Episode 25 – Opening of the curtain, high school entrance examination



“…… Hmm?”

On the day of the exam, I woke up. I really want to sleep a little more, or rather, I want to quickly fall asleep twice without thinking about anything.

(I should wake up quickly and keep my head awake…)

But today is the day of the exam, and falling asleep during the exam is absolutely unforgivable. If I do that, I’m finished, seriously.

“Shall we get up ……”

I got up and quickly tried to go to the living room. ….. But my body wouldn’t get up.

…… I didn’t get up? Why not? Was it the work of that thing called “sleep paralysis” that I’ve heard so much about?

(Hmmm ….. Let’s open my eyes for now)

When I opened my eyes, there …… sleeping soundly on top of my body. It was a face of happiness, as if she was in paradise, already feeling good.

(Why is this person here ……?)

Hmmm………? Ah, yes, yes. Yesterday, I got permission from my parents to sleep with her. …… I think…….

No, no, no, no, I’m pretty sure they said we could sleep in the same room, but declined to sleep in the same bed.

…… Then why is this person here?

“….. Hey, it’s morning.”

Anyway, I’ll try to wake this girl up in time and in spirit.

…… I just thought, this girl is so light, no wonder I was able to sleep properly.

“…… Nyuu.”

Saaya woke up with such a strange voice. Saaya stared dumbfounded at my face and …..

“…… Futaba-kun had such a hobby,…..?”

“I’m the one who said that. I’m obviously the victim here.”

I was so horrified that she woke up and immediately tried to make me the perpetrator.

“So why were you sleeping on my body?”

“Eh, no?”

“No. Isn’t it normal to think that’s why I refused to do it yesterday?”

“What? You were embarrassed, weren’t you?”

“How do you interpret that? What do you mean?”

“No, I thought you wanted to tell me you wanted to sleep with me, but your pride got in the way.”

“It’s all so unexpected, it’s such a shame.”

“Eeeh—? But I’m sure you’re not too upset about the situation.”

“…… What do you mean?”

“A morning in the same bed with a beautiful, genius, impeccably perfect childhood friend. Isn’t that the best thing ever?”

“That’s …….”

It’s certainly …… I’ve been in the same bed with a beautiful, genius, impeccable, and perfect childhood friend. In a previous life, I certainly had a desire to live this kind of life with my childhood ….. friend. I’m sure I had the desire to do this, but I’d be very surprised if I actually did it.

“……. Well, maybe you’re right.”

“I guess I’ll just have to do it every day from now on.”


“I’m the one who would be in trouble if I could stop thinking…”

“Anyway! In any case, it’s good to feel good, but not good! Okay?”

“So if I want to spoil you …..?”


Oh no. …… Isn’t that unfair? I’m so crazy lost when you look at me with such a superior look.

“If I were lonely, I might seek you out, I might want to sleep with you. I wonder if you would still say the same thing.”

“……. So, that’s not a fair question, is it?”

“No, no, I was just curious.”

Haa. ……can’t help it

“…… All right, only on the day you feel like it.”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s fine.”

“I think I’ve got figured out.”

“It’s all in your head.”

(Fufu, I’m lonely every night, so I might go every day…but you said it was okay.)

It was all Saaya’s strategy, but Futaba was successfully won over….. Will there ever come a day when he can win her over?

“…… I mean, judging by your reaction, I guess I didn’t expect you to be sleeping on my body, but you’re a pretty bad sleeper, aren’t you?”

“That’s a bit of a mishearing, isn’t it? That’s it, isn’t it? I think it would be more fitting if Futaba-kun, who was half asleep, picked me up.”

“I don’t sleep that badly, okay?”

“I don’t know, maybe you’re doing it unconsciously.”

“…… That’s why you’re so stubborn.”

“…… Futaba kun, I won’t help you study for the college entrance exam.”

“Wait a minute????”

Isn’t that wrong? If she did that to me, I’d be a high school graduate. Well, I guess it’s okay in this day and age. ……

“Because you insulted me, you human (laugh).”

“Stop that (laugh), I’m a human being. …… Haa, how can you forgive me?”

“Well, …… I have an order for you.”

“Orders? ……? Don’t be so harsh.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to give you any orders that hard. …… I haven’t decided anything.”

“You’ve decided that it’s your right to give orders even if you haven’t decided what they are. ……”

“Well….. As soon as I think of it, I’ll use it, because I’m sure there will be occasions when I’ll want to use it later.”

Saying that, Saaya smiles… Well, I have a theory that Saaya might be kind to me, so it’s okay… ?

“Then ……Let’s get ready quickly, Futaba-kun.”

“…… Yeah, let’s do that, Saaya.”


Thus, we were getting ready for various things and came to the front of the high school where Saaya and I were going to take the entrance exam. For me, who has memories of my previous life, this was the second time I had to take the high school entrance exam ….. I was so nervous that I was afraid to take the exam.

“You look so worried…that doesn’t seem like you at all.”

“It can’t be helped,……”

Beside me was Saaya, wearing a familiar middle school uniform, and she was talking to me. …… As expected, Saaya was attracting a lot of attention from the people around her……

“Hmm? What’s wrong with keeping your eyes on me?”

“As expected, I think you’re attracting a lot of attention.”

Saaya’s hair has grown a little longer since the past, about semi-long, and her face and body have become more mature and her beauty is even more polished than in the past. …. It is natural that she attracts attention.

“But I don’t think the gazes are only on me, right?”

“Then who in the world are they looking at? …..”

“You, of course. You’re aware of it, aren’t you? You know you’re better looking than other people.”

“Well, ….. My parents are good-looking.”

I know it sounds egotistical, but I think I have a good face. I mean, my parents are both beautiful.

“I think there’s more to you than just your face, though. …… But that’s okay.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing. ….. Anyway, Futaba kun…”

Saaya suddenly put her hand on my hand.

“Saaya ……?”

“You’re fine with the exam,…… Don’t worry, even though you were slow to study, you originally had a good comprehension of the subject, and you were taught by this me …… Of course you will pass the exam.”

“Ah ……”

Saaya is trying to reassure me that I’m feeling down ….. I feel tremendously happy about that.

“That’s right, I was taught by you, and I’m sure I’ll be able to get the same grades as you!”

“Hahaha♪ I knew you could do it.”

Thus, Saaya cheered me up, and the two of us headed for the examination class.

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