentment.”

“In that case, I’d be dead, right?”

“Don’t worry, we’re both one person.”

“That’s definitely not what I meant, is it?”

Two people are one….. It’s a really cool thing to do in the anime, but the way this story is unfolding, all you can expect is gross …… Seriously.

“Well then….. Shall you die?”

“No, I really wish you’d wait one more time!!!”

Saaya put the stun gun to my neck and …… then took the hand away.

“…… Hmm, this is what I think of as a partner, what do you think?”

“You’re too scary, you.”

“Haha♪ Well, now you know what happens if you leave me alone♪”

“I understand so much it hurts. ……”

“Well, I just watched a yandere anime and thought I’d give you a try as punishment.”

“No, really. …. I’m sorry, Yuki was being picked on a little bit, and I just helped her out.”

“Fufu,I already knew that.”


Apparently, she already knew that and still acted like that as punishment. …… I wish she’d stop now, I wish I had more than one heart. …..

“Well, I’m in your care for now on, Futaba kun♪”

“….. Yeah, I’m in your care too, Saaya”

(Well, after all, I feel like I understand Saaya again, and that settles the matter.)

But Saaya said with a wry smile so that Futaba wouldn’t notice.

“…… But by the way, Futaba-kun, ──── more than half of it was serious.”

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